Getting Your Moneys Worth On Holiday Trips

Holiday trips hold great potential, since you'll likely be heading to one of the usual holiday destinations (the Algarve, Ibiza, Las Vegas, Waikiki, or wherever).

You're going to have fun, party, and hopefully meet members of the opposite sex for more fun and more partying.

And guess what? Women do exactly the same when they head out on holiday. Many of them are heading to the same holiday destination as you are, and your paths will cross while you're there. It's essentially a case of "motivated buyers" meeting up with "motivated sellers," to use real estate sales parlance.

Cyndi Lauper put it best when she sang, "Girls just want to have fun."

But aren't women looking for "a relationship" instead of just a good time?

Women actually look for both. A given woman wants to find "Mr. Right" to support her and to grow old with her during her own declining years. But she also wants to meet (and mate) with interesting men along the way, while she waits for "Mr. Right" to show up.

That's where you come in.

Women are far more prone to horizontal partying when they're out of town at a major holiday resort somewhere. No one back home will know, this is their one chance that year, the scenery is intoxicating ... and so are the drinks with the miniature umbrellas in them.

One thing will lead to another, as surely as night follows day.

You can improve you own odds of scoring while on holiday if you pick out your destination based in part on how many women head there. (That means going bear hunting in a remote section of Alaska is not your best bet, percentagewise).

Beach resorts with a party atmosphere can be excellent:

a Waikiki a Maui a Cabo San Lucas a Cancun a Many of the beach resorts along the Mediterranean coast that cater to a younger crowd a Some of the Caribbean islands a And so on

All these areas:

a Attract a lot of women in our preferred age grouping a Those women will be scantily clad (a good mood-enhancer) a Party spots will be numerous a There are lots of places to eat and drink and awesome sunsets to be watched

Most such resort areas will have an active nightlife scene, often centered around clubs or discos. If you're a good-looking hunk, you should do fine in that setting, but that would be true with any other setting too.

As we've noted earlier, we tend to skip places that feature loud music and frenetic dancing as the main draw. Such places do attract lots of women but they also attract lots of men and that gives rise to an auction market. If you excel in that milieu, go for it. If not, there are better spots for you to operate.

We should note, however, that women at a disco in an exotic holiday resort are still more likely to put out than are most women at discos back home (due to the Hawaii Effect). So if you only do so-so at discos back home, you'll do better at discos when on holiday. But if you're just starting out, there are better venues at resorts for you.

Women on holiday are there for twenty-four hours a day. They'll sleep for some of those hours and go clubbing for some of those hours, but that still leaves eight or ten hours a day for them to fill.

Those are the hours where they'll get bored and will be looking for something to fill that time. They'll linger over meals, they'll spend some time at the beach, they'll go shopping ... and they'll chat with any interesting men who pass their way.

Those are the venues we work. The competition is far less and, if women are a tad bored, they're more likely to do things to break that boredom, including putting out.

Interestingly, our highest batting average while on holiday has been picking up women in elevators.

If you're staying in a high-rise resort hotel and three or four interesting women get onto the elevator when it stops at the twenty-third floor, be friendly to them.

If they're heading out for the first time that day, the chances are good that they'll be looking for something to do. They'll be headed for breakfast (or for lunch, if they're getting a late start) but they probably haven't thought it out much past that point.

So if you're friendly to them in the elevator, they may invite you along to join them for breakfast (this has happened to us many times, so it must be a common outcome) or you may invite them to join you. Be friendly and playful at breakfast and you'll get an invite to their next activity after that. And they'll likely ask you for ideas as to what that next activity should be.

Let us emphasize one particular point here:

If you're alone (or with one friend) and three or four women get into the elevator, the fact that you're now outnumbered is not a bad thing -- it's a good thing.

Your odds of success increase in proportion to the excess of males over females in such a situation. Because women are so competitive with each other over men, a shortage like this is perfect for you.

If you're like most men, you prefer to approach lone women. That can work. But if you do the opposite instead, you can boost the odds in your favor.

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