Teaching Your Child to Read

Reading Head Start for Children

The ability to read at a young age is an indication of exclusive performance in learning. How can parents help their kids understand how to read at a tender age? Using Reading Head Start, an online learning tool can help. It's a program designed to help children between two and nine years learn how to read. It encourages social interactions, psychological growth, and improvement of knowledge and skills. By committing only 15 minutes of your day to your learner's progress, you can be sure that the results would be amazing within a month. Even for young ones who find reading annoying, this system is ideal for them. Why not try and give them a taste of experience with this perfect tool? It's certified, well-researched, and above all, affordable. You can be sure that your child will benefit from this program as he enhances his ability to read and enjoy the rest of the education process! Read more...

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Teach Your Child To Read

Children Learning Reading is a two-part program created by Jim Yang categorized into two eBooks. When you buy the course, you will instantly gain access to every two eBooks, and start using it immediately. The program teaches parents about the use of phenomes, in which young children study the sounds that makeup words used in speech. The course's main objective is to build your child's skills and abilities to read and understand the particular phenomes that make up the common, day-to-day words. After they have mastered these skills, they will move onto learning new words and slowly, their reading skills will be developed and get better and stronger. This groundbreaking program is great for your child because it does not depend on old teaching methods used in elementary schools such as sight words. Some online courses offer word recognition, but this is unique as it requires the child to sit in front of a TV or a computer for hours on end. Another thing that makes this program to stand out is the fact that it teaches children how to read in short, little steps. This way, the teachings will be more effective and will not drain your kid. Read more...

Teach Your Child To Read Summary

Contents: Ebooks
Author: Jim Yang
Official Website: www.childrenlearningreading.com
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Relationship Between Your Goals And Your Reading Skills

Use what you have learned to open doors. There is no barrier between you and whatever you may want to become. Your Rapid Reading skills will enable you to build a strong, successful future. How badly do you want to increase your reading skills How hard are you willing to work to reach that goal Set the time to accomplish your reading goal at four weeks. Then, set your short range (daily) goals and your intermediate (weekly) goals, to make sure you get there -on time.

Alphanetics Rapid Reading Program A Basic Course For Everyone Work Section

You have been taught the skills necessary for Rapid Reading. Applying these skills to your everyday, normal reading is very essential. Only you can make your newly developed reading and learning skills work for you. You should always be aware of your skills and use them every chance you can. You will find that you can apply them in many areas outside of those you may have in your mind. Use them when reading newspapers, books, texts, articles, etc. If you do not use your new skills, you will lose them. Your new skills are not yet habitual. You will regress to your old reading habits if you do not practice. The more you use these new skills, the stronger they get and the better you get Although normal reading is not practicing, you can strengthen your newly developing skills by always thinking of your new skills and using them as often as you can. Using some of your required reading material, instead of a practice book, will enable you to accomplish several things at once. Doing this...

To Develop An Ongoing Reading Program And Be Able To Easily And Consistently

This week you will more fully stabilize your speed and your understanding. You will take steps to develop an ongoing reading program. This is necessary if you want to maintain what you have already learned. You have just started developing your reading and learning skills. You must nurture your new reading skill as you would a precious plant or, like the plant, if you don't, it will begin to weaken and eventually it will die. The practicing and reading schedule you need to establish must be done according to your time availability. Spend extra time working on your weaker skills. Just as everyone has a different learning rate, everyone has different levels of skill development and habit forming. You practice to overcome your weaknesses and to develop your habits. Work hard. Practice. Relax. If you have to consciously think about what you are doing as you are using a skill, the skill development level is not very high. It is only when you can automatically do things does the skill level...

You Should Return To This Point Often And Review These 5 Steps To Success

At the end of your 1st week of practice (at least 7 hours of practice), you should be reading 450 to 850 words per minute (wpm). Your understanding should be satisfactory to you. You should have an understanding of how new reading habits are formed and how old reading habits are broken.

Instructions And How To Get The Most Out Of This Program

The ALPHA-NETICS RAPID READING PROGRAM incorporates the most effective of the known teaching methods. It is important that you understand that even if the program may be a perfect teacher, you will not be taught unless you want to be. If you do as the program instructs, you will amaze yourself at the rapid and substantial increase in your basic reading and learning skills. You are the most important and critical part of the program. You should also bring with you a book from which you normally read or study. It could be the same book you start with, but we recommend you use a book from the area in which you most need to improve your reading skills. In this way, you begin to use and apply your newly-found skill to your normal reading, immediately.

Ask the Love Coach

You can learn from everyone, even the people you might ordinarily overlook. Tom was working late one evening and got to talking with Mas, a night janitor in his office building. He found out that Max was once a prize fighter. Tom had recently developed1 an interest in homing, and soon he was making arrangement for Ma* to give him lessons. In return, Tom agreed to help Max improve his reading skills and prepare to take his high-school equivalency test. Now the two men have become friends.

Please Follow Instructions Exactly

When you are told to do so, remove this lesson tape and put your Metronome Practice Tape in your cassette player. Keep your practice book on hand. Turn on the recorder and go through the entire Metronome Tape. The Metronome Tape is only 15 minutes long. It is very important that you practice at rates as far above your normal reading speed as you can. As you continue your practicing, you need to be able to focus your attention and practice in the areas that will benefit you most. At the end of the 30-second comprehension testing period, do as instructed and mark the spot where you stopped reading. At this time, do not be concerned with your reading rate. When you have completely gone through the Metronome Tape, come back to this point. DO IT NOW

Understanding And Remembering

Every experience you have ever had, everything you have ever learned and every feeling you have ever had is stored in your subconscious memory banks. When you read, you bring meaning from your subconscious mind. This is a response to your seeing the printed words. Your reading skill depends upon the rate at which this occurs. The faster and better it occurs, the more skilled in reading you will become. This instant understanding is called comprehension. The ability to bring back information, or an experience, from your subconscious memory banks, when you choose to do so, is remembering or recalling This skill is not easily developed. It must be developed, however, in order for it to be used as you want to use it. The extent to which you can do so is a demonstration of your skill level.

Using Your New Skills

Never underestimate the value of your reading skills. Remember - USE THEM, OR LOSE THEM ' WITH USE, THEY GET STRONGER ' What you have learned with the Alpha-Netics Rapid Reading Program is a very small step in the learning process you have started. Even though you may now read 2-5 times faster than you did at the beginning, with the proper, continued practice and usage of your skills, you can take your skill level higher and higher. The only limitation on your reading and learning skills is yourself. You have increased speed, understanding and the ability to remember what you have read. You can strengthen these skills or lose them. What you do is up to you Set regular, daily practice times. Make the program a part of your life until your new skills become the dominant reading skills. This could take a few weeks or a few months. IT DOES NOT MATTER What does matter is that you do not lose the most valuable skill you have ever developed, and that you develop this skill further until...

Calibration as a coldreading Technique

Thus, one of the things I like to do is tell people about themselves without any gimmicks. I use my people reading skills to tell them what I think about them, what their desires and strengths are. It's probably one of the better skills I am known for amongst my buddies who watch my interactions with women. If you have great calibration and people reading skills, you can use it to your advantage. It's fun and it makes for a good time. Is it a 100 accurate Of course not. It's just a product of your instincts regarding someone.


Poor reading habits make reading tedious. Imagine yourself trying to speak a foreign language that you do not know well. You must translate every word you hear in order to understand. Trying to speak in one language and mentally translate to another language is difficult. Only when a person can speak and think in the same language is clear understanding and rapid communication possible. This is also true with reading. Only when a person can stop translating will the reading skills of speed, understanding and remembering be increased.

Sees Understands

If you are not a doctor and are not familiar with what is written in a medical journal, you will not understand what is written in one, even if you have acquired these new reading skills. Trying to read the medical journal would be the same as attempting to read a book written in Russian without prior understanding of Russian.

Reading Conditions

When you begin to practice as instructed, you are going to be doing things that are contrary to your primary habits. This will begin to develop tension. As you push yourself across the printed page and you are intentionally trying not to see the words, you are going against your normal reading habits. To avoid building tension, you must make every effort to relax. This effort will make your learning easier. Your biggest road block to learning these new reading skills is tension. The most important step you must take in developing your Alpha-Netics Rapid Reading skills, is learning the skill of relaxation. It is a skill, and like any other skill, it can be learned with practice. You will be given passive relaxation exercises to help you develop the relaxation skill. Once you learn it, you will be able to relax at any time, and in any place. If you can relax this way, you will be able to function more effectively with dynamic relaxation exercises. It is important that you understand and...

Part Three

The misconception many people have is that it is impossible to read any faster than they can speak, that anything faster is skimming and or spot reading. This conception would be true if there were no other reading skill available to learn. You are at this point now. You are restricted, at this time, to reading only as fast as you can pronounce the words as you see them. If you try to read faster than you can speak, or sound the words, you will begin skimming, or spot reading, and lose a great deal of the meaning of what you are reading. These two misunderstandings and misconceptions prevent many people from trying to improve their reading skills. Others who have these misconceptions and begin to use the Alpha-Netics Rapid Reading Program, have a difficult time until they mentally accept the fact that their reading skills can be improved. It is because of the need to mentally accept this fact that there is much detail and repetition in the program. A very important point that must be...

Cultivating Rapport

You should use the skills you're developing along the way to demonstrate that you understand her better than anyone else does. By using the divination techniques (fortune-telling), simply paying attention to her body language, and listening to what she says about herself and her world, you can make some assumptions about her and then feed them back to her, the way you did when you were using the mind-reading skills. Just make some generic interpretations about her, and then pretend they are the deepest observations she's ever heard. Follow through on this to build that sense of familiarity.


The programmation tape is a very valuable tool. The more quickly you program your subconscious, the more quickly you can begin to effectively use your newly developed reading and learning skills. In the beginning, use this tape twice a day. If this is not possible, use the Programmation Tape in the morning, while you are fresher and more relaxed, and go through the relaxation exercises in the evening. The more often you use both of these practice tapes, the more easily you will develop the reading skills. His visualization is so vivid that the subconscious does not know the difference between imagined and actual. If, in his mind, he has already gone over the bar, the center that controls his habitual actions has a much easier time doing it the second time. Use the power of visualization in all you attempt to do and learn. Another very important fact to always keep in mind is that if you clearly and vividly imagine something, your subconscious does not know the difference between...


You have already learned that if your eyes flow smoothly over the print, you can eliminate the problems of convergence and fixation. You learned that as your eyes move steadily and smoothly across the page, they begin to see the print better and with increased concentration. You also begin to understand the words better than you have ever before and the understanding is being triggered by the sight of the words and not by the sound. Once you have learned the reading skill to this point, how fast you can read will be determined by the speed at which you can see. The first step, or skill, you learn is smooth, fluid movement of the eyes, in tune with a beat, either applied or implied (with or without the metronome).


The Alpha-Netics Rapid Reading Program was designed so anyone can use it. It does not matter how accomplished a reader you may be or how poor a reader you may be. The users of the program are competing only with themselves and the goals they set. Everyone can use the program and improve reading skills. Everyone starts at his or her level of competency, regardless of what that level may be. In other words, this program is only interested in the development of your reading and learning skills.

English Derivations

If you do not practice regularly, your reading skills diminish. If you practice ineffectively and sporadically, at best your skill development and your performance will follow an up and down pattern. (See Illust. 6 and 7). These illustrations illustrate the development pattern of the reading skill if you practice regularly (Illust 6) and if you practice irregularly (Illust. 7). You have briefly used and have been instructed in the usage of the Metronome Practice Tape. The importance of using the Metronome Tape cannot be overemphasized. The steady beat of the metronome develops the fluid, smooth movement so essential to relaxed reading and to improved reading skills. At slower speed, or beats, you will probably be getting full comprehension. This is good If you are to increase the ability to read, you must push yourself beyond the limits of your present abilities. You are instructed to stay with the beat. When the beat slows down, you will find yourself seeing, and then reading, two...


If you practice a day and skip two, as on a weekend, you will lose in the two-day weekend vacation what you gained, or learned, in the day's practice. With consistent practice, it does not take very long to learn and to program the reading skills into the subconscious. A few weeks of practice now and you will have the reading skills working for you your entire lifetime. Regular practice assures the repetition needed to learn the reading skills. Practicing twice a day, even for shorter periods, is better than one longer practice a day. Learning to relax is the most important skill step you have learned. Because of this importance, you should go through the different relaxation exercises at least twice a day and do not make the relaxation time a part of your scheduled practice time. You can practice relaxation at any time during the day or night. Find a place you can be alone, relax and visualize. Don't do it while you are driving a car, you may go to sleep. Many...

Reading Rate

It is much easier to be motivated to do something if you know your efforts are being rewarded. It is much easier to see where help is needed in the development of your reading skills if progress is recorded. It is much easier to set honest, lofty goals if you know exactly what your progress has been, and exactly where you are and what you have had to do to get where you are.


It is imperative that you move steadily and smoothly over the print. Use your hand in all your practices, as well as in your normal reading, until you move naturally and fluidly over the print. You are moving your eyes at 60 beats per minute, which is 540 wpm, if the lines you are reading average 9 words per line.

Helping Your Child Learn To Read

Helping Your Child Learn To Read

When parents help their children learn to read, they help open the door to a new world. As a parent, you can begin an endless learning chain: You read to your children, they develop a love of stories and poems, they want to read on their own, they practice reading, and finally they read for their own information or pleasure. They become readers, and their world is forever expanded and enriched.

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