How to Stop Being Passive Aggressive

The Nice Guy Blues Explained

Two reasons first the obvious undeserving adoration gives people the creeps. It's a sign of mental instability that involves deep issues of control, most likely forged in the crucible of a lousy childhood. Hey, wanna know a secret Nice guys aren't really all that nice. It's a front. In reality, they're passive-aggressive controllers. They've learned how to use niceness as a manipulative weapon to regulate the actions and responses of people around them. Their goal is the inflation of their own ego at the expense of others. In doing so, the nice guy avoids intimacy and any true emotional involvement because his actions involve the subtle transfer of shame to the target of his fake generosity, often in a subliminally hostile fashion. He tends to inhibit the emotional growth of both himself and his partner because no one can ever get any honest feedback of their actions from him everything always gets absorbed into his smothering, unrealistic, 'nice' behavior. No one can get angry at him...

Give Her Your Exit Visa

Don't pull the passive-aggressive tactics to avoid a confrontation. You can't avoid her phone calls, or duck into alleys every time you see her on the street. If you choose that road, you're in for a frightened lifestyle if you go to bed with even a few women. That's the coward's method. If you can't handle breaking it off with a woman nicely and gently, you probably shouldn't be in this game anyway.

Do Part IV Romance or Advanced Techniques for Attraction

Because they know what to expect from them. It's the namby-pamby, passive-aggressive guy that they can't trust. And so the most potent way of establishing trust in woman's mind is trusting yourself and being comfortable with who you are. This reminds me of Nathaniel Branden's definition of self-esteem To trust yourself and know that you are deserving of happiness. This all goes back to our discussion of being a man. Re-read that section. In the meantime, what communicates your total self-acceptance is congruence - a total alignment of thought and physiology. That means that if you're attracted to a woman, you project that and are comfortable with it. If you're happy, you laugh. If you're not, you frown. You are what you are, and you expend no energy misrepresenting yourself or your emotions. That's all you really need to establish trust and convey that solid, unchanging core of you. On the way there, we can also use the following guidelines.

You must Escalate When the Time is Right in order to Realize a Successful Seduction

Have you ever heard of the expression 'passive-aggressive' It's a psychotherapy term that describes a technique by which a person can exhibit aggressive or hurtful behavior towards someone not necessarily by doing something to them, but by withholding something from them. You withhold the full expression of your personality in some way give half an effort, drag your feet on the job, give someone 'the silent treatment' -- whatever it takes to inhibit their efforts to accomplish something that requires your cooperation as a way of punishing them. Teenagers are great at doing battle passive-aggressively with their parents, and some women I know have this technology down to an absolute science I mention this only to demonstrate that you probably already know how important the concept of escalation is to a seduction, because you've likely used some fashion of its 'anti-matter' form, the ol' passive-aggressive routine, to strangle off a troublesome relationship in the past that you simply...