The Guaranteed Danger of Marriage

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We mentioned that "life has no guarantees," but that technically isn't true when it comes to matrimony. That lack of guarantee only applies to you, the male partner.

Your government has seen to it that the gender that has 52% of the vote does in fact have a guarantee. And it's an iron-clad, "no fault" guarantee.

By marrying, in effect you're guaranteeing that:

a You'll never tire of your mate a Your mate will never tire of you

That guarantee is absolute. It matters not one whit:

a How she treats you in the future a How she changes in the future a If you treat her grandly but she dumps you a If she entered the marriage fraudulently, never having loved you and having done it solely to get a windfall later

That's not much of a deal for you, since government rules allow her to get paid no matter what. That kind of incentive will work very much against you no matter how good your initial intentions. After all, in life you "get what you pay for" . and the rules are rigged to pay women rather handsomely (and on a taxfree basis) to leave you.

But if you're like many men, the idea of marriage may hold some appeal to you anyway because you assume it means that you'll get regular sex (which, to a horny guy who doesn't get laid often, can sound pretty good).

However, we've got bad news for you if that's the case: Your wife has no obligation to have sex after marriage. And you can be charged with rape if you persist -- not quite what you had in mind, we'll wager.

So what do you get in return for marrying?

a If you're a female, you get all rights but no obligations a If you're a male, you get all obligations and no rights

That could hardly be considered fair, but that's how the math works. That's what keeps politicians getting elected: 52% is a bigger number than 48%. Politicians may have many faults, but being unable to count is not one of them.

Since your government will not protect you and will in fact conspire against you in matters of the heart, you'd best be very careful. You're working without a net.

You're on your own and it's a jungle out there. So keep your guard up and be very wary of making a one-way guarantee where it's you who'll have all obligations but no rights.

Where marriage is concerned, our favorite motto is: "Just say no."

That doesn't mean you have to do the same, but walk into any potentially matrimonial situation with your eyes wide open as to the legal and financial risks.

And keep your options open too. Realize that all things change over time. Know that there are no guarantees unless it's you who's making them. And head in a direction that inspires you while living each day to the fullest.

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