The Best Opening Line Youll Ever Learn You Already Know By Heart

"There Are No Frigid Women .. . Only Clumsy Men*

This chapter really belongs in the Approach Chapter Part 2 in Theory and Techniques, Section A, Step (5). Biiit after the buildup I just gave it in the preceding chapter, I feel it should go here. Also, it's so important that it really does merit a chapter all its own. Besides, the chapter heading is a real attention grabber.

Anyway, on with the information: a survey was done by someone other than me. The question was asked: "What éo you wish more men knew about women?" I don't remember how many women responded. But I do remember the results. The top three answers were: (1) that I want to be treated with respect; (2) I want to be treated like a lady; (3) there's more tp me than tits and ass.

There is only one opening line that you can use that satisfies all 3 of these requirements. It is, quite simply, "Hi."

It is the perfect opening statement every single time, because it isn't a line. It treats her with respect, like a lady, and you acknowledge she's more than body parts because you are giving her a chance, and a choice, to say "yes, I'm interested" or "no, I'm not interested." Also, no matter what she responds to your "hello," you will know whether or not she's interested. If she smiles and says a warm "hi," she's definitely interested in getting to know you better. If she says a polite

"hello" and turns her head, you know you're wasting your time.

Any other opening statement that you use in place of, or before, saying "hi" will be a cheap come-on line, and it will turn her off because you'll be treating her like an object instead of like a real human being. The moment you stop treating her like a human being, will be the moment she loses complete interest in you. The only reason she would let you stick around is so you can buy her drinks and so she can make you look stupid. But I'll get into all that later.

What attitude do you have when you say "Hi"? You say it warmly, sincerely, honestly, and with no sexual stigma at all. You say it in a friendly way. In essence you are saying, "I know we are strangers. I am attracted to you and I hope you are attracted to me. I don't want to hurt you and I hope you don't want to hurt me. Let's start our relationship by being friends."

But before you say "Hi," something else has to take place first. If it doesn't, your chances of success will be drastically reduced. You've waited 9 chapters to find out the right way to approach women. So get ready for the best chapter in the book: 'The Approach, At Last."

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