Sexual Chemistry The Missing Factor

Sexual Chemistry is largely a mystery to most people. What makes one person interesting to someone, while another person thinks they're totally average? What makes one guy "totally hot" to one woman, while the other thinks he's a yawn?

I'm going to reveal to you the two critical parts of this mystery so that you can start to use it for your own benefit.

The first part of Sexual Chemistry is a woman's taste in men. She might have a certain look that she gets hot for, like long hair and muscles. Another might want a clean-cut blonde hair, blue-eyed guy. Every woman has a "type" that is a shortcut to her attraction mechanism, and you can't control this at all, so don't go trying to find the "look" that all women want. It doesn't exist. You should get your looks set for you to the best of your ability. If you have a weak jaw line, you should consider a beard. If you have a big nose, glasses might help to offset and disguise this. Just get yourself looking the best you can for your own features.

Now, a woman's taste was set early in life. For many women, the man they're attracted to their whole life is the spitting image of their dad (whether or not the relationship between them was good.) The early male role models are the ones that really engrain themselves in a woman's subconscious. For some women, they develop a taste for the men they associated certain qualities with during puberty, or their early sexual experiences. The men that got their blood hot as girls, whether that was Captain Kirk or some boy-toy band, they associated their early sexual desire to these men and it stuck.

The bad news, as I've already told you, is that you can't do anything about this. If you happen to encounter a woman, and you're her type right away, consider that an easy kill. They do come along from time to time. But most of the time, you probably won't be her exact "type."

The good news is that even if you can't control her taste, you can still sneak around it and seduce her anyway.

How does this work?

Through the miracle of modern sexual tension.

Sexual tension is a form of Push-Pull, or tug-of-war with a woman's sexual interest in you. It started when you used the tactics of teasing, negative hits, adding mystery, and so on - the tactics you learned here and in my other programs.

Push-Pull is the overall strategy of varying your approach so that a woman can feel the frustration level required to want to jump in bed with you. This is also known as the "one step forward, two steps back" strategy. By varying a little pursuit with a bit of pulling away, you give a woman the space she needs to feel free to be attracted to you. (Remember that no woman will ever be attracted to a man because she feels she must be, or is obligated to be. She feels it because she can't help it, and she doesn't want to resist.)

Here's an example:

You're out having drinks with Maria. You're talking about bad hairstyles and making fun of Donald Trump, laughing and having a good time. Out of nowhere, Tony Lasagna comes up and starts a conversation with you two, obviously hitting on Maria.

"Yeah, I know what you mean," Tony says. "There are so many guys out there that don't know how to really comb their hair over their bald spot. It's pitiful."

"Yeah," Maria chimes in, "or when they wear those Elvis sideburns that went out in the 70s."

All three of you joke for a bit about this, and it's obvious that Tony's looking to make some progress with Maria, and she's flirting back a little. Now, most guys would get defensive in this position, and their jealousy would kick into high gear. But you're an Alpha Man, and you know what to do.

You whisper in Maria's ear, "Hey, you two make a cute couple. You should get his number." You say this with as much seriousness as possible, and not a hint of jealousy or anger.

After a few more minutes of conversation, you tell Maria and Tony, "Hey, I have to make a quick phone call and pit stop. I'll be right back. You kids have some fun." You wink and nudge Maria toward Tony with your elbow before you walk away.

You take a few minutes to chat with one of the bar waitresses, cutting it short so that it doesn't look like you're just retaliating to Maria and Tony's flirting, in case she's watching. You makes a quick phone call to try to connect with a woman you got a number for last week. You set a time to meet her next week and get right off the phone. You go to the men's room and spend a few minutes taking a leak, straightening your hair, and thinking about the trip you've got coming up to Jamaica. You have to remember to pick up some travel stuff on Tuesday, and - Oh, hey! You almost forgot about Maria!

You finish up your business in the restroom and come back to the chatty duo of Maria and Tony. Tony, being the typical bore, has just launched off into a discussion of his hot new sports car and where he's going to sail his boat when spring arrives. You are wearing a very amused smile on your face as you return, as if you knew all along that Tony would be bragging about this nonsense. You can also read in Maria's eyes that she sees it, too.

After a few minutes, she suggests that you two get out of here and go somewhere more "private." (And if she didn't suggest it, you would.) You tell Tony, "Hey, bud, we'd love to stay and chit-chat, but the lady and I have some ... business of our own elsewhere. Have fun on that, uh, sailing trip."

Now, what you just did was the push part of the Push-pull. You pushed Maria away a little, demonstrating your own security and non-neediness when you suggested she hook up with Tony. If you'd made that suggestion with just a slightly annoyed tone

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of voice, you would have risked having the opposite affect on her, but you knew that if you did it from a place of not caring, it would work. And it did.

When Maria got the freedom to make any choice she wanted (and that's all any woman wants to feel with a man) she responded by seeing how Tony was a common braggart and player. She felt a sudden renewed attraction to you, partly because you were the one who pushed her away, and now she felt free to pull you back in.

Note also how your mindset was back in the bathroom. You didn't apply this tactic of suggesting that Maria and Tony get together, and then go to the bathroom to pace and chew your nails, scared that you'd lose her. You couldn't have cared less. In fact, you almost forgot about her in the midst of your own plans for your own life. You even took the time to make sure you had some backups in the pipeline by setting another date for the next week.

(Note: The best time to act on a contact you've made with a woman is when you've already got a woman on the line. You'll come across with much more congruence and relaxed attitude, giving you more likelihood for success.)

And, finally, when the time came to return, you confidently and assertively rescued Maria from the conversation, taking her away to go somewhere more private.

Do you see the difference that your inner attitude and congruence makes here? If you act from a place of fear, you lose. If you act from a place of security and confidence, you win.

Now, let's go into one more example of push-pull with you and Maria back at her place:

After leaving the bar and their favorite stud Tony, Maria suggests you go over her place and get a drink. She has a CD that he mentioned you wanted to hear, so it provides the perfect excuse for going to her apartment.

You don't pounce on this suggestion. You hesitate, almost seeming if you can't go along with it. "Hmmm ..." you say, looking at your watch. "Yeah, it's not too late. I suppose I can come over for a few minutes." You don't try to hold her gaze to give her an idea if you're serious or not, you just nod and drive back to her place, taking a few minutes to tease her about how well she would have looked with Tony in his sports car or in his sailboat. She slaps your arm and says, "Stop!" with a giggle.

Let's be clear: As we said before, sexual tension is uncomfortable. It's not a balanced, comfortable state, like resting or meditating. The whole point of the situation you're trying to create is to engineer a little discomfort for her. You're it up with your teasing, humor, confidence, and charm.

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Why do you want her uncomfortable? Because in order for her to relieve this state of tension, she's going to want to find a way to resolve the situation. And if you set it up correctly, the tension will be just enough of her thinking: "I'm feeling so much frustration - I wonder if he wants me - I need to find out" that she will act on it when the time comes. You want to drive up that discomfort until she feels she needs to resolve it.

For most Beta Guys, this is really tough. They can't stand that weird zone of discomfort and uncertainty, especially when it appears that she might even be a little mad at you. She'll hit you playfully and tell you to stop, and some women will even pout and act like brats to test you.

The Alpha Man can live in this kind of tense, slightly uncomfortable state without losing his cool. He knows that he's in control of the seduction of the woman, and he's not afraid to stir things up.

Don't resolve her discomfort!

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