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One of the most effective seduction techniques you can develop is the ability to spar with women using only your wit. It's a little like doing improvisational comedy, in a lot of ways, but you can develop this skill fairly easily.

Women are very effective with both oral and body language. They became experts at this when they were kids, when they had to interpret what other girls and boys meant. Boys were good at this, too, actually. They could figure out what their parents were really saying, even if it was "adult talk." But boys don't continue to develop this skill as much in their teenage years because interaction with other guys isn't as complicated as it is for girls. Women had a more complex way of interacting that demanded that she be sharp and understand the subtle cues that were being given in conversations.

A man will tell another man (or woman) pretty directly what he means and is thinking. Even when it seems indirect, a man is still communicating very closely what is going on. Women, on the other hand, communicate indirectly, because saying exactly what she means is considered rude by other women.

This is how women like to communicate, and how you'll have to communicate to them if you want to have success with women over the long run. Here are some simple rules to this game of verbal sparring so that you can get started and not feel like a complete moron when you get in the ring.

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