How to Compensate for Your Shortfalls

We all have faults and weaknesses. No man is perfect, no matter what you may think. What you see on the outside is only a momentary reflection of who that person is and what their problems are. It's only narcissism that makes us think that our problems and our life issues are any worse than other people's. Everything seems more important to us than to others.

We also have unique strengths, and it's our jobs as Alpha Men to use them to our advantage. There is no man who is so underprivileged that he doesn't have a few Alpha Strengths. (And if you think you don't have any strengths, your primary weakness is probably just low self-esteem.)

In this section I will cover some of the classic areas in which men typically judge themselves, especially in the eyes of women. These are all the classic excuses men will use to justify their sense of low self-confidence. "I can't attract women because ..." is the way the sentence starts. What most of these guys don't realize is that every man is flawed.

Your flaws are not important. How you overcome them and succeed in spite of them is. For every one of these you think is a limitation, I can show you ten guys who are doing well in spite of it.

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