Yin Yang and Balance

I'm sure most of you have seen this symbol before. It's the Chinese icon of Yin and Yang. It's a representation of the balance between male and female energies in the world. Under yang are the principles of maleness, the sun, creation, heat, light, Heaven, dominance, and so on. Under yin are the principles of femaleness, the moon, completion, cold, darkness, material forms, submission, and so on.

We need both to complete the circle, and each side has an element of the other inside it (shown by the smaller dots.)

The masculine and the feminine must balance each other. However, according to the ancient emperors, Yang, the masculine force, should be the more dominant for true harmony. While this is probably an old chauvinist view, I think it is probably correct where it comes to living systems. However, I believe that "dominant" in this situation really means assertive or active. Men are the leaders. The masculine is the initiator. (I do not believe that dominant means that men should "rule" or "overpower.")

This symbol also represents your need to understand the balance between forces in the universe. You don't have to believe in any crazy spiritual hokum to follow this principle. This is merely the belief that there is a balancing force for everything in the universe. For every summer, there is a winter. For every light, there is a dark. For every fire, there is water. We've been taught this throughout our lives in various forms.

An Alpha Man has to keep a level of balance in his life with respect to his interests. If he's too much on the "masculine" side, he runs the danger of being very shallow and two-dimensional. He won't keep a woman that has more sophisticated interests very excited unless he has some depth to him. On the other hand, if he's too much on the "feminine" side, he runs a big danger of being a complete wuss, or becoming a "nice guy."

(Note: The term "wussy" is a cross between "wimp" and "pussy.")

The key to keeping this balance is that for every feminine thing you're interested in, find at least two masculine things you are interested in. (For every woman out there, I suggest they find one masculine thing for every couple of feminine things they enjoy.) Don't deny yourself the "guy" things because you look down on them as being vulgar or primitive. This is social brainwashing that the media has been handing to us for years.

I've found that guys who start looking down on all the things that guys enjoy to be more of what they think women want are usually far down path to becoming sexless Nice Guys.

I did this myself a while back. I got into a lot of Buddhist and Taoist teachings that made a lot of sense, but I neglected the fact that these philosophies are ideals, and not the way the instinctual part of us works. I found myself looking down on those guys who were giving other men a bad name by being jerks and treating women badly. I cast aside all the things that I enjoyed doing, like watching a good football game or anything that women generally found as being typically "male." I tried to dissociate myself from all those "bad men."

I also thought that if I didn't do all the things women complained about (leaving the toilet seat up, talking about feelings, never asking for directions) that they would recognize me as a superior man. What I didn't know was that women aren't really able to put into words what really turns them on to guys. Women have a need to complain about guys. It's not bad at all. It's absolutely necessary.

Women respond to the animal part of men most readily. Even the most intellectual, sophisticated, smart chicks really respond to the men-being-men behavior the most. Not grunting-and-scratching-your-balls or igniting your farts with a Bic lighter, but the kind that shows he's got a strong sexual charge, and isn't afraid to communicate it.

So watch out as you travel the road of life and discover your ability to grow. While there are many opportunities to embrace the feminine and soft parts of culture, be sure you have a firm grounding in those things that make you an Alpha Man. It's easy to be suckered off the path.

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