Part Three

"Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few to be chewed and digested."

Francis Bacon

Most people have an erroneous conception of Rapid Reading and reading at high speeds in general. You will learn that in this program, as you are taught Rapid Reading, you are also increasing your understanding of what you are reading; you will develop the ability to better remember what you read; and because of the nature of the way you are taught and the way you learn, you will become a better learner, in all areas. This is what Rapid Reading and learning means.

The misconception many people have is that it is impossible to read any faster than they can speak, that anything faster is skimming and/or "spot" reading. This conception would be true if there were no other reading skill available to learn. You are at this point now. You are restricted, at this time, to reading only as fast as you can pronounce the words as you see them. If you try to read faster than you can speak, or sound the words, you will begin skimming, or spot reading, and lose a great deal of the meaning of what you are reading.

Another misconception about reading is that in order to better understand and generally enjoy what is being read, reading must be slow and methodical. This, of course, is not true. As reading speed is increased, concentration on what is being read must be increased. This increased concentration, alone, will increase understanding, and with better understanding will come greater enjoyment. Developing an increase in understanding is a skill development process. Some will develop this skill faster than others, just as some will develop the total skill of Rapid Reading more quickly than others.

These two misunderstandings and misconceptions prevent many people from trying to improve their reading skills. Others who have these misconceptions and begin to use the Alpha-Netics Rapid Reading Program, have a difficult time until they mentally accept the fact that their reading skills can be improved. It is because of the need to mentally accept this fact that there is much detail and repetition in the program.

A very important point that must be known and accepted by everyone desiring to increase their reading speed is that when beginning to increase the skill, it is necessary to temporarily lose understanding. When beginning to replace a primary skill habit, there is going to be a great conflict in the subconscious mind. The mind is being asked to do something it knows it cannot do. It hasn't learned how. It has no information it can use to do what it is asked. In order to teach the mind, the program presents skill exercises that, if used and practiced, give the mind new knowledge and direction. In other words, a new skill is taught by the program and learned by the subconscious mind. Making a change in a skill habit that has been there longer than any skill, except perhaps walking and talking, is very difficult. In order to overcome the difficulty, the total reading and learning skill is taught step by step. Each individual step, or smaller skill, is not difficult to learn. To some, these individual skills seem totally unrelated to the final reading skill. However, learning these initial steps, one at a time, is necessary.

It is very important to know that when practicing begins, it is necessary to push faster than the normal reading speed. If this is not done, it is just reading and READING IS NOT PRACTICING!

If a person wants to learn to read fast, they must practice fast. At first, it is just movement. As movement is learned, understanding automatically will be lost, only better than ever, when the movement skill is learned, and then mastered.

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