What You Owe For

Lots of men assume that, if a woman has sex with him, he's somehow obligated to stay with a woman as long as she wants, to call her the next day, and so on.

"Au contraire, mon ami!"

Slavery was abolished in most countries long ago. And so was indentured servitude (unless you marry and/or impregnate a woman). On what basis do you owe her anything beyond what she owes you?

Have you ever taken a woman out to a fancy restaurant and perhaps to a play or a concert afterwards? For which you paid a hefty sum of money?

And did she put out afterwards?

Perhaps she did. Or perhaps she didn't.

For the woman whom you took somewhere nice and who then refused to put out, did you ever imply that perhaps she owed it to you to give you a little nookie considering how much you'd spent?

If you've never done that, you could try it just once for "educational purposes." We guarantee that you'll hear more choice invective than had you insulted the mothers of a dozen drunken sailors.

The gist of her expletive-laden outburst will be that your buying dinner for her entitles you to nothing more than an hour of her company while dining. In other words, she owes you nothing in return for it. Not only that, she'll tell you in no uncertain terms that you're way out of line to even suggest such a linkage.

"How dare you?"

Alpha Males understand how that game works and so should you. Here's how to handle the situation:

Hold yourself to the exact same standards that women insist on for themselves. Women prattle on ad nauseum about wanting "equality" and so you should be only too happy to oblige them.

If a woman has sex with you, what does that entitle her to? Only to the hour (or two minutes) of your company while you're doing the horizontal mambo with her. She accepts no obligations in return for you giving her what she wants and so you should accept no obligations in return for her giving you what you want.

An hour of sex entitles her to just that: an hour of sex.

And if she tries to pin you down, such as by trying to get you to commit to calling her the next day or seeing her again, simply shrug and say "We'll see." In other words, maybe yes, maybe no. It's up to you.

And if she gets huffy about it, tell her in no uncertain terms that she's way out of line to even suggest such a linkage. How dare she?

There's a name for women who expect something in return for having sex: "whore." Point that nicety out if need be.

Surprised by that stance?

After all, it probably seems a little harsh at first reading. So let's explain the reasoning a little further:

We do understand that women expect to get something in return for sex (just as men expect to get something in return for their dating expenditures).

But since women will often "take the moral high road" as a loophole to enable them to take from us without giving us anything worthwhile in return, then we also see no reason not to do the same.

Unless there's a correlation between the money you're spending on dates and the sexual favors you're receiving, she can't hold you to a correlation between her sexual favors and your Commitment either.

There is no "moral high ground" in the dating world.

Of course, that sounds easy in theory, but many men have trouble pulling it off in the real world of dating and mating. Therefore, we'll give you a four-part strategy for avoiding entangling, one-sided alliances (unless you meet a woman you really want to become entangled with, that is!):

a "Know thyself"

a The rational basis a Not over-promising a An exit strategy

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