What She Doesnt Know Helps

We're back to Mystery again. Most guys don't have the discipline or self-control to keep from unleashing their feelings on a woman. They rationalize that if they want to tell her how they feel about her, and if she asks, then that is the way to make her fall in love with them.

Big mistake.

An Alpha Man does not need.

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By showing need to a woman, you immediately trigger her instinctual rejection mechanisms. After all, why would a man need her? Unless he had some fault or imperfection that makes him unable to get another woman. (Otherwise known as insecurity, and survival incompetence.)

Women want to need you, and they want you to want them. "Want' means she has something valuable and unique, something worth desiring. Whereas need implies emotional weakness, and that doesn't mean she's unique at all. If you need her, you really just need any woman to fill an emotional hole in your life.

Recognize that there are things a woman will say that sound negative, but are really telling you a positive message. Listen closely and learn to decipher her encoded speech so that you understand the difference.

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