Set opener three The Old Rock Star

Use this one on younger women, or adjust your example for the approximate age of the women.

Standard opener:

"My sister (or your friend's sister) really likes Ted Nugent. She thinks he's sexy. Do you think he's hot? What makes him sexy?"

If they don't know who Ted Nugent is, have a couple other stand-bys, like David Bowie, Ozzy Osbourne, Mick Jagger, etc. This one gets a lot of juicy detail on what they find sexy and interesting in a man.


o "What if he wasn't a rock star? Would you still want to do him?" (If they say he's sexy but act like they wouldn't have sex with him, call them on their lie. "You - are - so - full - of - shit! You would so do him. Stop trying to being all proper.")

o "Do you find older men sexier than younger men? Why?"

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