Art And The Renaissance

Many women are attracted by art in all its various forms.

Stop by any good museum or art gallery and you'll see women viewing their works. Women are also attracted to men who can create artistic work (refer to Lesson Five about the wisdom of "becoming an artiste").

For that reason, it's a nice touch to have a bit of art around your home. It's not mandatory (the photo albums we've already described are far more powerful tools) but it adds a sophisticated dimension to your appeal: You'll appear to be a real life, modern-day "Renaissance man" as it were.

We generally recommend a focused approach to artwork. Have a few pieces of whatever type of art most appeals to you and don't use the shotgun approach by displaying "one of everything."

If you travel overseas now and then, this offers you an opportunity to bring back something artistic: You then get "Renaissance man" credit plus "being somewhere exotic" credit. A double-dip!

One of your authors once picked up a carved wooden elephant about twelve inches (thirty centimeters) tall on his first trip to Southeast Asia, and that worked great as a "prop." Women would see it on his desk at home and ask where he got it.

Other art that's worked well for us includes framed wildlife prints by such artists as Robert Bateman and Carl Brenders. They're beautiful paintings, and they add an exotic look to a room even if you've never been anywhere near a moose or an eagle or a lion in your life.

If you're an artist or sculptor yourself, by all means have some of your own work spread around your place. Your date will ask about the artwork and then you can modestly say that they're "just some works you put together."

If you're even halfway talented, she'll be impressed. You'll be able to milk it for the full "artiste" benefit.

By the way, there's one type of artistry that we do recommend strongly against: artwork with a sexual theme (including nudity). Those displays will give initial pause to most women and so they're not a good percentage shot.

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