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Step 2 Progressive relaxation

You can banish stress from your system in several ways, including exercise, meditation, Tai Chi, Pilates, and Yoga. But one of the quickest and most effective ways is a technique called progressive relaxation. It focuses on each muscle group, from your toes to your head, and releases tension. I walk you through the process, step by step. Still seated in your comfortable chair, with your eyes gently closed, start with the tips of your toes. Repeat each muscle group sequence twice. Since I originally wrote this book, both Yoga and Pilates have become even more popular. I practiced Yoga years ago and then switched to Pilates, which is really good for strengthening your core and square breathing. I now combine the two and freely integrate the mind-body connection not only in my personal life but on the air as well. I have been describing square breathing as a relaxation tool for years as well as dabbling with Yoga at various times in my life. My switch to Pilates was partially because,...

Instructions And How To Get The Most Out Of This Program

Parts One through Five are all directional and instructional. Part Three, for example, teaches relaxation techniques that allow you to read and learn comfortably without tiring. Use these parts often in review and when seeking information regarding directions or instructions.

How To Recognize Tension

It is not unusual for you to be unaware of the presence of tension. Many people develop great tension when they sleep. They even grind their teeth while sleeping. While sleeping, it is possible for your eyes to be tense and strained. When you wake up with tired and smarting eyes, it is because of that tension while sleeping. As you learn to relax more effectively, you will find that you not only read much more effectively, but all areas of your life will be positively affected because of your learning the relaxation skill. When reading and becoming involved in other skill activity areas, the area most singly affected by tension is that of the head. The head area will be used to demonstrate tension. You will be asked to tighten muscles in different parts of the face and head to simulate and demonstrate tension and then relaxation. Once you learn to recognize tension and then learn to release it through relaxation, you can do this at any time, in any place. You can begin to eliminate...

Your social performance face

Sadly, once you've been through the initial stages of attraction, love and lust, your face is likely to return to its natural expression when you're with your partner In many ways this relaxation of the features can be a relief, because you're in that comfortable zone with them known as being yourself Trust and comfort allows us to drop the social mask and display our true face to our partner Unfortunately, that true face is rarely the most attractive option . Just as the Look of Love is nature's own Viagra, so this true face might well be nature's own birth control as it tends to look dour, tired, and ugly Unconditional love is a state we all strive for in our lives, having seen it with our parents and hoped for it with our partners, but it is a rare and unrealistic goal in a relationship that's also founded on sexual attraction. With men and women spending more hours in the workplace than they do at home, what happens when the person at home wears their world-weary face while at...

Relaxing body and soul

Just before your date begins, I want you to try the following relaxation technique to make sure your body and mind are in a relaxed state. Later, as a sort of booster shot during your date, I want you to periodically do a relaxation spot check. (It's okay to go to the restroom to relax.) You may want to scribble a few of these steps on a piece of paper to tuck into your pocket or purse.

Step 1 Heavy breathing

Breath is, quite literally, the essence of life. Deep breathing is the essence of relaxation. Breathing is the cornerstone of almost all meditation. It's chi in Eastern philosophy. Energy. Life force. If you watch a pitcher on the mound, a gymnast before she leaps onto the balance beam, or a professional bowler as he stands, ball in both hands, staring down the pins, they all do the same thing take a deep breath and blow it out. Which is what I want you to do right now. Now, you're ready to move on to a deeper phase of relaxation.

Understanding And Remembering

At first, you will not remember very much. With consistent practice and relaxation, your subconscious will begin to remember better than you ever have before. If you work only on the skills that are easiest for you, you will develop only a part of the Rapid Reading skills. Remembering cannot be done well while you are tense. If you work on relaxation while you continue to work on remembering, both skills become stronger.

Seductive Is As Seductive Thinks

In Chapters 16 and 17, I talked about the importance of relaxation, gave you tips to alleviate performance pressure for both you and your partner, and I gave you some ideas for preparing yourself mentally. Just to be sure your bag is full of tricks and treats, here are some more techniques you can use to help get yourself primed and ready.

Tip 13 How to be cool

Throughout the day I would be aware of my level of relaxation. If I find myself becoming tense, nervous, stressed, etc. I would recenter myself. I may have to do this 50 times the first day and may have to continue doing this for weeks before a state of relaxation becomes my natural way of being.

From here on when I refer to dates I am actually talking about creating unique and exciting meetings with women

7) Not relaxing Don't be hyper and visibly uneasy. If you aren't relaxed, you'll convey nothing but nervous desperation, and she'll be repelled. Women aren't attracted to manic, hyper men. Take some time before the date to relax and let go of your anxiety and expectations. I find that I'm most relaxed meeting women after I've worked out. I'm at ease, the endorphins are in my bloodstream, and my overall confidence is higher. Try that for a relaxation therapy. Overall, the more women you meet and date, the more you'll relax.

Aik the Love Coach

The delights that can be created by a pair of loving hands and a few drops of warm, fragrant oil, you are in for an exquisite treat. There are many good books and videos that show you simple massage techniques for relaxation or stimulation. Or just try doing what feels good to both of you. Remember, however, to pay close attention to your lover's reactions, so you don't cause any pain or damage to muscles or tender tissues.

Getting A Decision Over Dinner

It is far easier to obtain a favourable decision under these circumstances than it will ever be in restaurants that have bright lighting, tables and chairs placed in open areas and the banging of plates, knives and forks. Top restaurants use these types of relaxation techniques to extract large amounts of money from their customer's wallets for ordinary food, and men have been using them for thousands of years to create a romantic atmosphere for the benefit of their women.

To Develop An Ongoing Reading Program And Be Able To Easily And Consistently

READING PROGRAMMATION AND RELAXATION If you have to consciously think about what you are doing as you are using a skill, the skill development level is not very high. It is only when you can automatically do things does the skill level rise. If a baseball player had to think about the pitch that has just been made to him, and had to consciously follow the path of the ball, he would never be able to get the bat off his shoulder. The batter swings instinctively at the ball or instinctively lets it go by, if it is out of the strike zone. There is never time to make a decision. The reading skill is the same. If you have to consider any one of the skills you have to use while reading, you will never reach a high level of skill attainment. All the skills you have been exposed to and have practiced must be used easily and automatically. Each skill is separate, but nevertheless linked to the others. Yet one skill - that of RELAXATION - is the most critical of all. No skill, mental or...

Step Two Instillation

The next button, let ' s call Sensual. The next button, call it Playful. The next button, call it Relaxation. The next button, call it Irritation. The next button, call it Frustration. The next button, call it Sadness. The next button, call it Sleep (Meoning, songs thot you would like to heor'' os you sleep).

Premature Ejaculation

O Relaxation - Make a conscious effort to relax the muscles of your body. Some men use alcohol to help their stamina, but instead find that they can't get it up. If you want to use alcohol to help you, use it in moderation. I've found that a single beer or a glass of wine before the event relaxes me quite a bit, without any adverse affects.

Impatience The Alpha Killer

As part of the Dating Dynamics and Seduction Method operations, I regularly answer emails from customers during the process of answering questions or handling any number of other customer service issues. One thing that distresses me most is the level of impatience I encounter in my dealings. I can literally tell by the emails they send me and the tone of the writing as to what is screwing up their game with women. It's also the other half of the last issue we covered, relaxation.

Your Secretly Shamed Affection Needs

Okay, here's the NLP drill Get yourself into a relaxed state by listening to the music or the sound of your own breathing. Buy a book on yoga -- they have some fantastic relaxation breathing techniques. Make sure you have the rubber band in place and have decided on how to snap it every time, (over or under). Once you're relaxed, you need to conjure up a very happy or powerful feeling from your past memories and relive it within your mind. This should be some kind of event or moment when you were swept with feelings of competence and power, as if you'd just won the Stanley Cup and are skating it around the rink held over your head with thousands of people cheering and your team mates surrounding you (what the hell, you won the Con Smythe too ). Not a hockey guy How about a spacewalk in the Shuttle payload bay Floating along and watching the Earth slip by Whatever you decide to use, you'll have to really get into the fantasy until you can feel the chills running up and down your spine....

Getting Noticed Part I

Suck it up Maintain an outward appearance of confidence and relaxation. Do not go into the rejected, dejected mode. You know, that humiliated, tail-between-the-legs look. Your shoulders droop and your head is down as you shuffle away. That body language announces to every intuitive person in the room what just happened. By now, you do

Reading Conditions

There are two types of relaxation Dynamic and Passive. When muscles are completely relaxed and simply dormant, it is called PASSIVE RELAXATION. When the muscles are relaxed, but moving smoothly and easily, it is called DYNAMIC RELAXATION. The latter is best illustrated by an athlete running easily in a relaxed manner. This same dynamic relaxation, used by athletes, must be used in the reading activity. All barriers to relaxation must be removed. No tension of any kind should be felt. As you practice and progress through the program, you will learn to relax and your eye movement, while reading, will be easy, smooth and natural. The more you practice, the more easily and the more quickly it will be learned. The most important step you must take in developing your Alpha-Netics Rapid Reading skills, is learning the skill of relaxation. It is a skill, and like any other skill, it can be learned with practice. You will be given passive relaxation exercises to help you develop the relaxation...

Alpha Exercise 2

The average person watches over 7 hours of television each day That's incredible. You can do with a little less television in your life, trust me. I have a home theater, but no cable. I indulge in about 3 or 4 movies each week - maximum. I use the remainder of the time I'd be spending with Friends on TV and spend it with real friends, instead. And I'd also be able to do all the work on my goals and development. Hey, I understand - we all need our relaxation time after a long, hard day at work. It's tempting to turn on the Tivo and tune into someone else's more interesting life. But if you can just cut that television time in half, you'll gain more than just your time - you'll reclaim your life. You can choose your own life, or someone else's, but not both.


(Programming and Relaxation) The Programmation Tape is on the opposite side of the Relaxation Exercise Tape. This section of the program is called PROGRAMMATION because it is designed to program your subconscious mind with the skills you are learning. Only when the skills are programmed into your subconscious can you use them instinctively when you need them. The programming of your mind is done by using relaxation to properly condition the mind to the state in which it can receive information most effectively. With the exercise repetitions, the information is fed into your computer, to be pulled out and used by you as soon as it is fully accepted and learned. The biggest problem your mind has is to override the old, primary skill habits it has learned and developed. Because habits are automatic responses to a condition or situation, it is necessary to repeatedly instruct the subconscious to use the new skill instead of the old habits. Visualization is used extensively because the...

Pattern I

The setup for this pattern is to engage the woman in conversation. I will assume, for the purposes of this pattern, that you are able to get her into fluff talk. During the fluff talk, develop rapport, and ask about how sometimes you have a down day and feel bad. Then tell her you learned this great visualization exercise in a relaxation book. Now, women love talking about and doing anything related to self-help and improving themselves. Ask her if you could show her this exercise that will allow her to feel really great at any time (most woman will agree to this - if she doesn't, well you're out of luck and would you want her anyway ).


Most people, when told to do something, exert so much effort that they get tense and the harder they try, the more tension builds up. Abnormal breathing, staring, confusion and even anger all create tension and are very detrimental to concentration. You have already learned how to eliminate tension through relaxation. Relaxation will also eliminate the other unwanted tension makers that keep you from learning and using the ability to concentrate.


Regular practice assures the repetition needed to learn the reading skills. Practicing twice a day, even for shorter periods, is better than one longer practice a day. Learning to relax is the most important skill step you have learned. Because of this importance, you should go through the different relaxation exercises at least twice a day and do not make the relaxation time a part of your scheduled practice time. You can practice relaxation at any time during the day or night. Find a place you can be alone, relax and visualize. Don't do it while you are driving a car, you may go to sleep. Many people do go to sleep while practicing the relaxation exercises.

Reading Rate

On this chart, you will record your practice with speed, understanding, remembering and your own personal feelings about what you are experiencing. You will keep a record of using the Relaxation Practice Tape and the Programmation Tape. You should do some practicing without these tapes. You record your practice time with or without the tapes, but make note of which you are doing.

Other Massage Types

Hand massages are equally non-sexual but at the same time very sensual, which is almost the same thing for women. Similar acupressure techniques are available for massaging hands as for massaging feet. The degree of relaxation a hand massage provides is less than for feet but it's a logical progression. But if she does a lot of work with her hands (i.e. keyboard input), she'll enjoy hand massages.

Your inner child

That we all perform to stimulate a state of happiness or relaxation aggressive gestures like slamming down phones or stomping out of the room when we don't get our own way, or even childlike manipulative gestures, attempting to look cute, sweet, and submissive when we want to be liked or to get someone to do something for us

Relaxed Confidence

So what does this have to do with the relaxation - Relaxation starts with your physical presentation. SLOW DOWN Move slower and talk a little slower. That will help you pace yourself into a calm zone. Back to relaxation - The reason relaxation is so necessary is that all forms of competence require it and display it when they are real and complete.

Relaxation Audio Sounds Log Cabin Fire

Relaxation Audio Sounds Log Cabin Fire

This is an audio all about guiding you to relaxation. This is a Relaxation Audio Sounds with sounds from Log Cabin Fire.

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