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It is not unusual for you to be unaware of the presence of tension. Many people develop great tension when they sleep. They even grind their teeth while sleeping. While sleeping, it is possible for your eyes to be tense and strained. When you wake up with tired and smarting eyes, it is because of that tension while sleeping. As you learn to relax more effectively, you will find that you not only read much more effectively, but all areas of your life will be positively affected because of your learning the relaxation skill.

When reading and becoming involved in other skill activity areas, the area most singly affected by tension is that of the head. The head area will be used to demonstrate tension. You will be asked to tighten muscles in different parts of the face and head to simulate and demonstrate tension and then relaxation.

Once you learn to recognize tension and then learn to release it through relaxation, you can do this at any time, in any place. You can begin to eliminate your "tension headaches," and generally feel better when you start to get "up-tight." It is important that you do the relaxation exercises now.

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