She Cant Be Your Best Friend

For a while there, and even today, women have liked to proclaim that they want a man who can make them laugh, be sensitive, and be their "best friend."

Sorry, guys. Alpha Men know that women do not make very good "best friends" for men. You simply cannot expect a woman to get into all the guy stuff that you like.

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For instance, I'm a big fan of comic books. I don't buy them like I used to, but every so often I love to indulge in a good comic. As much as I love them, I've never met a woman who got into comics. In fact, I've often found myself at a loss when explaining to a woman the role that comics play in a young boy's life. They just don't get it. It's not their fault. They just don't have any needs that get fulfilled by comics, nor did they grow up reading about superheroes. If they read any comics, it was "Archie" or "Garfield" in the Sunday paper.

The same thing often applies to competition sports, porn, hard rock, computer games, Star Trek, fixing up cars, and a bunch of other "guy" things. Chicks don't usually dig these things.

By it's definition, a "best friend" is a friend, not a lover. So don't get caught up in that female myth of trying to be her best friend. A woman's best friend will always be another woman. In fact, you can't even count on being her sole source of intimate sharing. Some things she will have to share with other people, and there will be things about her that you will never learn. Trying to be everything to a woman is a losing proposition.

But, keep in mind that any woman you are with must always have you as her best male friend. Don't fall for that shit where your woman goes out with her "old friend" Jim from college every month or two. Unless you have reason to believe that she's got a solid emotional maturity and an undying lust for you, other men who "pal around" with your woman can pose a threat.*

Stay frosty and alert, and recognize that male-female friendships are possible, but they have a certain structure and special boundaries. They are not the same as male-male friendships. In no situation should you make a woman your best friend just because you feel you can "talk to her" or tell her things you can't tell to a guy. That's a good friend, but not what an Alpha Man needs for his growth.

*However, as we discussed in the section on Jealousy, you must know exactly how to handle these situations. Male friends of your girlfriend or lover are only a threat if you aren't an Alpha Man, already confident of your value and power. Stay secure, but also stay aware. If she has a flawed character, or possible psychological issues that force her to need attention or drama, you could be the strongest Alpha around and she'll still cheat on you. (This goes back to what I said about sanity.) So be sure of her character and quality before you get emotionally involved.

© 2003 -2004 - DD Publications - All Rights Reserved -

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