For Maximum Potential Try Overseas Trips

For meeting and mating with new women, overseas trips are the best of all, often astoundingly so! In fact, once you start enjoying the company of women overseas, there's a grave danger involved:

a You're likely to become totally spoiled and might lose interest in the women back home.

a You'll wonder how you ever managed to get excited over what was offered to you in the past.

a You'll kick yourself for not having headed overseas sooner, and a You could become addicted to overseas women and start planning your entire dating life around overseas vacations and overseas business trips.

After all, if you've grown up in America or Canada or Northern Europe, you've been exposed to a lot of feminist excesses for the last few decades:

a Men are scum a Men are the root of all evil a You should be ashamed of yourself for having been born male a And so on

Just tune into any daytime TV talk show (all of which pander to their female audiences) and you'll get an earful.

The chances are excellent that you've been well trained (a.k.a. domesticated) to the point where you've jumped through hoops, paid through the nose, and gotten crumbs (or less) in return - and then actually been conned into feeling thankful for these humiliating experiences.

We've got good news for you. Many parts of the world have not (as yet) succumbed to the mantra of the "Men are the problem, women are the victim" disease.

In effect, you can move backward in time to a saner era just by boarding an airplane for distant shores.

That's especially true if you're an American. After a few decades of hearing so many American women whining about how American men are pigs (and worse), it might surprise you to know that American men are held in very high regard by women in most other nations and regions.

That's partly because American women, like the women in some other rich countries, have been pampered and overindulged to the point where they've become spoiled. They believe that the world revolves around them. So no matter how much a man does for them, it isn't enough.

But it also reflects the Scarcity Principle. In life, we value that which is scarce, and in America, American men are not scarce. Therefore, American men are "nothing special" in the minds of American women. Remember the old saying about how familiarity breeds contempt? American women are very familiar with American men.

But watch what happens when a foreign man visits American shores.

If an American man goes to work and casually lets slip that his cousin "Emilio" from Italy will be visiting next month, every single woman in his office will angle for a chance to meet "Emilio" when he gets to town.

Even if he were to point out that "Emilio" speaks almost no English, this would not dissuade the gathering crowd of eager women one whit. In fact, it would be a plus. There'd be no need for them to waste time on small talk, as they could do all their communicating "non-verbally."

Or as a woman would phrase it, "I have no idea what he's saying . but I sure do like the way he's saying it."

In America, non-English-speaking men from Italy or Greece are scarce, but English-speaking American men are not.

But you can make the same Scarcity Principle work for you if you travel to (say) Indonesia. Suddenly, you're a scarce commodity and local women will often jockey for a chance to meet you.

Beyond the Scarcity factor, there's the belief that American men (and men from other wealthy, developed countries) often treat women better than do men from other countries. That reputation can open doors (and more) for you overseas.

In addition, different standards of wealth apply. In less developed countries, even a man of what would be modest means in the Western world will be very wealthy when compared to the average man in the less developed country.

Just look at how much you earn each year. If your income were to jump by a factor of twenty (e.g. from 50,000 Euros or dollars per year to one million Euros or dollars per year), how much easier would it be for you to get laid back at home?

You already know the answer ... much easier. And in effect, that's what happens when you step off a plane in a less developed country. All of a sudden, you've become much more "handsome" to women.

Some overseas countries offer better venues than others. Among the regions that seem to get the best reviews by men seeking women are (in descending order):

a Southeast Asia a Latin America and the Caribbean a Eastern Europe

There are a number of places on the Internet where you can do research on these destinations. On your next holiday, why not head overseas and see for yourself?

If you're older, overweight, or physically less attractive, you'll notice an even bigger improvement in your dating prospects in such areas. Being wealthy (even in relative terms) masks many other flaws, and the threshold for "being wealthy" is much lower in less developed countries.

When you do go overseas, be sure to bring along your "photo album" (see Lesson Nine). Also bring some picture books showing what your home country looks like --the ones that tourists visiting your country might buy to take home with them are ideal.

Most women seem to find photographs fascinating, especially if they've never been outside their country of birth. Yours will fascinate them and at the same time make you seem even more exotic in their eyes.

Bon voyage!

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