Pain Threshold

I was at the dentist recently to get my teeth cleaned. My teeth are in very good condition overall, but one of my back gums had begun to bleed a little. They offered to use a topical and a local anesthesia for the cleaning process because it might be a little "uncomfortable." I decided against it, partly out of the added cost, but mostly because I thought that it couldn't be that bad. And it wasn't really painful at all.

During the cleaning, the dentist asked me several times if I was okay, am I all right, etc. I didn't feel that much, not really even a sting. When it was over, I wondered how many people they administer anesthesia to unnecessarily, or just out of plain wimpiness. Oh, I know that there's a lot of dental work that you better be knocked out for, but a lot of it is routine and pretty tame. The dental crew at the office acted as if my decision to avoid the heavy anesthesia was some kind of heroism.

The point to my story is that you should understand that a man's threshold of pain must always be as high as possible. Your threshold is the point where you wave your hands and say, "Enough!" Or where you call in the drugs or anesthetic. And I'm not talking about physical pain as much as mental pain.

You should be able to hold up under a great deal of emotional and psychological pain as well. One of the male gender roles that we have to bear is that men must be much more resilient in terms of our emotional endurance. We have to be prepared to support not just our own low moods, but the other people in our life as well. A woman looks to her man to provide support and strength.

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