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In conclusion, the enneagram is a collection of the nine roles, and understanding of what type you possess, helping you make better life decisions. Enneagram personality has nine types: the perfectionist, the peacemaker, the achiever, the enthusiast, the challenger, the giver, the skeptic, the individualist, and the investigator. All this type of personalities describes different types of individuals with different characters and features. For instance, people with a perfectionist personality always desire to do things and avoid wrongs correctly. The rest views them as perfectionists, exacting, and very responsible. You can use the enneagram test to tell which type of personality you possess as a person. The enneagram can be applied for personal self- knowledge and personality development, giving a powerful tool for self mastery, resolution of conflict, leadership and emotional intelligence, and team dynamic. Read more...

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Recently several visitors of blog have asked me about this book, which is being advertised quite widely across the Internet. So I purchased a copy myself to find out what all the publicity was about.

My opinion on this e-book is, if you do not have this e-book in your collection, your collection is incomplete. I have no regrets for purchasing this.

The Big Picture

Women become fast rejecters once they begin to get some experience with men hitting on them. They get to sample many different personality types they soon develop a sharp understanding of which kinds of men bore or excite them after seeing only a few seconds of their presentation. Sensitive egos like ours need protection from these fast rejecters But when you know the right way to act, the correct things to say, and the critical things to look for there is just about no chance of being rejected When you reach this skill level with women you can then begin to act with total impunity.

Consider everything you can think of

Now what personality type does your dream woman have Is she outgoing or shy Does she love to go out and socialize, or is she more of a homebody type that loves to cook and sew Is she a lady or a tramp Or a little of both Write down anything you WANT. What are her music and food preferences Does she like sporting events Nightclubs Traveling Shopping Does she like animals Children Does she have any children Does she have a career Is she a student

Step two play to your strengths

4 Stage four assimilation Your listener starts to link what they have seen to memories This is the conscious evaluation process Based on previous experiences of your gesture your listener is going to make judgments on your personality or mood The listener is rummaging through their memory banks to form connections, meaning they're trying to create understanding by relating this to a time when they've seen this gesture before and remembering what it meant when they did As you can gather, this is a very flawed way of assimilating information, especially when it comes to body language What if they have poorly evaluated their past experiences

The crappy sketchartist approach

Another alternative is to say, I'm glad you laughed because I noticed you here with your friends and I wanted to get a glimpse of the personality inside of the beauty or a glimpse of your personality as well for a less supplicative approach before I introduced myself. My name is Then offer to do her hand-writing by saying, Well, look if you're open and adventurous enough for it I analyze handwriting. You'll learn secrets about yourself your best friends don't know and I'll get to find out if you're the kind of person I'd like to get to know better .

The Way Women Want Men to

But stop and think about it for a second, how would it serve women to have all the men in the world walking around with their tails tucked between their legs What for So they can bitch to their girlfriends about how all men are a bunch of useless pussies who don't even have the courage to say hello to them any more Not only wouldn't this state of affairs make any sense -- since women are generally more interested in playing the game of romance than men are and need someone to play with -- it simply just isn't reality. I don't care what part of the world you're in women long for love and affection, and for that they require the men out there to be interested in the sport of romance. It's quite possible that your bitterness over the long string of rejections you've gathered up has blinded you to this reality. The generalizing that all women love to reject and put down men (unless they happen to be rich or rock stars) is just a defense mechanism created to protect your ego. At least...

Are you socially IN or socially OUT

You should look carefully at your own personality and determine whether you are introverted or extroverted. (I highly suggest getting and taking a Meyers-Briggs test to see what your personality type is. You can't know enough about your own behavior and personality.) If you're an introvert, you'll need to start working on some conversational skills. If you're an extrovert, you'll need to start working on your observation and analytical skills.

Taking control of your inner demons

It's easy to believe in the power of personality and impulsive behavior, and argue that if you train yourself to respond rather than react to situations and stimulus you're being fake However you should always remember that your behavior is not your personality It's your tool, not your master, and you use it and change it to suit your life circumstances The human animal survives on its ability to socialize and create strategies . Working on your behaviors is vital, as is being in touch with your adult self. We are all several selves, not just one, and your ability to flex your behavior via your body language and impact is crucial for your development and success in life

Eliciting values the answers

NYC, ASF Do all this asking questions, eliciting values BEFORE telling her about yourself. Then selectively edit or FABRICATE your existence to always fit the things that she told you HERSELF are positive things and AVOID what she told you HERSELF are negative things. Some chicks like aggressive men and some like passive men that they can cuddle with and EVENTUALLY have sex with. Find out FIRST which one she wants and THEN project that image to her. What happens is that she notices that you are displaying many traits that she looks for in a sex-partner and none of the negative traits that she uses to weed guys out. She keeps thinking about this and reinforces it in her own mind and decides that you are right for her to fuck. In this situation, how you REALLY FEEL is irrelevant. You are tailoring your personality to her tastes in order to BE THAT MAN that she wants to fuck and she will see it in you and your job will be much easier than if you explained your true nature to her and took...

If there is one thing a man will go to any length to avoid its thinking

What's in it for me Remember, people don't want to be around you solely because you're a great person. They're around you because you benefit them in some way. They like your looks, or your personality, or your money, or your advice, or something. They are with you because of what's in it for them. And you hang out with them for the same reasons. It's not selfish, it's just the way people are.

Be Part I Beliefs

Beliefs are completely hidden from view but are the chief determinants of your performance. Useful, effective beliefs cost the same as bad ones, so why not use ones that serve you best Since no one has access to your beliefs but yourself, feel free to play with them. Pick outrageous, ostentatious, grandiose ones, even if they initially don't resonate with your personality. Think of them as a strategy. If they give you good results, keep them. If not, try new ones until you get the results you want. 4. I provide the best experience a woman could possibly have. Perhaps you think this particular belief a bit outlandish and not an exact fit for your personality. If that is the case, good this means we are running up against tired old beliefs that need replacement. Remember we don't care as much about the absolute truth value of a belief as much as we do about its usefulness. Right now, chances are that the old belief expresses itself through this whiny voice in the back of your head...

Your Appearance and Presentation

Let me define a term I'll use in this section Affectations. Affectations are those things we wear or do that are a bit on the extreme side, and can sometimes come across with a certain amount of pretentiousness. They seem exaggerated in the overall makeup of a person. For example, I live in San Francisco, CA, and there are many people who live in the Bay Area that have the counter-culture look body piercings, tattoos, pink hair, and every other imaginable adornment. Most of the time, these people tend to come across with a Hey Look at me appearance. While I'm not judging or condemning them in any way, I feel it's necessary to point out that if you are going to reflect your personality in your appearance this strongly, you will risk limiting your options. The grooming and personal hygiene that I'm proposing here supposes that you are not of the radical appearance variety, and that you want to make yourself as presentable as possible. I'm asking that you think over your style and make...

Posture and Presentation

- Walk with swagger and style The way you move is a direct reflection of your personality. If you walk hunched over, avoiding people's eyes, you appear unsure and insecure. You want to stand up straight, chest out, and with a quick but sure pace. Look like you've got someplace to be.

Tip 22 Make her fall in love with you before you meet in person

You must do your best to make her fall in love with you before you meet in person. As I said, women take the game of romance seriously. If she is in love with your personality, she will be willing to overlook physical imperfections. By making her feel good about herself, doing romantic things, stimulating her emotions, and leading her to trust you, you can make a woman fall in love with your personality.

Your Ability to Deliver on Her Four Primary Emotional Needs

Remember FOCUS ON HER - ACTIVE LISTENING - BE DECISIVE -BE A CLASS ACT. If you can skillfully demonstrate these essential aspects of your personality to her, you'll go a long way towards subliminally suggesting that you are the kind of guy who can satisfy her deepest emotional desires and provide what she's always been dreaming about in a relationship. If you can do that, you are well on your way to drawing her into your romantic influence and cementing the lid of the seduction shut.

The Center of Attention

The restaurant was a few blocks away, and we talked as we walked. I made sure to keep my conversation as intellectually stimulating for her as possible, but also as controversial, that way I could be sure to disagree with her on many points. I knew that if I let her think I was going along with her too much, she'd lose interest. I was sure that every guy she ever dated was so into kissing her ass that she never had to hear a contrary thought, and that kind of interaction is an absolute seduction killer. Betty thrived on the competition and banter, and it had to be kept interesting as well. What I found with her personality type (which is common among beautiful women who are used to getting their way) is that when she no longer had a leg to stand on and could

The Right One Defined

Alright, let's see if we can't put this whole thing together into a coherent philosophy of life . Now that you understand something about the basic emotional needs of both men and women, it's easy to see how they could be fit together into a single package that would define the ideal personality type that most of us are seeking as soulmates . The so called 'Right One'. Since this book is for guys, I'll lay out for you what I think the three most important characteristics are that any guy should be looking for in a woman, and while it might also be true for women, they've got enough of their own books and magazine articles to dig through to determine how to find their own Mr. Right.

A study of this very situation was created in the US A goodlooking guy was tasked with approaching girls in the street

Bars, pubs and clubs are the obvious places to go, but they do attract clubbers and bar hoppers, and if that's not what you are into, then this may not be for you. So think about the type of person you want and go to the type of places you think would attract the personality types you are after. Bear in mind that because bars are easy and single people do go to these places, you may meet someone who will gradually want to stop or slow it down once they are with you, so don't rule it out if this is not totally your scene. I would, however, suggest you do go, if only to practice your flirting techniques.

What to have at home how your apartment should look

Month, what do you expect her reaction to be You live at your home, you go to work from there, and you arrive there in the evening. If it's a mess, that's what you'll see each and every day. It influences your overall mood. Your place should be something that you enjoy and which reflects your personality. You are the one in charge. So don't spare money on it. Even if you happen to live with your parents, you are still in control of your own room.

Flirting tips for ladies

Flirting does not have to be very aggressive. It depends on your personality. If you naturally a shyer person, then you will want to be quieter with your flirting, but still send out a strong message. If you are not all that shy and you have a more aggressive personality, then you can be more obvious and vocal with your flirting. Here are some flirting tips you can use the next time you see a guy you want to acquaint and get to know better.

What a real Man is like and what it means to lead

How you see yourself and what you think of yourself influence your behavior, and people will respond to you accordingly. Being depressed and having negative thoughts will get you nowhere. Your thoughts form your personality. Those who have negative thoughts and see everything as gray will attract such things into their lives. People who learn to control their thoughts and strengthen themselves with positive affirmations become successful. Be careful though. Girls know what's up. Somebody with options will never show off or brag about it. He won't say, Oh, I have three girls, Vanessa, Mary and Janice. It's so hard to choose between them. It's not easy being a player these days. He will act like a Man instead, somebody who is willing to go his own way without trying to meet anyone's expectations. You don't need to have eight girlfriends to have the attitude I'm talking about. Even if you had to move to another planet without knowing anyone, your Manliness should...

A list of the principal female tests and their meaning

A test can have many meanings and serve the purpose of uncovering parts of your personality in a really effective and extensive way. For example, the test of always being of a different opinion than you can be a way to check if you are self-confident. At the same time it can be a way of checking if you are aggressive or violent it can also be used to check if you have an opinion of your own or not. So, the basic difference between a test and normal conversation is that the test is meant to find out about certain particular traits of your personality, while normal conversation is meant only for discussing something, without your and your personality being so much under the spotlight.

How much do looks and money matter when it comes to attracting women

What matters most is your personality and energy. Looks matter as you will get an initial Innocent until proven guilty. If you aren't attractive you are guilty until proven innocent. So in the end while looks will get you in the door, it is ultimately your personality that will determine your success. Money matters indirectly in that by having money, you are indicating certain things about your personality. You are indicating that you are passionate, focused, driven, and a leader. These things are all attractive, but if you prove otherwise, all the money in the world won't mean a thing.

Goodcommunication skills Listening as well as talking

17)Charisma This one quality has so many different meanings that few would agree on a common definition. My personal definition of charisma is The qualities of character that make a person attractive to other people. It is not a superficial quality, or anything to do with looks, really. It's about your ability to draw people in purely through the referent and expert powers of your personality, along with your general attitude for life. You have to be a little inspirational, mixed with confidence, mixed with happy and humorous.

Your Secretly Shamed Affection Needs

Alright, having beat this thing to death in theory, how about some practical advice on what to do about it. The first thing you must recognize is that knowledge is power. Simply having your eyes opened to the mechanics of toxic shame and how it was adversely affecting your life all these years can become a compelling tool for dismantling it. Knowing and understanding that your shame-bound emotions are something that was done to you, and is not really you (i.e. an unchangeable aspect of your personality) is an enormous revelation in itself that holds vast potential for jump starting your personal growth. No longer are you doomed to identify with an emotional characteristic i.e., you aren't shy -- you were programmed with an emotional flaw that caused you to utilize shy behavior in order to correct the problem. You adopted shyness as a shield against your shame, to keep it boxed in where it couldn't torment you. It was a pretty ingenious solution really. The drawback to using one type...

Interpersonal distance

Finally, remember that different people have different reactions to distance. If your target is from a Mediterranean or Latin American country (known as the 'contact cultures'), he or she may be comfortable with closer distances than a British or Northern European person. North Americans fall somewhere between these two extremes. Different personality-types may also react differently to your approach extroverts and those who generally feel at ease in company will be comfortable with closer distances than introverts and shy or nervous types. Even the same person may vary in tolerance from day to day, according to mood when we are feeling depressed or irritable, we find close

Have Making Relationships Last

It does not fit your personality well, you will feel like a phony. And having lots of women around does not necessarily translate into fulfillment. Deep fulfillment comes from deep connections, and the bad boy lifestyle can preclude that. The dirty secret of some of these bad boys who get lots of women is that some of them are profoundly lonely and fundamentally unhappy, trying to fill that void with quantity instead of quality. Find out where your fulfillment lies. Pursue that, and not some standard someone else has prescribed for you.

Putting Too Much Importance On What The Woman Thinks Of You And What Happens In That Particular Situation

There's something special about being able to read it in over a few hours and really get the gist of what I think and teach. And it's a great reference manual to use for different situations. The bonus booklets that come along with it are also very useful they condense some great ideas about personality types, how to get women turned on, etc. in a condensed format. You've realized that you can actually enjoy yourself, and make Cocky and Funny, as well as the other techniques, a part of your personality.

You must Escalate When the Time is Right in order to Realize a Successful Seduction

Have you ever heard of the expression 'passive-aggressive' It's a psychotherapy term that describes a technique by which a person can exhibit aggressive or hurtful behavior towards someone not necessarily by doing something to them, but by withholding something from them. You withhold the full expression of your personality in some way give half an effort, drag your feet on the job, give someone 'the silent treatment' -- whatever it takes to inhibit their efforts to accomplish something that requires your cooperation as a way of punishing them. Teenagers are great at doing battle passive-aggressively with their parents, and some women I know have this technology down to an absolute science

Article 1 The Mother of all Theory Posts by Vatican

Figure out whether you are better at stimulating a woman's mind or her p*ssy (sexual feelings), and let that self-awareness drive you towards the kind of experience that will best compliment your personality and needs. And this is where I will leave it. I think we can all figure out how it can, and should end. So people, follow this, maybe not to the word, but pretty close. Adapt it to certain things of your personality. And hopefully this will help. Someone please try it, and see how it works And report back This looks like dynamite on paper

Step 2 Progressive relaxation

You can find many varieties of Yoga, an ancient discipline that was practiced in both India and China. Its migration to the New World, specifically the United States, has resulted into a transmogrification of a regular buffet of possibilities. Depending on your personality, strength, body type, and commitment there are a myriad possibilities. Make sure that you opt for one that will reduce not increase your stress level by making you competitive or nervous. The term 'Yoga' can include tapes, studios, practices, gear, mats, wardrobe, props, and Christy Turlington. In alphabetical order, here's a list of options

Perfection is boring To be Human is Beautiful

Modeling You think modeling is about perfection Yes, Pook. I believe it is. Sure, there are standards. But anyone can play the role of a mannequin. Even in modeling, there is heavy emphasis on penetrating the lens, to 'be Human' so to say, to slip your personality throughout.

Easy tweaking

Then there will be the bigger changes By this I mean habits you've had from birth and possibly beyond These gestures, movements, and rituals will have been with you so long they'll feel like part of your personality, but they're not What they are is just behavior, remember

Energy Levels

Of course you can't stay high energy forever. After you get their attention and create some attraction you can lower your energy and go for rapport. If you have problem with controlling your energy, I strongly suggest you learn to play a sport or study martial arts or yoga to learn how to control energy. Try different things in the beginning. Approach very high energy, then try it lower, just above theirs, and see where you get the best reactions. It is different depending on your personality but in general if you cannot raise and control your energy, you will have lot of problems controlling your interactions and conveying the personality traits that will trigger attraction.


Having a contrast inside your personality will improve your success with women. In my younger days, the only thing I tried to convey was that I was a Badboy type of guy and that mostly attracted party chicks who wanted thrills and good sex. At the same time, a lot of girls used to run away from me because it was written all over my face that I just wanted sex and was probably trouble. The good girls were afraid of me.

Your Home

Your apartment or house is an extension of your car, and probably the single most accurate indicator of your personality. A woman will be looking at your place with an eye to what it tells her about you. If it's a mess, it shows that you're not really willing to work too hard for her.


At what point to you phase-shift to the ATTRACT phase IMMEDIATELY after opening The point of openers is to open a conversation with a woman and show originality, but that alone doesn't lead to anything unless you look like a movie star. You have to demonstrate value and convey your personality, and use social techniques to get her attracted to you. Otherwise you're just shooting the shit.

Buying Things

Everybody around you, those ten guys that approached before you and the ten guys who will come after you, will try to get her into bed by buying her drinks and eventually presents. Girls will sometimes entertain these guys to get free things, but they have no real attraction or respect for them. They are just using them. You must attract and seduce her with the strength of your personality alone. Once you reach for the wallet to impress her or buy her time the game is over.


Only you can control the affect of your personality on other people - and that is the essence of seduction. You have to take the active role of turning the steering wheel of your life. The Seduction Method is about helping women get to the decisions they want to make. It's no different than sales, where you're helping a customer make a buying decision that will profit both you and them. We're all just afraid of making a mistake when we fear to make a decision. It's your job to help her past this fear.

Mad Props

So take all my advice with a mountain of salt, because these are methods that work for ME. These routines and ideas are your training wheels. Use them until you find out what suits your personality and eventually forget all this complicated stuff in favor of something far more valuable that only comes with experience INSTINCT.

Setting Goals

It's important to realize that 'superficial' weaknesses will usually hurt your personality qualities. A fat guy with a small dick is more likely to have self-esteem issues than an athletic guy with a big dick. It's not a given fact 100 of the time, just the common case. Just like having a tank in combat makes you feel more secure than having an assault rifle.