Opening Lines That Are Great For Ruining Any And All Chances Youll Ever Have With Her i

"If You Are What You Eat, Why Aren't IA Woman?"

4) Would you like to play some music? j

5) Do you come here often?

7) Are you from around here?

8a) Handing a girl your business card or driver's license and saying, "My name is Jim/etc." (You might just as well say "My name is Tom the Jerk" or "I'm Johnny Asshole.")

9) Weren't you last month's Playboy Centerfold (oi Penthouse, Hustler, etc.)

11) It's my birthday, can I have a birthday kiss?

12) Do you always smile like that? ;

13) Your chest is magnificent, is it real?

14) Do you fool around?

15) Gee, you smell good. What are you wearing?

16) Don't I know you from somewhere?

17) I know this is going to sound like a line, but. . .

18) Has anyone ever told you you have the most incredible eyes (or hair, teeth, body, etc.)?

19) What's your sign?

20) Aren't you the girl in the Rod Stewart video?

21) Is it true blondes have more fun?

23) I'm a talent scout (director, producer, agent, etc.), and you'd be very lucky to go out with me.

24) How much will it cost me to go out with you?

25) You look like someone I know.

26) What's a nice girl like you doing in a place like this?

27) I can't believe you don't have a boyfriend.

Every single opening line you can think of will have the exact opposite effect of what you want. Your opening line will either turn her off, go over her head, or both, and it leaves you no place to go once she's answered your question.

Why? First, it will turn her off because you make her look like a cheap pick-up. Everyone has seen the B-rated movies where the bad guy walks over to the chick and says, "Hey, babe, got a match?" or "Hey, sweetheart, can I buy you a drink?" It makes him look bad, but even worse, it makes her look bad. It doesn't matter how innocently you say it, or how honorable your intentions, the stigma is there. A line is a line is a line. They all have the same effect: they make her feel like a piece of meat. And the last thing she wants is to feel like a piece of meat. Second, it may go over her head. She can easily say to herself, "Well, he asked me what time it was and I told him what time it was."

How do I know she may respond this way? Because I'Ve watched men use these lines. The woman answers his questioh, he gets flustered, and leaves. Then I'll go over and ask her what happened. She tells me, "He just wanted to know what time it was (or some other line)." Til say, "I think he was interested in you." "Oh, no," she replies, "he just wanted to know what time it was." "Well, what if he was interested in you?" I ask. "Oh," she says, embarrassed, Tm not that kind of a girl."

Third, once she's answered your question, it leaves you no place to go: "got a match?" "no." . .. now what? "Do you know what time it is?" "8:35" . . . now what? "Can I buy you a drink?" "No, thank you." . . . now what? The longer you stand there and ask her questions, the more foolish you're going to look. Let's take an example, and stretch it out.

"Do you know where 3rd and Main Street is?" "Yes, it's three blocks straight ahead to 3rd Street, turn left and go 6 blocks and you're right on the corner of 3rd and Main." "I'm looking for a restaurant there called 'Tony's Bar and Grill!' Have you ever heard of it?" "Yes, it's right there on the corner. You can't miss it." "Have you ever eaten there beforcT "Once." "Would you like to join me for lunch?" "No thank-you." Now what do you do? She didn't understand your real reason for asking her in the beginning. Once she d|si understand it, it made her feel cheap. Even though you were nice, polite, warm, friendly and honorable, the stigma is stiil there and there's nothing you can do about it. Except realizte that the "opening line" technique is a dead-end and not to uit it. I stretched out this example for as long as I could, assuming she was polite enough to answer all your questions. She could easily have said, "no," at any time, and walked away.

Now, I'll give credit where it's due: a good "con" artist would have thrown in a "sincere" compliment or two. She may have gotten embarrassed and blushed. But once she realized his true intentions, she would have felt cheap. Then you're back to square one.

I hope you can see that opening lines don't work. They get you in trouble. And they ruin your chances with her for good, because they make her feel cheap. Remember Tommy, the flamboyantly gay guy in Chapter 4 (Enlightenment Begins), and how you felt when he used an opening line on you? It didn't matter how nice he tried to be, did it?

The woman you use your opening line on will feel the same way. An added disadvantage to this is you'll inadvertently ruin your chances with her friends, too. Don't think she won't tell them and warn them about you. Remember, they're her friends. She wants to protect them from guys like you. She'd react the same way you did to the car salesman in Chapter 4, who sold you the new car for $30,000 and then you found out there was no engine in the car. You'd tell your friends about him, wouldn't you? As a matter of fact, you'd tell anyone who'd listen. What makes you think she'll behave any differently?

There is one, and only one, exception to this rule. It is the only opening line you should ever use, because no matter how she responds, it will give you the information you need to know to either continue approaching her or back away. I cover this opening line in great detail in the next chapter.

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