Show a sense of humor A

sense of humor is consistently one of the most attractive features that both sexes look for in a mate. Be light-hearted and fun with your profile. Don't take yourself too seriously.

• NO Downers! Avoid mentioning anything bad about yourself. That means no mention of emotional baggage, no mention of past failed relationships, no mention of financial problems or that extra weight you'd like to lose.

You need to present yourself honestly, but save the disqualifiers for the guys who contact you directly. There's one exception: ALWAYS mention children.

• Intrigue her. Don't explain yourself completely in your profile. Maintain some sense of mystery. One technique that has worked successfully in many profiles is adding a "teaser" at the bottom. Tell about a suspenseful experience you had, but stop before the end so that the reader is left hanging. You may want to add, "Write to me and I'll tell you the rest of the story!" Or briefly mention a wild and exotic place you lived, but move onto another topic quickly so that the reader's interest has been spiked but not assuaged. In this way, teasers are a great icebreaker because they give potential dates something to ask you about in their first email.

• Fill out the profile COMPLETELY. Don't leave any blanks out. You want to give prospective suitors as much information as you can about yourself. Too, if you have the option of adding additional photos, do so. Add pictures of yourself doing an activity you love. Pictures of you on vacation in some exotic landscape can be a great conversation starter. Add informative captions.

• Edit, edit, and edit again. One of the biggest complaints about online profiles is how shoddy they appear. Profiles with spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, ALL CAPS, and abbreviations (how r u?) turn potential dates away. You wouldn't go on a first date dressed in grubby clothes or not having showered for a week, so make sure your profile meets résumé standards. Use spell-check. Spell out words completely and avoid putting whole sentences in all capital letters. Ideally, have at least one friend check over your profile before submitting it to make sure it conveys what you want.

• Don't include any contact information. I can't emphasize this enough. For your own safety, do not include your phone number, address, or personal email address. (Yeah, there are female stalkers out there, too.) Many sites don't allow you to, anyway. Once you get to know someone better, you can exchange details, but for now you don't want the whole world knowing how to get in contact with you.

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