Purge the Beta Welcome in the Alpha

One of the best things you can do in your life is a planned and contemplated change. A part of that is sweeping through your life and determining what has a place in your new Alpha life. What belongs can stay. What does not belong must go.

Things to get rid of:

o Anything relating to an old girlfriend - This junk just holds your attitude back and keeps you living in the past. You can be sentimental later, with the junk you get from a new girlfriend.

o Any sad CDs that make you weepy and emotional.

o Any clothes that don't fit well or look good on you - You must be uncompromising about your appearance.

o Anything that reminds you of negative emotions or times from your past. If that couch of yours is something you bought when you moved out from your girlfriend a few years back, maybe it's time to get a new one.

o Anything you might own that could be considered derogatory to women - or to anyone for that matter. No hardcore pornography or paintings of women taking it in the butt from a demon.

o Any emotional or mental baggage that you may be holding on to for another woman. If you've got any women that you've been "holding out" for, or any woman that you think you can go back to, you need to let them go. That's clutter you don't need.

o Anything you own that doesn't fit into a picture of a together, mature male adult. Those Star Wars sheets? Gotta go. Those Superman comics? Hide them in the closet. Those Penthouse magazines? Get them out of sight. Try to keep up a neat, coordinated, well-decorated place to live.

o Get rid of they whiney, man-bitch friends you have that try to drag you down to their level. (There's so much to say on this one that I'm dedicating the next section to it.)

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