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If there's one thing you'll discover when you start to build up your own sense of Alpha Man Power is that the one thing that gets you into bed with women (or anywhere with women) faster is the ability to build rapport.

Rapport is a way of summarizing her feelings of trust and security with you. Rapport is a way of getting her to feel "You're just like me!" and even more importantly, "You're just like what I want!"

An Alpha Man always goes for rapport as quickly and effectively as possible. It's the only thing you should be concerned with when meeting and dating women. It comes before any make-out sessions or marathon sex. It's the sole source of comfort a woman needs to feel to trust you and let you inside the gates.

Rapport is also a critical skill for Alpha Men who are looking to progress in the business and professional world. Sometimes the difference in getting a job you want and being turned down is just how well the interviewer feels that "connection" between you.

Here are some of the ways of gaining rapport with women:

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