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A light touch with women means that you're not intimidated by them.

And that's an attractive quality to women, since the best catches are not afraid of women. So if you're fearless, you must be a great catch.

Tailor your strategies to your own style and personality. You don't have to master everything in order to improve your results. Mastering even a few of the skills in this Program can boost your results noticeably.

a Keep experimenting with your approach, and a Vary your technique a bit and see if that works better (or is more fun) for you.

Learning is a continuous process.

And there's is no rule that says you have to be with a different woman every night. If you find one who's exceptional, feel free keep her around for as long as you're enjoying the relationship. In our own experience, we find that serial monogamy often works quite well as we alternate between monogamous relationships and absolutely "carnivorous" periods.

It's hard to say what defines the best piece of advice anyone ever given to us, but right up there toward the top of the list would be: "Enjoy the ride."

In other words, the journey is usually much more interesting than the destination. Consider this perspective for male-female relationships:

a Most women who catch our eye walking down the street never end up going out on a date with us.

a Most first dates don't lead to second dates.

a Most second dates don't lead to sex.

a Most of the dates that do lead to sex don't turn into relationships.

a Most relationships don't evolve into long-term relationships.

a Most long-term relationships don't end in marriage.

a Half or more marriages end in divorce.

a Many marriages not ending in divorce are nonetheless stressful and often highly unpleasant.

a Most marriages where both parties are deliriously happy at all times still end with one of the spouses dying before the other spouse.

In other words, 99.99% (add more nines if you like) of all male-female interactions end badly or sadly.

The main thing that makes all the effort worthwhile is whether or not you enjoy the ride along the way. That's the test we use for grading our own interactions:

Did we enjoy the ride?

Apply that same standard to each of your own romances going forward. And once you've mastered dating and mating, you'll likely reach the same conclusion that many men who have gone before you have figured out:

It's the thrill of the chase that most captivates us.

Enjoy the ride and thank you for allowing us to share our winning secrets.

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