Drop from the scalp to the forehead. Push the forehead down into the eyebrows. Form a very tight and terrible scowl with the eyebrows and forehead. Push eyebrows and forehead together. Hold it there. Hold it. Very easily and slowly, relax those tight muscles. Let that scowl go. Slowly, slowly. Feel the tension leaving. Smooth your brow. Relax. Relax. You felt the tension, now feel the relaxation.

Another exercise to help relax tired, smarting and hurting eyes is called cupping. This is done by cupping your hands and placing the hands over your eyes. Rubbing your hands together, palm to palm, rapidly makes your hands warm, and feels good as you cup your eyes. Rest the heel of your hand on your cheek bones. Push lightly. Do not put any pressure on the eyes or eye lids. With the cupped hands over the eyes, consciously relax all the eye and eyelid muscles. Close your eyes lightly and relax. Hold your hands over your eyes for a few seconds as you fully relax the eye area. Remove the hands and then repeat the "cupping" again. Any time you feel tension building around the eye area, cup the eyes for a quick relief. Visualization is very important when you are relaxing. Think of every muscle you tighten as being drawn as tight as a bow string. When you begin to relax, think of the muscles becoming loose and flabby as you begin to relax. While cupping your eyes, think of them as soft balls of cotton. Think soft and limp. You should practice cupping your eyes now. Think soft and limp. Then return to this point. DO IT NOW!

It is always a good idea to cup your eyes every time you begin reading or studying. From time to time, while reading or studying, if you will pause, relax and cup your eyes while visualizing, your ability to concentrate will increase. Immediately after cupping, your eye vision is most acute. That is because your eyes are more relaxed. Eyes free from tension and relaxed, not only feel better, but see better. Cupping is good exercise to use, often.

As you were told earlier, you are taught passive relaxation (when muscles are not moving and totally relaxed) so you can more effectively function with dynamic relaxation (when muscles are moving, but freely and easily, without tension or strain). You will be taught how to relax the entire body. If you don't learn to relax every time you read or study, it will be difficult for you to concentrate, remember or even learn. Knowing how to relax is the most important step you must take. You should go through the relaxation practice at least twice a day, even if it is at a. time when you are not normally going to practice with the program.

RELAXATION is a skill you must learn through practice. You do not need the program or even the relaxation cassette with you when you go through the exercise. The importance of relaxation cannot be stressed too strongly. Everything related to reading and learning, the ability to concentrate, study, remember and even move smoothly, is greatly affected by tension. There !

is only one way to relieve or eliminate tension - RELAXATION.

When you begin this relaxation exercise, it is important that you are as comfortable as possible. You should not have any outside distractions from people, radio, TV or from any other source. Your clothing should be loose. If you are wearing garments that are in any way snug, they should be loosened. Take your shoes off, and even your stockings, if you feel freer without them. If you are wearing a watch that has a tight band, or a bracelet or necklace that is tight, take it off. You need to be as unencumbered as you can possibly be. Especially the first few times you go through this exercise, sit in an upright position. Later, you may lie down, or assume any other comfortable position from which you can go through the exercise practice. It is a good idea 1

to turn the lights down or even off.

; Mental and physical tensions are usually created by outside activities or actions. These create the tensions within. It is not often that you will be able to control the outside activity that causes t these inside tensions. You can learn to control the effect they have on you inside. The relaxation ^ exercise you will be taught uses a number of different techniques to do this. One of the most Ir important, and most powerful, is the use of visualization. "Acting as if" is a very powerful and ?

■I useful force that you can command and use at your discretion. The power of suggestion and ■I expectation is applied. Self-fulfilling prophecy is used in getting you to see and even feel, before you start, what the achievement of your goals or objectives is like. You will practice deep breathing ■I exercises and learn to relax your muscles, progressively, one area at a time, just as you were !

taught to relax the muscle areas around the head.

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