The Well Read Alpha Male

Women are attracted to intelligent men, no doubt because intelligence correlates quite well with success in life.

So unless a man is extremely good looking or has a lot of money, women generally hope to find men who are as smart as (and preferably smarter than) they are.

That's one reason to have a personal library at home: to establish your credentials as an intelligent, literate man. Therefore your choice of reading material should not give the opposite impression.

So if all you have is comic books and girlie magazines, you'll not make that great impression. The same goes for sports magazines. There's nothing wrong with them (most successful men are also sports buffs) but ideally you'll have more than that in your personal library.

Among the better magazines for creating a positive impression are:

a Business magazines (such as Forbes, Fortune or Business Week)

a Science magazines (such as Discover or Scientific American)

a News magazines (such as The Economist).

a Health and fitness magazines if geared to men or at least gender-neutral (such as Men's Health or Men's Fitness)

a Travel magazines (such as National Geographic or Travel and Holiday)

a Art magazines also are also good choices if you have a particular favorite

Similar guidelines apply to books.

a Novels are fine (unless they're of the Romance Novel genre, which will be considered frilly "girl" stuff).

a Technical, scientific, or business themes are all fine.

a Books with a literary or artistic theme (e.g. the collected works of Shakespeare) can help build your "Renaissance Man" image.

a "Self-Help" books can be more problematic, as your ownership of such a title will be deemed evidence that you're seriously deficient in that particular skill. Additionally, most self-help books are bought by women and so your date may infer that there's another woman in your life (and that it's her book, not yours).

a Another potential problem area is science fiction. Many women conclude (rightly or wrongly) that men who read sci-fi novels are geeks. Whether or not that's a fair picture is irrelevant, because perception becomes reality if a woman is put off by your sci-fi collection.

Don't feel that you have to throw out your favorite books just to make a good impression on women. If you happen to have a large science fiction collection (as does one of your authors), just move it to an inconspicuous place and shrug it off as something you read when you were a kid (or that you're keeping the books for a buddy) if she asks about it.

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