Single Double Triple And Away You Go

As with anything in life, practice is the key.

Once you can comfortably complete Double Couplets with cashiers and waitresses as if it were second nature, you can try for Triple Couplets. For that, we recommend that you notice something interesting (but nothing sexual in nature) about her.

What will be interesting will depend on the woman in question. But the items to look for are unusual nail colors or eclectic jewelry or possibly even an off-beat hat.

Here's the magic phrase: "Wow, cool (or nice)_!"

Then just fill in blank with the appropriate word:

a If she has each of her ten finger-nails painted in a different color, say "Wow, cool nails!"

a If she has earrings that are shaped like bumble-bees, then say, "Wow, nice earrings!"

a If she's wearing a stylish beret, then say, "Wow, cool hat!"

That's the basic formula. When you buy something at a store, pick out a female cashier and wait in her line. Start with the oldest and/or least sexy cashier so that you'll feel zero fear. And every time you go shopping, keep practicing.

In very little time, it will become second nature for you.

Once you master this skill with the grandmotherly types, gradually work your way down the age scale until you're comfortable making small talk with younger and more "interesting" cashiers and waitresses.

With practice, you'll do it effortlessly and without a hint of shyness. The next step is then to expand beyond cashiers and waitresses.

a Try it on airplanes.

a Try it when you're waiting in line.

a Try it when you pass someone in a hallway.

a Try it when you're at parties (what executives and politicians call "working the room").

And try it with both genders (this is a non-sexual technique, after all). Rather than passing someone and lowering your eyes, make eye contact and ask, "How's it going?" as you walk by.

The more you try it the easier it becomes.

There is one more caveat to remember while you're perfecting your skill at making small talk comfortably: Keep it brief. There's an old show business adage that says "Leave the audience wanting more" and that's what you want to do here.

You want to make a bit of small talk, and then move along before things become awkward. When shy men first get the hang of sparking a conversation, they often get caught up in the euphoria and try to keep the conversation going for an extended period.

That's usually not the best idea the first time you chat with a women. As we've already mentioned in the Theory Handbook, women need time to fantasize and therefore it will usually take them longer to decide they want you than it will take you to decide that you want them. Give them that time.

If you've ever spent the evening with a life insurance salesman, you'll understand the concept of "being trapped in a conversation." That's not the way to interest a woman in maybe sleeping with you at some point in the relatively near future.

So don't lock onto her leg like a junkyard dog -- be casual. Think of yourself as a farmer. Plant the seeds and then step back. Allow them to grow in her mind. Let her fantasize.

Granted, if you're ruggedly handsome, you can sow and reap all in one day. And if you're very skilled at making conversation, you can occasionally do so also even if you're not all that handsome.

But if you're relatively new to the process and aren't especially handsome, approach it like you would a challenging golf hole. It's very hard to shoot a "hole in one."

So take the safe "lay up" in the beginning. Just try to keep your ball in the fairway and out of the sand traps and water hazards.

You can try more ambitious shots as you get better at the game.

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