Table of Contents

Part One: Understanding Shyness 2

1. What is Shyness? 3

Shyness as a Label 3

Being Shy Doesn't Mean You Have Low Self-Esteem 4

Being Shy Doesn't Mean You Don't Like People 5

3. How Shy People are Perceived 6

How Approachable are You? 7

Your Shyness Makes Others Shy 8

5. Shyness Solutions 10

What Doesn't Work: Alcohol 1 0

Jumping Off the Deep End 11

Techniques for Small Talk 12

Controlling Nervousness 14

Visualization 17

Self-Hypnosis 1 7

Part Two: Shyness in Dating 18

How to Project Confidence 20

Talking to Attractive Women or Studly Men 21

What to Say 23

Dealing With Rejection 24

mms -mm

Basic Exercises for Overcoming Shyness


Advanced Exercises for Overcoming Shyness


Men's Top Ten Tips for Getting Over Shyness


Women's Top Ten Tips for Getting Over Shyness


Don't Look Like You're Looking for Someone


About Calling After the First Date


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