Online Dating in India

In India and abroad, some Indians have adopted online dating systems as a way to find not just relationships for themselves but partners for their sons and daughters. Parents, siblings, and other relatives are using Indian dating systems, many of which allow users to search for partners by social caste and skin tone as well as the typical demographic attributes common to most dating sites, to find suitable mates for their offspring (Priyanka 2004). Especially for Indians living abroad, where Indian communities can be small, the ability to search a large pool of prospects is particularly compelling.

In some ways, online dating is better-suited to brokering arranged marriages than love marriages. The characteristics used to pair people for an arranged marriage — e.g., family background, caste, socioeconomic status — are much easier to represent in a database and search than vaguely defined qualities like "chemistry," which people often cite as a major factor in love relationships.

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