When I sat down to write this book I realized I had access to some information that very few people have access to. Of those who do have access to it, very few of them know how to utilize it, much less pass it on to someone else. The last thing I wanted to do was to rip you (the reader) off like all the other books on this subject have done.

In college I was a psychology/sociology major. My plans were to become a marriage counselor until I realized most people are all in favor of change - as long as it's the other person who does all the changing. Little did I realize these same lessons would be driven home to me in my job as a bartender. And little did my customers realized that, with the aid of alcohol (and sometimes recreational drugs), they would unintentionally give me all of the information I've written in this book.

I would like to be the first to point out that I have been no angel. Every single mistake in this book Fve made many times over (with the exception of Classic Mistakes #1 and #2 -- I'm not that stupid). Eventually I got the message that the women were only responding to me in the way that I presented myself.

In writing this book, Fve tried to put myself in your position and answer the questions I thought you would ask me if we had the opportunity to sit and talk person to person, friend to friend. I did this by remembering how I felt when I was 21, without having the slightest idea of how to approach, meet, talk with, and go out with, a woman. Then I just wrote down this internal conversation and produced this book.

I'd also like to say that there are exceptions to every rule and although the exceptions to the rules Fve given you are rare, they do exist. When you stumble onto one of these exceptions, you can do one of two things: blame her and learn nothing from the experience; or accept responsibility for what went wrong and prevent it from ever happening again.

I hope this book helps you in your quest for meeting the woman of your choice for a relationship that will make you both happy.

Bryan Redfield November 10, 1989

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