The Alpha Man Code

I want you to memorize this list of affirmations, and then I want you to add to it. These are basically pronouncements of your power, and they will reach your thoughts at a subconscious level - if you take the time and effort to imbed them in your mind.

The first step is memorization. The second step is anchoring them to your highly charged positive emotional state. The last step is reciting them regularly enough that they reach your subconscious.

This is your code. Live it.

1. I make no excuses for myself as a man, and I'm INNOCENT, not guilty

2. Every week of my life is an exciting, action-packed adventure.

3. There is no woman alive who can resist my charm and charisma.

4. My confidence is unstoppable

5. I have the power and the passion to make my life what I will.

7. I control my emotions every minute of every day.

8. I am not intimidated by anyone.

9. I act swiftly to get what I want from life. He who hesitates is lost.

10. Fear is the mind-killer. I will use my fear as power.

11. I work every day to improve myself, learn, and become more powerful.

12. I live my life by my own code of honor.

13. My actions mirror my beliefs - congruently.

14. I'm a powerful communicator.

15. I never apologize for myself._

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The Art Of Positive Thinking

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