What Do All Guys Who Think Theyre Gods Gift To Women Have In Common

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"The Greatest Discovery of Our Generation Is That A Person Can Alter His Life By Altering His Attitude"

Norman Vincent Peale

Answer: They all go home alone every night. Basically what I'm talking about here is attitude. It's ironic, but guys who have such an elevated opinion of themselves are the only ones who think they're so great. Everyone else in the bar thinks they're jerks, especially the women.

Women may use different words to describe these kinds of guys, but it all boils down to the same thing: these guys have a bad attitude. And when a guy with an ego problem (which is the cause of his bad attitude) gets rejected by a woman he always puts her down. And he always approaches her with an "opening line" (discussed in great detail in Chapter 8). In Chapter 7 you'll learn that a bad attitude and a bad personality (which is really an attitude) are the #1 turn -offs to 40% of the women I surveyed.

With a bad attitude, it doesn't matter how good looking, intelligent, well built, well-dressed, or rich you are: she won't have anything to do with you. Guys with an attitude problem do everything they can to put up a false front and hide their true selves. They feel the easiest way to get laid is to get her drunk, give her recreational drugs (like cocaine), or both. They're willing to do anything to get laid except give of themselves. These are the guys I mentioned in the Introduction, who search endlessly for a magic pill/drink/come-on line that will get the woman to rip off her clothes (and his) and beg for sex. I really enjoy being around guys like this because they make me look good. Their insecurity, and their refusal to resolve their insecurity, guarantees they will always fail with women.

If you're one of the many guys with an attitude problem (mild to severe), I have some great news for you: you are iti total control of your attitude. You can change your attitude today (I'll show you how, later) and be treated differently right away. Because you will be treated according to the way yoii present yourself, every time.

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