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Dating and Relationship Success for Women

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Are you fumbling with your relationship? provides you with dating and relationship advice and tips that will provide a turn-around any relationship.

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Dating and Relationship Success for Women

Do you have questions about your relationship? Are you going through a situation in your dating or relationship life that you have absolutely no idea how to deal with it? Have you been looking for solutions to your problems for a long time now without success? Wander no more. is an online platform that brings solutions to almost all of your issues right on your doorstep. Every woman out there deserves a relationship that works optimally and gives her bliss and satisfaction. Here, you will get so much fantastic information about relationship advice; you will probably not know what to do with it. meetysweet is an online avenue that offers expert dating and relationship advice for men and women. It does not matter the issue you are facing; there is a solution for you here. Get the latest posts about dating tips for women and women in the simplest form there is. This course focuses on expert dating and relationship advice for women. It is divided into five major sub-courses, each with various modules that address a particular subject matter in detail. Get a critical analysis and practical advice relating to issues that affect relationships and dating life. The sub-courses in this course include: 

  1. Ultimate Attraction Transformation
  2. Get A Great Guy Guide
  3. Why Men Pull Away
  4. 2nd Chance
  5. Conversation Chemistry

Let us now look at individual courses and what they offer.

Ultimate Attraction Transformation

This course provides you with an in-depth understanding of authentic attraction. Mere attraction alone is not sufficient to get you into or help you maintain a relationship. A relationship built on such is bound to break at one point or the other. Ultimate Attraction Transformation is a course that has been actively discussed by professional coaches who deal with relationship matters. As a woman, you will be amazed by how easy it is actually to maintain your relationship. This course seeks to address crucial dating and relationship matters such as the big questions concerning your man’s attitude and how to know whether he is into you or not. It goes further to provide you with authentic methods of ensuring that man you have been eying for long yet with no idea of having him will finally be yours. The course is divided into twelve modules, each tackling a particular issue that will expound your understanding. The topics addressed are listed below:

- The Big Questions

- Introduction to Male Psychology 

- Foundational Dating Techniques

- Advanced Dating Techniques

- Creating the Psychology for Success

- Creating the Psychology for Success

- Mind Tricks to Get Control of Your Success

- Seduction and Romance

- The Anathema of Attraction

- Dating and Loving in the Modern World

- Important Precursors to a Relationship That Works

- What a Happy Relationship Looks Like (Inside and Out)

Here, we will take a brief look at what each module is about.

Issue 1: The Big Questions

Let's admit it, in the current modern world, where love and relationships are matters that breed lots and lots of confusion; it is quite difficult to tell how you should behave to attract an authentic relationship. It does not help that most people and most relationship advice are biased and do not really help in this course. Marie Forleo, your favorite dating coach, will take you through this subject and provide answers to your questions without sugarcoating anything. You will get your answers in the most refreshing manner that will play a key role in evaluating your relationship. Edition One of understanding the concept of authentic attraction- The Big Questions, is the first step towards getting the answers to your questions about male psychology, how men work, and attracting the right man for the person that you are. This edition focuses on embracing your own, authentic, glorious potential in pursuing success and happiness with the opposite sex. By the end of the course, these are some of the goals that you will be geared towards, among several others:

  • You will learn how to make authenticity work for you
  • You will discover exactly what it is that you need to relax more around men
  • You will get an insight on how to reshape your success and happiness with men while being yourself
  • You will learn about relationship management- how to keep things getting fresher and happier each day.

Issue 2: Introduction to Male Psychology

Understanding male psychology is crucial if you want to maintain a happier and healthier relationship. Emily McKay, the world's most adorable dating coach, delves into the subject of how to achieve lasting bliss with the man of your dreams. Ultimately, every woman wants to live happily with their man. However, this is only possible if you understand how a man's mind operates to be able to work around it. In this module, you will learn about:

- How to think like Aphrodite- The ten tips on how to get his heart racing tonight

- What you should do when he is acting aloof

- Understanding men in a relationship

A whole lot of questions about male psychology have been answered in this module.

Issue 3: Foundational Dating Techniques

How your relationship progresses with a guy depends wholly on your dating period. This module helps you understand the dating techniques and what to deduce from how a man behaves when dating. These are a few of the things that will be touched on:

  • What is it that men really want on a date with you
  • How to think like a guy in the bedroom and why that is a good thing
  • How to create your perfect 'first time together.'
  • Why quality flirting is a lifestyle choice, not just 'something you do when you go out.'
  • How to 'deal' when you finally get that commitment

This module goes way beyond the surface to address the foundational dating techniques that will boost your relationship greatly.

Issue 4: Advanced Dating Techniques

In this module, you will get an exclusive interview with a self-taught know-it-all on 'The Male Perspective.' Figure out what he really thinks while building on your knowledge about advanced dating techniques. Some of the matters discussed include:

  • How to make men want to approach you and how to incorporate these tips into your life
  • What is Singleton Syndrome? Learn the truth about why some men do not seem to want to settle down
  • What to do if your libido outstrips his
  • How to cope when a crisis strikes your relationship. What to do when feeling unhappy or unfulfilled in your relationship
  • How to understand the inside of a man's mind: a regular column from a well-known male dating coach to give you the nitty-gritty on male psychology
  • How to get that best body- Monthly fitness and nutrition advice for real women that really works

Issue 5: Creating the Psychology for Success

This module seeks to address the following items listed below:

  • Finding the 'golden mean'of attraction with men. This you will achieve by following our top 6 tips for embracing classiness and avoiding the 'too available' tag.
  • The number one killer mistake that 99.8% of all women make when it comes to getting the commitment you want and how never to make this mistake again.
  • 5 nutritional myths exposed - and how healthy nutrition really works.
  • How to use the power of your mind to attract the man of your dreams by Dr. Rob Bilton.
  • Sexy or Skanky?How your clothing choices affect the caliber of men you attract - and the relationships that ensue.
  • Why believing in your bond could spell the difference between 'dream relationship' and 'divorce court'?

Issue 6: The Anathema of Attraction

Learn about the things that are considered the enemy of attraction in this module. Various issues are touched on, including:

  • How to understand what not to do by learning the most common dating mistakes from Paige Parker
  • Gaining an understanding of why 'saintliness is scary,' and why 'complexity makes us interesting. Here, you will understand the truth about why 'nice girls' eat dust in the relationship stakes.
  • Learn how 'NO' can translate into 'I'm the woman of your dreams!' and why boundaries make a person more fascinating.
  • Understand why risk-taking can improve your attraction one-thousand-fold
  • How to make smart, emotional choices that prevent jealousy from destroying your relationships.

Issue 7: Mind Tricks to Get Control of Your Success

This module will look into the following:

  • How relationships actually work
  • How to stop 'beating up on yourself' and gain true happiness with men
  • The number one top tip for attracting more men than you know what to do with
  • Reasons why you do not need to be 'born attractive' to BE attractive- find out the attraction secrets you've never encountered before
  • How to make 'the fairytale' happen to you- learn the relationship management techniques to solve your problems
  • How to stop feeling needy permanently

Issue 8: Seduction and Romance

Seduction is the spice of every relationship. Learn the ways in which you can transform 'long-term doldrums' into early-day excitement without sacrificing your commitment. Other matters addressed in this section include:

- The shocking truth about why we choose the men we do

- Common seduction mistakes

- Three things that most women do that destroy their own dates

- Figure out if the guy you are seeing is the right one for you

- How to care for him without caretaking for him- the hard word on loving without mothering

Issue 9: Dating and Loving in the Modern World

You will get an exclusive Ultimate Attraction Interview with's Stephany Alexander on understanding his true character. Some of the interesting topics discussed include:

v Is online dating really all it is cracked up to be? What are your chances of meeting Mr. Right over the internet?

v Did you know that 'mom-hood' actually turns men ON? Find out why-special dating tips for single parents included!

v What do you do when another man is 'poaching on your turf' and how to deal when other women want your man

v What do you do when the 'rules' no longer apply- Learn to think for yourself

Issue 10: Important Precursors to a Relationship That Works

In this module, the following matters will be looked into, such as:

  • How to discover if he is The One for you through step by step guide on how to stop wasting time on the wrong men
  • How to combine family life with dating life, especially for single moms
  • How to stop scaring away the best men
  • Real communication with honesty, without exploding your relationships
  • Find out the truth about how men see their 'space'- could you be smothering the men in your life?

Issue 11: What a Happy Relationship Looks Like (Inside and Out)

The eleventh module of this course unveils the truths of how happy relationships look like. A number of issues are addressed, such as:

- The truth about Settling

- What to do when you want kids, but he is not sure

- Dating Olde Men: What to do when it freaks your friends out and how differences can actually bring you closer together

- Learn the truth about guys and advice-giving; whether he is trying to help or he is, in fact, a control freak

- The biggest mistake that most women make with men

- How to stop bickering, prevent relationship meltdown, and achieve happiness together

Issue 12: Creating Passion That Lasts

This is the final module in this course, and it's just as interesting as the rest. Here we address ways to creating passion that lasts in your relationship. These include:

  • Breaking out of the break-up cycle with the truth about why some couples have it easy
  • Six key things men wish more women knew about relationships
  • The vital signs of a truly healthy relationship- whether it is love or just co-dependency
  • Men you want to stay with vs. men you want to leave

Things are only getting better! The icing on the cake is that you will get an Ultimate Attraction Exclusive Interview with no other than Brandon Grittini on the facts about commitment.

Get A Great Guy Guide

This book is the key to the ultimate relationship you have ever wished for. When you come to the end of this book, you will possess a newfound ability to a happier, healthier, and more irresistibly attractiveness that you would have thought possible. This ability will result in a remarkable transformation in your life and relationships like never before. By reading this book, you will realize that your relationships' quality will undergo a complete transformation: no more game-playing, no more struggling, no more ‘settling’, and no more manipulation. The course is divided into six modules, all delivered in a painless, simple, and empowering way. Let us indulge a little bit more in what each module is about, shall we?

Module 1: Get a Great Guy Guide

This module introduces you to relationship matters addressing ways in which you can actually get yourself a great guy. It is common to want a great man yet, at the same time, not having any idea what a great man looks like. Join us in comprehending what makes a guy stand out from the rest and how to make him yours despite his awesomeness. Every person has their ‘ideal’ type of guy, whether in terms of appearance, intellect, or whatever. But, how do you then get that man that works for you? This book gives you a step by step guide of what to consider and what to avoid in realizing this intent.

Module 2: How Commitment Works for Men

Let’s face it. Many of the women out here look out for commitment as a priority when choosing a man. No woman wants to live her life worrying about what other women he’s doing, why he is checking out other women, and what you have done to result in this. On the other hand, it may surprise you how many men out there are scared to commit. Possibly, every one of them has their personal reasons but rest assured there is an ordinary matter that underlies this particular ‘problem.’ Mirabelle Summers explains how commitment works for men in a special report that answers all those questions that you are burning with. Get an insight into what men think of when they hear or even think about commitment and how to deal with issues that arise from this particular situation. By understanding how men think about commitment, you will gain a stable foot in your relationship matters. If you are worried about the fact that your man checks out other women while he is dating you or you are together or what his silence means- whether he is going off on you or not, you are at the right place. This book will provide you with in-depth details about comprehending the subject of commitment and how it affects men. Ultimately, you will have no problem understanding your own man.

Module 3: Goodbye, Shy!

As a woman, don’t you think it is high time you overcame that shyness that creeps in every time you are around men. Well, I think it is way past time! Boldness is attractive. This is not to say that you become domineering in a way that passes off as imposing and annoying. Join Amy Waterman as she explains How to Overcome Shyness Around Men in this special report that will leave you feeling a whole new person, different from your old self. If you are that person that says stupid things or do things that are entirely out of character every time you are around men, you’ve got to read this! Upon completion of this remarkable book, you will be in possession of five powerful techniques required to shift your feelings of shyness so that you can be confident, calm, and charismatic around the men you are attracted to the most. Who knows, you may finally get that man you’ve been eying for ages to notice you at last, and not because of your clumsiness of unattractive shyness, but because you exude boldness and confidence that is very appealing.

Module 4: How to Control Your Emotions Around Men

Everyone has emotions, regardless of age or gender. Emotions are an integral part of you that makes you a human being. Without them, life would be a little bit bland. That being said, it is vital to learn how to control these feelings because they tend to mess you up when you do not expect. So, how do you manage to control your emotions around men as a woman? Because emotions have a direct effect on your relationship, depending on the person you are dealing with. This is a unique report written by Mirabelle Summers focusing on emotions and how you can use emotional control and expression to prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you are a woman unlike any other- a creature beyond compare. Who wouldn’t want to be unique anyway? The special report has secrets on preventative actions to what you can do to maximize your skills in this particular area. Find out how this information can be used to your best advantage with men and relationships at large. Learning how to control these emotions will play a significant role in making most of your relationships, if not all, work.

Module 5: Five Mistakes Not to Make After a Breakup

Breakups are nasty. Breakups are some of the things in life that, if you can, you will avoid with all your might. Most people do not take breakups well, and to be honest, you wouldn’t want to if you have had so much invested in that specific relationship. With women, it is even messier because of the drama that ensues during a breakup. Breakups will hurt- probably more than you anticipated, even when the relationship needed to end. It is essential to acknowledge that sometimes you might be the person making things harder on yourself than they have to be.

Consequently, behaving unexpectedly, at times, might just be the right solution for this problem. Follow Amy Waterman on this journey as she guides you through the five mistakes you should avoid after a breakup. Amy provides you with information regarding emotional stability in cases like such and how to be the emotionally calm one in a breakup. Learn how to confuse him with your behavior such that he will not be able to get you out of his mind. Your behavior will leave him wondering whether he misjudged you completely or whether he made a mistake by breaking up with you. Straying from the normalcy might just get you back into his life if that is your goal; if not, you will leave a long-term impression.

Module 6: Dating Innovations

Just like in business, innovations contribute immensely to the success of your dating life. Coming up with different ideas from the usual one brings life and more energy to your dating life and may help improve it significantly. Nobody wants to fail in their dating lives; at the end of the day, you hope and aim to maintain a relationship that will work for both of you without causing you strife. In this light, innovation is extremely important in facilitating the prosperity of your dating life. This module presents you with an audio interview on this subject to broaden your thinking and creativity. Both Mirabelle Summers and Amy Waterman will take you through discussing how to solve your frustrations with men and how to unleash your authentic attractiveness.

At the end of this course modules, you will cultivate your understanding of the male gender, which will enable you to find yourself a man that suits your taste. Not just that, you will be able to find a way of managing your emotions to prevent pushing him away. Join our main relationship coaches as they address these issues, which, although common, are not often looked into at length. Learn to understand men, what they perceive, and how they perceive when it comes to dating, relationships, and breakups. This book series will be an eye-opener to many issues that you did not know how to deal with previously.


Not all exes are worth throwing in the bin and matching forward with your life. Sometimes breakups may not be intentional. Hence, it is not uncommon to find yourself wishing and wanting back what you had or who you had in your life.

This course seeks to address second chances through a series of modules listed below:

  • 2nd Chance
  • Heal the Rift
  • Infidelity Armor
  • Use the Love Instinct
  • Healing the Pain of a Breakup
  • Surviving A Breakup Series
  • How to Be Happy

It is not guaranteed that you will have him back. I hope you do, but if it does not happen like that, there are ways of dealing with breakups and putting yourself back on track when all fails. That being said, let us dig deeper into the individual topics listed in the course modules.

Module 1: 2nd Chance

This book is the optimum guide to re-establishing your relationship with your ex while avoiding unpleasant situations that usually ensue in similar events. Restructuring a previously broken relationship may be as difficult as it sounds, especially when it involves breaking of trust between two people. This may push you to sacrifice a greater part of yourself for your partner in a bid to rebuild what you had or something better than what was there. This should not be the case as it will eventually culminate into frustrations, which may lead to a second breakup if you are not keen. This book educates you on ways of maintaining a perfect relationship with your ex without sacrificing any part of you. By the time you arrive at the end of the book, you will know what it takes to draw even closer in the face of conflict.

Contrary to the rift that usually appears when you are in conflict with your man, you will learn ways to bring him closer despite your misunderstanding. At the end of the book, you will be aware of ways of working through arguments, how to grow love even in the shallowest of soils, and how to maintain confidence in the endurance of your love. Above all, you are going to do it without sacrificing your pride or stooping to childish games. This book provides you with ways of dealing with the situation in a manner that invites an even deeper love to blossom between you and your ex. You will be prone to doing things that will turn all your ex's expectations on their head and show them how little they know about you.

Module 2: Heal the Rift

Where there has been a breakup, there has been pain and hurt. Seemingly, rebuilding a broken relationship requires both forgiveness and healing. Simple as it sounds, most people manage forgiveness yet fail to get through past the hurt and pain. These two are a stumbling block to any relationship that aims to thrive, especially one that is going through reconstruction. Heal the rift provides you with the necessary tools that you require to move past hurt and anger in your relationship. Mirabelle Summers guides you through a special program called Heal the Rift, the tools that you need to move past hurt, pain, and anger in your relationship. You will also hear from Andrew Rusbatch from in this program. Suffice to say; this interview is specifically for those of you who have gotten back together after a breakup. However, anyone is at liberty to take a look at it. Here, you will learn:

  • how to make things better than they ever were before
  • how to get back on a great long-term love track
  • how to prevent previous argument and bad relationship pattern from recurring this time round

Module 3: Infidelity Armor

Cheating is one of the reasons why the majority of the relationships out here go through breakups. Cheating can rock your relationship so violently, maybe even to the point of no return. Several reasons as to why people cheat in relationships exist. This is not to say cheating is right just because there was a reason behind it. In the same way, every action has its opposite reaction; infidelity always affects the relationship in a negative way. Some of the couples work through it after one person in the relationship cheats. Still, most of the time, it is good to prepare for something totally different from what came before when your relationship is compromised by infidelity. Upon completion of this book, you will have a very good idea of how to cheat-proof your relationship and gain an understanding of the following issues:

- What causes cheating in a relationship?

- What do you do if you have been cheated on?

- How do you get past cheating? Do you work it out with your partner, or do you start fresh on your own once again?

Admittedly, infidelity is very devastating and possibly the most damaging to any relationship. Although each and every situation will present a different set of demands and have its own specific requirements, remembering the guiding principles will get you through anything and enable you to carry on in a loving and satisfying relationship either with the same partner or with someone new,

Module 4: Use the Love Instinct

If you want your ex back- truly and permanently back, then this is where you are supposed to be. This mini-book is the key to winning back your ex's love and desire. By the time you complete reading this book, you will have come across ways that are so powerful, such that when your ex comes back to you, there is no possibility of him leaving ever again. That's right; you will have him permanently in your life. If this is what you are looking for, then dig straight in and find the perfect solution to your problem. Using the love instinct is a fundamental tool in keeping your love life intact without worrying.

Module 5: How to Heal the Pain of a Breakup

This mini-book is specially written by Mirabelle Summers. As mentioned before, healing the pain of a breakup is not an easy process. Most of the time, the events that lead to breakups are usually not pleasant, leaving you hurt, broken, angry, and in pain. Considering that this happens because of someone we once or still love dearly, the pain can be difficult to walk away from. Mia So, whereas pain is a usual feeling in this event, you need to heal for the sake of your well-being and progress. Summers seeks to help you find a better understanding of your situation and the feelings that go along with it. Summers explains that this will better inform the actions that you ultimately decide on as you go about dealing with the pain of a sore, battered, and bruised heart.

Module 6: Surviving a Breakup 

So, what is it exactly that you are supposed to do when that ugly breakup ensues? How do you deal? Surviving Breakup is a special eleven-part audio series shared by Amy about her personal thoughts and experiences on this subject. Like most of you, she has gone through some hard breakups and eventually learned to live through them. The most amazing part is that each breakup has left her free to love someone new, and someone even more wonderful. The eleven parts of the audio series include:

  • Surviving A Breakup Series – Transcript: From the 000 Relationships Network
  • Surviving A Breakup Audio Series: Hate and Love
  • Surviving A Breakup Audio Series: It's Called A Breakup Because It's Broken
  • Surviving A Breakup Audio Series: Moving On: A Vow for Newly Single Women
  • Surviving A Breakup Audio Series: Country Lovin
  • Surviving A Breakup Audio Series: Breakups Don't Break You
  • Surviving A Breakup Audio Series: Forgiveness
  • Surviving A Breakup Audio Series: Dealing with The End
  • Surviving A Breakup Audio Series: Wise Advice from Andrew at
  • Surviving A Breakup Audio Series: Holding On
  • Surviving A Breakup Audio Series: Can We Handle It?
  • Surviving A Breakup Audio Series: Losing Someone

Module 7: How to Be Happy

Happiness is a feeling that everyone longs for. Ideally, it is an individualistic view. What someone else perceives as happiness is different from what the next person considers to be happiness. It is perceived as a particular state of mind that varies from one person to the next. This is to say, everyone has different views on happiness, and so, the ways of attaining happiness will vary from person to person. In this book, Joseph Miller addresses the subject of happiness and how to be a happier person.

 Module 8: Better Than Before

Better Than Before is a book that will help you improve your relationship skills. Regardless of whether you are in a relationship, a marriage, or simply want to know to keep the guy of your dreams once you meet him, this mini-book by Amy Waterman will teach you the five keys to successful long-term relationships: maintenance, intimacy, affirmation, communication and conflict resolution.

Why Men Pull Away

This section consists of several course modules listed below:

  • Why Men Pull Away Book
  • Complete Audio Version
  • Communication Secrets for A Strong Long-term Relationship
  • How to Reignite and Maintain Long-term Attraction
  • Interviews with Men

Let us now look at each course module and what is contained in them.

Module 1: Why Men Pull Away Book

It can be very frustrating and increasingly infuriating when you are in a relationship where it is evident that your man is trying to not so subtly to ‘get space’ away from you. This is especially burdening when you cannot tell where the problem lies, and your man is not giving you any apparent reason for the change. There are many reasons men pull away from a relationship, whether during the beginning, in the course of the relationship, or during the dating period. Either way, it will still affect any woman that is associated with the guy. This ebook on Why Men Pull Away seeks to address these issues in a very detailed manner. Some of your questions subjected to analysis include:

- Is it considered normal for him to pull away? Find out whether it is alright for him to pull away, depending on the circumstances and the situations both of you are going through.

- Why do men pull away during the early stages?

- What do you do when your man pulls away in the relationship?

- Reasons why men pull away in relationships and what it implies, and how to go about it

- Ways which you can stop your man from pulling away

This book is rich in information that will ultimately build up your relationship if you can take your time to read it, make a solid commitment to internalize the lessons communicated in the book and learn new ways to think about, talk to, and interact with your partner. Here, you will learn the truth about how men think and what they truly feel about you.

Module 2: Complete Audio Version

Module two is a complete audio version of the book Why men Pull Away. This provision is for anyone who finds difficulty reading or maybe prefers listening to audio to reading the book itself. Basically, the information in it is similar to that in module one; the only difference is in the format in the data presented. This module gives you the liberty to listen to the chapters instead of, or in conjunction with, reading the .pdf book. You can listen to the audio version of this book anywhere, be it on your computer, or you have the option of transferring them to your iPhone, MP3 player, or CD drive. If you are a busy person or your work requires hands-on skills, you can easily access the book’s content through this audio version. This will save you an easy time to multitask while listening to the content. If you ask me, it is a win-win situation for you.

Module 3: Communication Secrets for A Strong Long-Term Relationship

Good communication is an integral part of the flourishing relationships of all kinds. For you to have a healthy relationship, it is essential to cultivate good communicating skills. Communicating in an effective way will make it easier to deal with conflict and build a stronger and healthier association. The ability to communicate effectively is perhaps one of the most important life skills you can ever come across. Aside from relaying information across parties, it opens up understanding, creating a conducive environment between the people involved. In any relationship, healthy communication is the recipe for growth. It constitutes openness and honesty in expressing your views and opinions while showing respect to your partner. It is important to understand how effective communication among couples can be attained. Join this special interview with Renee Piane, who reveals what an internal tune-up is and how it helps you to get to know yourself, your needs, and how to communicate what you want with others. Learn the secrets for achieving a strong long-term relationship, including:

  • Learning to find a suitable time to talk calmly about your issues. It will be more productive if either of you can preserve time to check in with each other, a time when both of you are likely to be calm and comfortable.
  • Understanding and communicating your partner’s perspective. Learn how effective it is to demonstrate exclusivity and being present even when the other person says something that triggers a defensive response in you.
  • Understand how being mindful of your language and tone can help you put across your opinions easily without aggravating your partner.
  • Learn to think in terms of what you can give, not just what you can take in your relationship.
  • How noticing and saying out loud what you appreciate about your partner can significantly impact your relationship.

Module 4: How to Reignite and Maintain Long-Term Attraction

You will realize or have realized already that most of the relationships that have carried through for a long-time kind lack that spark that was initially present at the early stages of the relationship. While it may be difficult to reignite fireworks in such relationships, the idea is salvageable. Having a relationship that lasts beyond time is the ultimate goal for every woman out there who has chosen to commit. For this reason alone, it is very key to understand ways in which you can re-invent the liveliness and spark of your relationship as time progresses. Join this special interview with Marie Forleo, who discusses the issue of maintaining long-term attraction in a relationship at length. Agreeably, it is amazing to think of and witness couples that manage to keep those fires alight for ten, twenty, or even fifty years together. You can identify with that feeling you get when you see an old couple looking as in love as a teen couple. Learn how to achieve this milestone through this enlightening interview with Marie. Develop an understanding of how people stay attracted to the same person for such a long time. This may seem like an impossible task, but it may actually be easier than you can ever imagine. Do not fail to grab your copy of this interview and indulge in the topic as deeply as you desire.

Module 5: Interviews with Men

This is the last module of this course, and it is entirely a compilation of interviews with men on relationships and dating. This module will make you look at life from a different perspective. It will introduce you to the ways men think out here and possibly ease your burden of seeking the right relationship. Scot Mckay addresses different relationships and dating matters while hearing from men themselves- how they think, what they love, what they need, how they want it, what they dislike, and several other items that play a key role in building and maintaining relationships in the end. These interviews will help you as a woman to understand your man’s perspective of life and relationship, helping you in stabilizing your relationship. You will learn what to do and avoid if you want to attract a man or maintain your man. From a man’s perspective, you will understand the important things that need to be addressed to sustain a relationship with one. By learning how men think, you can manage the turnout of your relationship.

Essentially, this book series aims to help you take a look at a man’s world from a man’s perspective. It enables you to understand how a man’s mind works, and in knowing this, you can learn of several ways to prevent a crisis in your relationship. This does not necessarily force you to put yourself in your man’s shoes every time things go wrong. However, it plays a significant role in opening up your mind on how to deal with relationship issues that come about every now and then and, in the end, paralyze your relationship. Grab a copy of each module if you need to expand your knowledge horizons or just have a general idea of managing your relationship when the need arises.

Conversation Chemistry

Chemistry is a crucial component in relationships. That sizzling attraction between individuals makes the relationship much more entertaining. However, this is not the typical chemistry that you may be thinking about. There is an aspect in life that most people take for granted, yet it is very vital in life and more so in relationships- conversation chemistry. Conversation chemistry refers to the compatibility between two people who are communicating. Have you ever met a person and you guys just click automatically, without effort? It’s like you are connected on some level, which cannot be established with any other person. This course focuses on how to establish conversation chemistry and how to capture your man’s mind in a distinctive way. As with the other courses, it is divided into several modules addressing different topics related to the course subject. Below are the modules you will expect to come across:

  • Conversation Chemistry
  • Neurolinguistic Programming
  • How to Double Commitment in Your
  • Femininity Unleashed
  • How to Read a Man’s Body Language

Module 1: Welcome to Conversation Chemistry

This program seeks to teach you the secret methods and phrases that you can use right away on any man to create a powerful ‘mental addiction’ in his brain to you. You may not be aware, but the human mind is a very powerful tool. Learning how to control and direct it will play a significant role in establishing an effective relationship that suits your needs. This module empowers you with how you can play with your man’s mind to make tune into you like a drug. You will realize that this program is so much more than simple words on a page. It holds power to transform your love life. Who wouldn’t want that, to be honest?

Module 2: Neurolinguistic Programming

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) refers to a psychological approach that involves analyzing strategies used by successful individuals and applying them to reach a personal goal. It has a relationship with thoughts, language, and behavior patterns learned through experience to specific outcomes. The NLP system helps you define your outlook on the world. It changes your perception based on the words, actions, and ways of thinking of the model you choose. The moment you have acquired the skills and techniques to effectively become a better and more aware individual, you will be able to influence others similarly, thus making your environment conducive to further growth and development. This program is an idiot-proof guide to neuro-linguistic programming.

Module 3: How to Double Commitment in Your Relationship 

Commitment in any relationship is vital if you want to maintain it. There is literally no relationship that can flourish if either party does not commit to it. Investing in your relationship will boost your relationship a great deal as it is a measure of how serious both of you are. I mean, who wants to invest in something they are not committed to? That wouldn’t make sense, would it? How to Double Commitment in Your Relationship is a mini-book by Mia Summers that examines commitment in a relationship, boiling down to one simple statement that will change your relationships forever. Join Summers in understanding the following items in your journey to increase the level of commitment in your relationship:

  • What is commitment?
  • Why is commitment important in your relationship?
  • How committed are you in your relationship?
  • Is he committed to your relationship?
  • How do you increase your commitment to your relationship?

Module 4: Femininity Unleashed

A woman’s qualities and attributes are regarded as her characteristics. It is what sets you apart from your fellow women. It is no secret that femininity is very attractive, probably one of the main things a man looks out for in any woman. Men want a woman who exudes femininity on a whole new level. There is nothing much to it- it is simply attractive. So, what do you do to achieve this femininity? Join Mirabelle Summers and Amy Waterman on this special interview about unleashing your femininity. According to these two coaches, femininity is the key to finding and developing the relationship of your dreams in life. Join them to find out to what extent this statement is true and whether it can actually work for your tumultuous relationship. Summers and Waterman discuss what it is that makes femininity so attractive, how to retain your individuality and independence while emphasizing your femininity, why it is that men love feminine women, and what practical things you can do to develop your own individual femininity. By the end of this module, you will have come across great femininity tips that will leave you baffled. How it plays a key role in your relationship and how it actually affects it will be known to you as soon as you are done with the course module.

Module 5: How to Read a Man’s Body Language

This module is a special interview with Scot and Emily Mckay on reading a man’s body language. Sometimes, men's non-verbal cues can be very confusing, pushing you to a point where you cannot tell his actual intentions. Because non-verbal communication is very important as it tells what you cannot speak with your mouth whole at the same time you cannot hide, it is important to understand how to read a man’s body language. You might be in for a great shock since you are just about to go against everything you have been taught about a man’s non-verbal cues. Get an insight into this subject from Scot McKay before you make more incorrect assumptions about a man’s body language.

Conversation chemistry will help you unleash the guns on your man. Learn the psychology of your man in a way that will make him always seek you. By the end of this course modules, you will understand what conversational chemistry is, how it works, and how to achieve this in your relationship. You will learn about neuro-linguistic programming, what it is, and how it impacts your relationship. Is it necessary? How do you establish it in your relationship? These are the questions you will have answers to upon completing these courses on dating tip and relationship advice for women. 

With plenty of advice offered regarding different aspects of your relationship, you will be able to once again be in charge of the relationship leash. These dating and relationship advice and tips for women encompasses women of all kinds without discriminating- single, married, in a relationship, out of a relationship, single moms, and literally every woman out there. Get informed on tips that will ultimately save your relationships from crumbling due to the tides and waves that accompany all relationships. Do not embrace ignorance when there is a lot of information available to you to save plenty of your relationships. Stop grappling with the uncertainties and hold on to advice that will go a long way in establishing stability in your relationship!

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