Womans Intuition

Now think about women for a moment. They have exceptionally refined sense of intuition.

Intuition is actually just a high-performing sense of attention to detail. When a woman says she's using her "intuition," mostly she's saying that she is picking up a million small details of behavior and words, and her subconscious mind is processing them to tell her what to do, or not do.

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When she talks with a man, she's taking down mental notes about how he looks, where he puts his hands, how he stands, how he leans, where he looks, what tone of voice and words he uses, and so on. After tallying up all these indicators, she then makes a decision of what to do with this guy. Does she go out with him? Sleep with him? Ditch him?

Based on dozens of these interactions, she will refine this skill into an ability to "read" guys based on their visual and sub-visual cues. If she has a bunch of bad experiences with guys who seem "nice" at first, but later turn out to be boring and un-challenging, she now associates that profile with "No way!" If she has a bunch of thrilling and highly charged experiences with guys who tease her and show no need for her approval, her association with that type is, "Yeah! Bring it on!"

This, fellow Alpha Men, is what "women's intuition" really is.

So how can a man avoid falling victim to her uncanny ability to read their intentions and behaviors?

First off, recognize that 95% of all guys are unbelievably obvious about their intentions. They think they're being all cool and clever, but they're being so blatantly stupid with their body language and sexual communication that they don't even get to first base most of the time.

I'm going to review some of the body language that an Alpha Man should strive for, and I'll tell you a little about what she sees in these behaviors.

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