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"Do you want to meet other singles who share your interests, values, and perspective on life? Do you feel as if it's impossible to meet anyone, because you're too busy, too broke, or too shy?"

There are millions of men and women around the world who are in the same boat. They've gotten tired of looking for partners in all the wrong places and want to streamline the process of finding a compatible mate.

Now there's an option! It's called online dating.

You may have seen movies like, "You've Got Mail," "Must Love Dogs," or "Napoleon Dynamite." Online dating has made it to Hollywood, and it's here to stay.

In 2004, in the U.S. alone, thirty to forty million people logged on to online dating sites each month. Over the year, they spent $469.5 million on these services. One of the largest online dating services,, boasts 15 million members over 32 countries and 18 languages. Like most other dating services, it posts the numerous success stories it receives, as if to say, "Don't believe that online dating works? Here's the proof!"

The online dating services try to best one another with claims of success. Date. com boasts one marriage a week. claims that it has the highest success rate, as measured by marriages per match, than any other service. Clearly, online dating services have a stake in your romantic success.

Online dating sites offers many advantages over typical dating venues like bars and clubs.

1. They're less expensive than a night on the town. For the same price as going out a couple a month, you can pay for a membership at an online dating service and meet hot girls any time of the day or night.

2. You can check out her interests, personality, and intentions before wasting time. Dating profiles are intended to give you the idea of what a person is like at a glance. Don't be fooled by her looks: her profile will give you an insight into what she really like. And ultimately, that's what matters when it comes to enjoying her company.

3. Your dating pool just got bigger. Even if you date aggressively, the number of people you can physically expect to meet where you live is limited. Online, you can meet people from your home town, from your home state, or from anywhere in the world. You get to decide the geographic proximity you prefer. And whereas in the real world you can't chat up every girl in the room, with online dating you can contact as many people as you like.

4. Everyone can see what a catch you are. One problem with traditional dating venues is that they are so based on first impressions. If you're shy, it may be hard to get noticed at all. Online dating changes all that. Potential lovers get all your pertinent details up front, and you have just as much space as everyone else to sell yourself. Suddenly, you're on an equal footing with that barrel-chested football player who commands a room. That's power.

5. You potentially have a higher rate of success. Considering that your dating pool has just got larger, you can afford to flirt and exchange emails with dozens of women at a time, and you can scope out compatibility before wasting time on girls you know aren't looking for the same thing you are. Even if you do better at the bar scene, adding an online profile is still going to get you in contact with more women. Dating is a numbers game, so the more women you meet, the more likely you are to find the girl you've been looking for to share your bed or your life.

So, what's holding you back from dating online?

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