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If you could sit down quietly with an experienced bartender and ask him all of his trade secrets on how to pick up women, what to wear, what to say, what to do, along with what not to wear, say, or do, this book is what he'd tell you. I've taken it a few steps further and told you why these techniques work and other techniques fail. I've included a section on Classic Mistakes Fve seen guys like yourself make over and over and over again, without ever realizing they were making a mistake. Because they didn't know what they were doing wrong, they just kept right on doing it. Then they blamed the women, rather than themselves, for their failures.

After so little success, you'd think they'd eventually get the message and realize that what they were doing wasn't working and change their strategy. But no, they rarely, if ever, do. They stand in front of the mirror every morning, shaving, without ever understanding the source of all their problems is staring right back at them while they shave: themselves. Because they don't understand that they are the problem, they wouldn't know the solution if it hit them on the head. They're looking in all the wrong places for a non-existent magic pill, drink or come-on line that will cure all their needs for sex, affection, and love. They are completely convinced that such a thing really exists, and if they could just get their hands on it they would have it made. They're too short-sighted to realize that if such a thing did exist, it would make them more miserable than they are now. (You'll find out why later.) To try to explain the truth to them, that the real solution isn't remotely what they think it is, is so alien to their belief system that they wouldn't even consider it. Their minds are a closed book. But since you've opened this book, I have to assume otherwise with you.

Based on my own experiences and observations, Fve taken the magic pill/drink/come-on line theory and disproves it, and in the process I found out the Truth. But first, I was forced to take all my preconceptions and put them on the sidelines. Until I did that, I just kept making all the same mistakes you're making. I tested my theories again and again, showing close friends, male and female, my techniques knd concepts, perfecting them as I went along. I was quick to see that anyone could use this system, which verified a basic Tfuth about the Universe: No matter how you twist, bend, melt, or try to destroy it, in the final analysis the Truth remains the Truth. You bought this book to learn the truth about how to pick up women - not get conned or handed a bunch of opening lines that don't work - and the truth is what you'll get. But remember, a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Misuse it and in the long run, the only person you'll hurt is yourself. You'll learn that what you thought would make you happy pales in comparison to what will make you happy.

I've also included a section for women, because I feel they are the most misunderstood, abused group, in terms of relationships, in our society - by their own choice. I hopt this section will give them the information they need to gain the intimacy they so secretly desire. Further, I sincerely hope both sides will come to understand that in the battle of the sexes, we have always been on the same side, fighting the same battle, for the same reasons: to be loved, cared for, and understood by the opposite sex. In this quest for meeting people, I hope to show both sides that the only enemy youVe ever had, have now, or ever will have, is yourself. When you stop blaming each other for all your problems and accept responsibility for yourself and the situation, your success with the opposite sex is guaranteed, whether it's a one-night stand or a relationship that results in marriage. I've pulled out all the stops, shown you all the games, gimmicks, tricks, manipulation ploys, and head trips, in the hopes that you'll realize these techniques don't work, and why they don't work. In the process, I'll show you techniques that will give you more relationships than you know what to do with, and make you happy beyond your wildest dreams, because you now hold in your hands a manual that has the potential to put an end to your lonely nights forever.

I'll teach you what I've learned and how I learned it. I'll take you step by step through each technique and show you why it works or doesn't work. By the end of this book, you'll know how to get what you want. But I have a feeling that what you think will make you happy and what actually does make you happy will be two different things. I'll show you both, and teach you how to get them. It's not always easy. But don't despair - I was there once too.

Now, let's get started.

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