The Science of Alpha Behavior

Many guys don't realize just how established male wimpiness has become in our culture today. It's an epidemic, and if we don't act soon, we're going to become extinct as a result.

Wow. Could it be that important?

Yes, if you look at the impact of sexual dynamics between men and women and how we are drawn together from certain behaviors. Men are needed for the qualities that make them men and masculine. That's what attracts women. Maybe we don't have to marry a woman right out of high school anymore just to save her from a job as a secretary like it was back in the 1940s and 1950s, but we do have to provide for them in other ways.

And if men and women can't figure out this game of how to play our gender roles correctly, we'll be more lost than ever.

There's a scientific reason for how we behave as both animals and sentient (thinking/reasoning) beings. I'm going to explain this in some detail, so that you fully understand the concepts. If you do not wholeheartedly believe that this kind of evolutionary behavior is going on, you're not going to fully - as well as emotionally -understand the necessity for you to take on thse Alpha Man behavior traits.


This book is all about the Alpha Man. What is an "Alpha" Man?

Well, the scientific term "Alpha Male" is used largely in animal research, where the more dominant and aggressive males in any species were the ones that had the most influence on the evolution of that species. They were the ones that got to reproduce and get their traits and genes passed along to the next generation.

The Alpha Male is a term that refers to the male at the top of the social pecking order of the pack or group. Typically the Alpha Male is the physically strongest male in the group, though not always. He is typically the most clever (which does not necessarily mean intelligent, as we will explore.) The Alpha Male invariably has the strongest selection among the females; he has the ultimate advantage from an evolutionary perspective. This advantage turns into the reality of getting his genetic traits promoted forward into the next generation of the species.

The Alpha Male ignites an instinctive attraction for most females, who see in him the potential for a valuable mate. However, though appealing in his own way, the beta male is always second: a safe, civilized shadow of the Alpha, a follower versus a leader. He's the man a woman might take home, but he's not her first choice.

The attractiveness of alpha types is a certification of biological quality, (like a stamp of approval from Mother Nature) taking into account such factors as bilateral symmetry (the extent to which a body exhibits balance in its features) and weight/muscle distribution as cues that this man is free from harmful genetic problems.

Something that you might find interesting is that the Alpha animal in other species is not always the male. In horses, for instance, the oldest mare is the leader. The oldest stallion - male horse - only owns the herd and maintains rank, as well as running off intruders and predators. His physical prowess does not mean he is the leader. (More on this in "Dominance.")

Remember, the Alpha is not based solely on strength. It is your courage and wits that will get you to that state.

For the sake of this book, I use the term "Alpha Man" to indicate the dominant human Alpha Male that combines all our inherited masculine traits with our improved Alpha thoughts and beliefs.

You are an Alpha Man based on your ability to look, think, and behave like the powerful, dominant male. The leader.

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