How To Date & Attract Singapore Women

How To Date & Attract Singapore Women

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This guide provides you with the necessary information and studies to help you date and attract Singapore women.

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How To Date & Attract Singapore Women

This package has been made by skilldo to help you attract and date Singapore women. It contains full details and studies on how carry out this action laid out in a well outlined format to make it easier for you to comprehend. It provides you with simple-to-understand real-life examples which makes even a novice able to understand the contents of this product.

What You Get From This Guide

  • An impactful sentence I heard from a "Singapore Casanova" that woke me to go from having no results in dating to getting big victories with women.
  • One 'secret thought' revealed by extremely honest Singapore women (you need to hear this, even if it is offensive to most guys).
  • How some "ugly guys" can end up with beautiful girls.
  • My personal way of systematically getting phone numbers from women daily. (it's so fun to do, you can't wait to go implement it yourself)
  • One reason why you can transform your dating life around no matter what (even if you've never gotten a single success with any woman)
  • 5 factors that make a man attract (2-3 times) more Singapore women than other guys (I explain each of the factors with simple-to-understand real-life examples and you can easily absorb the insights to be such a man)
  • 1 way to eliminate the "desperation" that drives women away
  • A type of "language" that lets women sense you are in-control of yourself (incidentally, that is a big turn-on for women).
  • The clear difference between how a 'lousy-with-women' guy and a real powerful man would talk to girls
  • How to establish a powerful presence in the minds of women and give the impression of supreme masculinity.
  • The myth of "to get girls, you must be rich" destroyed. Find out what really is the missing element that makes women attracted to you.
  • A mistake most guys make, thinking it would make women to like them but in fact causes women to get turned-off
  • Proper way of making a lady feel you're a man of quality (this is crucial because if done wrongly you might come across as bragging but done correctly and you will be respected).
  • The most advantageous way to behave in front of a woman from the very 1st minute of meeting her (it's been shown to win Singapore women over... Again and again).
  • What exactly does a woman really mean when she says "I like a guy with humor."
  • A concept that brings out your "natural confidence", allowing you to project to ladies you are a self-assured man, day after day, night after night
  • Why a guy may still get hopeless results in dating if he concentrates on improving his looks and what 2 areas in your life you should focus on instead.
  • Learn what those “ladies’ man” do to feel absolutely unaffected by cold, arrogant or nasty women (in fact, you can follow this idea and actually feel relaxed with any type of girls).
  • A simple "mind-shift" to go to social scenes and meet women without any fear of rejection
  • A "formula" to have the ladies you approached stay on to talk (and not wanting to end the conversation).
  • When deciding to go up and talk to a woman, discover how to stop approach "hold-backs" that cause you to give up in the last possible seconds.
  • The main weapon for approaching Singapore women (it's tough for you to meet and talk to a girl if you're missing this).
  • A word-for-word example you can use to talk to women in bookstores (kinokuniya, times etc... You can apply it the next immediate time you're in such places).
  • A way to talk to those women with fit, toned or sexy-looking bodies (and you can do it without looking like you're "trying to get fresh with her").
  • 'Never-before-disclosed' scripts on how to chat-up with women in a food court or koptiam
  • A personal account of how I deployed an approach line in a club that got me sweet results.
  • Chapter 3 is filled with examples and lines on how you can talk to Singapore women in supermarkets, libraries, gyms, music/DVD stores, parks, restaurants, school campuses, gift shops, exhibitions (like in Singapore expo or suntec), streets and many more.
  • A sneaky tactic that my friend used to know ladies in botanical gardens (best of all, you can use this highly repeatable tactic in a variety of other places).
  • One type of approach lines (plus examples) that is the most effective to use in situations with working female staffs in shops or counters.
  • An actual case of how a male got a cosmetics counter lady to become his girlfriend (learn what he first said to her that got her "hooked").
  • 3 further examples of how you can go to a shopping centre and start approaching good-looking and "girl-next-door" types of females.
  • A well-kept secret that allows you to know many women (of the fit and 'shapely' types) without spending a single cent (seriously, this idea alone is so applicable, it'll be one of the first things you implement right away).
  • A simple "hard to fail" way to get a woman to respond well to you right after you first talked to her.
  • 4 little-known Singapore places (other guys will never have thought of) ... Where you can easily get to know lots of women. Best of all, these places are free. You're not required to pay anything to socialize there.
  • Another girl-getting case where this gentleman met his then-girlfriend in a supermarket (learn the exact sentence he used to know her).
  • A simple technique to kill-off awkward silences during conversations with any lady (using this, you can control how long the dialogue goes on without quiet moments).
  • Magic words and phrases that allow you to keep a non-stop "flow" while talking to women
  • 11 engaging topics Singapore women love to respond to (these are backup "ammunition" where you can throw a topic into a conversation and have girls happily chatter away)
  • A "not-so-obvious secret" I discovered about men who are spontaneous or naturally good-talkers with women.
  • A method that leads a woman to feel comfortable to go out with you (you want a lady to not get 'freaked-out' when you ask her out, which is why learning this part is crucial).
  • The destructive mistake most guys make when trying to get a woman's number (avoid it or you might risk women feeling unsafe about giving their numbers to you).
  • How you can get a woman's phone number using a simple line that is both casual and genuine.
  • How to pocket women's number in a cool, smooth manner without even asking for it (you're going to love using this)
  • A stealth tactic to find out if a lady is single or not (it's done using 2 brilliant questions... And even better, she won't know you're checking her status at all).
  • One important tip to prevent a woman from playing hard-to-get when you want her to go out with you (most guys don't know this and feel crappy whenever a woman turns them down).
  • A sentence-by-sentence way of texting a woman to get her to hang out with you (it is simple and effective; you'll want to replace all the old ways of texting women right away).
  • Strategies to deal with cases where a woman cannot make it for a date (it's not game over yet, you can still turn things around).
  • A 'psychological trick' to prevent a woman from cancelling last minute after agreeing to go out with you.
  • You'll find in chapter 5 how to make a date not just a normal date but an attractive date that makes a woman develop heavy interest for you.
  • My 2 guaranteed ways to create good vibrations on the date (you'll make the woman feel her time with you is very attractively different from the other guys she encountered).
  • My most life-altering discovery in the past 7 years about dates that work vs dates that fail in Singapore (and do pay attention here because I can bet your next date will succeed or not base on this finding).
  • What to do on dates to stimulate the fascination and enjoyment parts of a woman's brain, I’ll even give you 2 exact step-by-step gambits to achieve that.
  • How to cause mutual touching to naturally happen between you and a lady (you'll learn different ways to bond physically and even a tactic to get her to give you a massage).
  • "Strategic" places in Singapore to bring women on dates (fact): the places you go on dates are meant to "cleverly" increase attraction in women. I'll list and describe to you the exact locations in Singapore (with it, your dates from now on are going to be effortless).
  • One easy way to get a 2nd meet-up after your first date (in fact, you'll learn how to get a woman to go out with you again for all future dates).
  • A blunder in dating I made early on in life which caused potential girlfriends to become normal friends (learn from my mistake so that you'll never end up in the "friend zone" with any woman you like).
  • How to deal with quiet or shy girls who always give you those short replies (yes, you can get them to talk).
  • How to give witty replies to difficult questions women ask (including: how much money do you make? How many girlfriends do you have last time? What type of car do you drive? Are you a player?).
  • The "won't fail in Singapore " way to test whether a girl likes you.
  • What a guy may (unaware) say to a woman that can destroy his chance of getting her as his girlfriend.
  • How to go from 'talking' to kissing a lady I’ll share with you my 3 best tactics to smoothly have you lock-lips with the girl you want (one of them is called "dimple tactic" which i'm sure you'll be happy to learn).
  • A technique to increase the physical heat between you and a woman during kissing.
  • A "phrase" to whisper into a woman's ear that lowers inner-barriers in her mind, and leads both of you upwards to sexual intimacy.

Bonus Packages

Here in this package you’ll also be given bonus packages and they include:


This book shows you how to always have the courage to talk to women in Singapore. The biggest problem a man can have... is to face a situation where there's one or more ladies... but he "back-out" because of a lack of courage to speak to anyone. So I’ll reveal to you in this report the 3 power keys that activate your inner abilities to just go up and talk to women.

you'll find inside this 15-page report:

  • How to breakthrough those "internal-limitations" that hold you back from being natural with Singapore women
  • Discover why some guys never make any progress in their dating lives after 2 years or even 5 years (and how you can completely avoid being such a guy)
  • An exercise that arms you with strong gut-boosting ideas that smashes all the hindering unhelpful ones
  • A massive discovery: all the men I knew who are fantastically successful with women had this common scenario happened to them years ago. (read it and you can actually cause this scenario to happen to yourself right away)
  • How to make your guts fire-up and cause your actions to point themselves in the direction of being masterful with women
  • A mind-strategy to influence yourself to become attractively bold in a social setting (it's so easy it can be done in 20 seconds)
  • A powerful body language tip I learnt from a combat expert (who has a black belt in karate and judo) that creates this aura of confidence and certainty around you.


The Internet is huge when it comes to knowing new women regularly. In fact, nothing like this has ever existed since the beginning of time where if you do it skillfully you can actually have too many ladies to meet.

Learn the secrets that is applicable to Facebook and other social sites. You'll discover inside this 27-page report...

  • Learn how I corrected an unproductive way to meet women online years ago (and the moment I corrected it, internet approaches became free-flowing and effortless)
  • How to put up an optimal profile that makes women read it and think of you as interesting
  • How to not do the same things as 99% of the other guys on the internet, who get very few replies from their messages to women.
  • A horrible online profile example (it belongs to a gentleman I knew who never has any success with women online) be careful as you might be using the same type of profile without knowing.
  • 3 real examples of powerful online profiles (you can follow it and craft your own profile with the same elements, it makes a big difference and gets women checking you out).
  • One major sin a male can make in his online profile that gets ladies feeling "resistance" to send a message
  • The types of photos you should put online... Revealed (you'd be surprised at how some photos can actually enhance your attractive qualities to women)
  • Learn the difference between 'stiff' and 'active' photos and how it affects the amount of response you get from Singapore ladies.
  • Get exposed to a highly-accurate process that allows you to select your best-looking photos to put online
  • What are some "tell-tale" signs on a Singapore woman's profile that show she is very likely to reply to your message.
  • What to send as your first online message to women (I’ve added 5 different typed-out examples for you to follow your way to delightful outcomes)
  • A tactic called - "curious photo approach" (it shows you how you can start an online conversation so casually and get wonderful responses from women)
  • 4 examples of how you can stop having 'to and fro' messages with a woman and instead proceed to have live online chats with her
  • How you can use the "incomplete conversation" technique to get women to talk to you via online chat.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Users can get a 100 percent money-back policy if the product does not work.
Some sites will try to draw you in by claiming you can download How To Date & Attract Singapore Women for free. Their page titles might be something like, “How To Date & Attract Singapore Women Free Download PDF“. Then, you get to the site, and they try to justify it by saying it’s “risk-free” and then point you to the website where it’s $19.90. Well, to me risk-free and FREE aren’t the same thing! While you can technically try How To Date & Attract Singapore Women risk-free because of the 60-day money back guarantee, you still need the money up front to buy it in the first place so it isn’t free. How To Date & Attract Singapore Women is not a free program and any site claiming a free download is either not being totally honest with you or is providing illegal copies, neither of which is good.
This is indicative of sites that usually use a title to their page that says something like, “How To Date & Attract Singapore Women: Another SCAM!?!” or something of that nature. In other words, when you search for How To Date & Attract Singapore Women in Google or another search engine, these sites show up with those types of titles in the listings. Sometimes these sites will also use what I call the “Fear Factor” in their headlines which is something like, “How To Date & Attract Singapore Women: OMG So Bad!”. This is often nothing more than an attempt to draw you into their site by making you think they used the product and had a really bad experience with it. How do I know these are fake and not real scam alerts or legitimate complaints? Because the title cries SCAM!!!!! or a really horrible experience, but then you go to the page and read the review and it’s always an extremely positive, glowing review about how great How To Date & Attract Singapore Women is. In these instances, they only use the word SCAM to try and draw you into their site because they know if they say something is a scam or a terrible program, you’ll probably click on their link to find out more about it, right? A legitimate bad experience or a real scam alert to help protect consumers is one thing, but don’t fall for this type of trickery and trust your gut when the headline/page title and review don’t match. No real How To Date & Attract Singapore Women review will cry SCAM or claim it’s a terrible program in the title only to offer up a review that says the complete opposite.
Another version of this same thing is the fake discount. “Buy through this link for 50% off”. Guess what, when you click the link, you go to the website where it’s $19.90, just like it normally is. I actually first noticed this one on YouTube where people were making short 30 second videos claiming they found discount links to How To Date & Attract Singapore Women. However, every time I checked one out, it was a huge disappointment and offered no discount at all. I’ve never claimed to be a super genius when it comes to math, but something about the numbers just stinks…let’s see…$19.90 minus 50% discount through your link = $19.90! Don’t fall for these fake discount claims. One last thing I’ve seen in regards to this is that sometimes people will try to inflate the value of the program on their own site to make it appear like they are giving you a discount. For example, they’ll say something like “How To Date & Attract Singapore Women is normally $80, but buy through my link for $19.90, a savings of 75%! ”
  • Female Thought Control
  • Ultimate Singapore Girl-Getter
  • Interviews With Skillful Daters & Charmers-Of-Women

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