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o Not getting dates o Not getting sex o Being dominated by your fellow man o Knowing you have a ton of ability, but not being able to use it

Let's explore one of these pain scenarios in complete detail so that you can really feel what I'm talking about here.

One of the most painful side effects of wimpy behavior is that you will not get as many women in bed as you would if you demonstrated true Alpha Man characteristics. You simply won't get laid as much. And depending where you fall on the scale of WIMP to STUD, if you're way over on the "Wimp" end, you're going to suffer the most, and you'll probably get laid about as frequently as you get mistaken for being Elvis. If you get any sex at all.

Now, how does this feel? I want you to really think about this and tell me: How does it feel to be a shy, wimpy, nice guy with no sex, jerking off in your hand more than you come in a real woman?

Right about now, if you're like most guys, you are starting to feel denial creep into your thoughts. You see, your mind is trying to protect you by blinding you to these deeply buried feelings and associations. Your nervous system doesn't want to visit that pain, so you create a defense mechanism that blots it out and makes you feel better by

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denying the anguish you feel from that question. It's your mind's way of looking away from something that it finds particularly unpleasant.

"Whoah... that's too much, man... I gotta look away ..."

I'm going to ask you to hang on for a minute and not dismiss these feelings too quickly. We're going to see how your mind tries to stop you from seeing reality.

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