In order to simplify my results, I condensed some of the answers I had, and several people gave answers no one else gave. I'd like to give you those answers and show you what general categories I put them in. That only one out of 100 (or 1 out of 109, to be exact) had this response tells me that while a certain portion of the population pays attention to this, it's a minor factor to the average person.

1 - Attitude: there were several different attitude qualities that guys mentioned: cheerful (1), obnoxious (2), demeanor (1), unpleasant demeanor (1), manor (1), asshole (1), inconsiderate (1), lack of style (1), disposition (1), phoniness (2), innocence (1).

2 - clothes: the way she dresses (1), underware (1).

3 - no response: doesn't bother (1), doesn't know (1), not interested (1), makes no difference (1), nothing (1), doesn't care (1).

4 - face: make-up (1), expression on her face (2), cheekbones (1).

5 - overall appearance: hygiene (1), physical appearance (2), everything (1), notices everything wrong (1), a sparkle/aura (1), looks (5), curve between her neck and shoulders (1), her age (1), stomach (1), teeth (1), vibes (2), physically fit (1).

6 - voice: loud (1), way she talks (1), what she says (1).

9 - weight: size (3). Here I made two distinct categories: one for weight (#19) and one for fat (#17), because those who said "fat" definitely meant "fat" and not whether she was heavy or thin, which is what #19 represents.

For the woman's survey, I condensed the following ways:

1 - overall appearance: looks, physical appearance (2), aura (1), low class (1), unclean physically (1), no chemistry (1), energy level (1), eyebrows (1).

3 - way he carries himself: way he moves (1), posture (1).

5 - how he handles himself: how he presents himself (1), how he treats me (2), how he reacts (1).

7 - mannerisms: way he communicates (1).

8 - attitude: innocence (1), arrogance (2), rude (1), obnoxious (2), false charm (1), cruel (1), lack of respect (1).

9 - Brains - intelligence (2), no common sense (1).

So if you want a more precise chart, this will do it. But I think you'll agree I was able to condense my list without hurting or affecting the overall results.

Each vote represents just over 1% -1.09% with the men and 1.02% with the women. As you look at each chart, thé numbers (1), (2), and (3) at the top means this was their answer to question 1, 2, or 3. Some of the answers have a ".5" after them. That's because in some of the answers, they would say "legs and ass" or "face and eyes." So, what I did was give each category 1/2 a point. If 2 people said "legs and ass" for questions number 2,1 would give one full point to legs and one full point to ass. Some of the categories I couldn't condense, like smoking (#20 on Men's Chart), so I left it as a separate category. Also, I feel it's a valid statistic. According to my findings, 2.18% of men are very turned off to seeing a woman smoke. That's important for a woman to know if she's a smoker and she wants to meet a man. It's also interesting in that smoking wasn't an issue with the women I interviewed. So, if a woman is interested enough in a man, and he smokes but she doesn't, she's more likely to overlook it than a man.

So that lets you know what questions were on my survey, how many people of each gender responded, what their answers were, and how to read the charts. Now, what does it all mean? Before I tell you that, I have one other thing to add. When I asked these questions, I offered no multiple choice answers. I let them fill in the blank any way they wanted. I let them take as much time as they needed to answer. I offered no help. This way they could answer what they felt instead of what I wanted them to feel. That's why they came up with some pretty strange answers (like "eyebrows," "lips," "breathing" and "nose.") I broke the answers down into two categories: physical and non-physical.

CHART #3 Survey - Women's Responses

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