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Language of Lust

Language of Lust is a unique program containing the secrete you are about to learn, which will enable you to also unlock the secret code. The best part of this program is that your age, knowledge, and experience, or the size of your penis does not matter. With Language of Lust, perhaps the only thing that matters are the words you use.

Lawrence Lanoff, the creator of the Language of Lust program, likes to refer to himself as an average man, and as ordinary as other men. In his life, Lawrence has been rejected by countless hot, gorgeous women. They are such agonizing and embarrassing incidents that drove Lawrence into developing this powerful program that has helped thousands of men worldwide to easily find their way to a woman's pants. And the same program, Language of Lust, is here for you today!


How The Program Works

The Language of Lust program is here to help you use the power of science, psychology, and language to learn how you can make that woman LUST after you in ways beyond your imagination. Read through and see how the erotic side of your life changes, with positive and amazing results, which may seem unbelievable! You will learn many things in this program, including the following.

The Madonna-Whore Complex – Become a Sexual Superhero

At certain points in your life, you may feel like giving up because everything or something is not right. Yes, something like inadequate or lack of great sex, because maybe you are too old for that. Another limiting factor could be that voice in your head always reminding you that you will never get laid again if you choose to go dirty. Especially with the hottest girls! Language of Lust is here to lift that self-affliction from you by handing you the secrets you need as a gateway to a woman's mind, heart, and body, or pants. This begins by understanding what the Madonna-Whore Complex means. This is an idea developed in 1925 by Sigmund Freud, describing a condition where you view a woman as either a virgin, saintly, pure, sexless Madonna or a dirty, ravenous, sexual, insatiable whore. Hence, if you hold onto the Madonna-Whore Complex, you can vale a woman as long as she dances to your music, but she is eventually going to cut loose because she wants to be treated sexually. Also, she wants to be fucked silly, something you may not be ready to give her because of how you view her. Hence, you end up not getting the kind of sex you deserve, or you think you deserve.

What a woman wants is what you want. A woman wants great, pillow drooling fucking, because, apart from the social consequences, there is no known reason why you should not have sex. To get the point out of this, you have to dismantle the Madonna-Whore Complex embedded in your beliefs. First, train your mind into believing that all women want and crave great, dirty sex. Moreover, you need to replace your limiting beliefs regarding sex with new ones, based on the fact that sex is happening at this moment, right now! That is why the world population has doubled rapidly within the last 5 decades. Imagine yourself being a SLUT, Sexual, Liberating, Unleashing, Treasures, and train your mind to believe this.

Female Psychology Secrets

It can be traumatizing and emotional stressing to ask a woman for sex, your partner particularly, and be turned or shut down. This can be explained by the fact that many relationships have a certain stressor that inhibits spontaneity and freedom, such as finances. It is good to fuck when both of you are horny and in need of getting sweaty and dirty. However, the Pleasure Resistance factor influences the decision to fuck, especially during stressful times, when we feel that sex is just another stressful aspect of our lives. Since sex works best at reconnecting and building bonds between partners, it is recommended that we plan for spontaneous sex quite often. This includes setting aside some time specifically meant for sex between the two of you, whether it is once per week, or even 4 times every week. When this time comes, let go of any restrictions, inhibitions, and anxieties, allowing your body to be in the moment and enjoy everything.

Another secret is training yourself to love your woman’s body and vagina, which is more complicated than a penis. Also, understand that women are unlikely to go solo sexually. This results in a lot of women with little knowledge about their vaginas, and what really can blow their minds in the bedroom. Hence, you need to show your woman that you love her anatomy, and let her know that you are madly in love with her vagina! Tell her that you love the smell, taste, and feel of her vagina, as well as how it looks. As a result, she will have the greatest and mind-blowing organisms while fucking you, and this is what you want! In addition, she will feel free to express herself while having sex with you and will regard you as her sex god.

Another thing to know is that it is much easier to get laid casually than you imagine. Women want casual sex as much as men do, only that they have been cultured to perceive men as violent and sex predators. However, you can quickly make them change their perception, and end up being laid easily and frequently. Hence, you need to learn the two simple secrets to getting laid easily, including ensuring that she feels safe around you and making her believe you are good in bed. The language you use to communicate this should be hilarious to make her laugh, which is one pointer that she is tuning in to your vibe.

The Language Of Lust





Language is the tool you can use to talk directly to the animal inside that woman you are lusting after. According to the Triune Brain Theory, the brain of a human being has three distinct structures, including the mammalian, the reptilian, and the neocortex. Out of these three, you need to win over the woman's mammalian portion of their brain, which is her animal mind. This means you are talking to a different side of her brain using a different language. There are various approaches you can employ when talking to a woman's animal mind to make her want to fuck you. For instance, you can use imagery language to describe what you want to do with her, how you want her to feel. Remember to use words that trigger sexual sensations to arouse her animal nature. In the process, you are helping her unleash her animal nature from the cage created by acculturation, and she wants to explore it with you.

Get the woman addicted to you and want to fuck you the whole night. The secret to achieving this is harnessing the power of your masculine moan while having sex with her. Learn to roar from your belly, breath heavily, and pant lustfully as you climax, and see how she in turn digs her fingers into your flesh and surrenders to the pleasure and her primal sexuality. When the masculine pleasure is real and raw, it blows off the woman’s mind primarily because women are turned on greatly by such unexpected, primal roar the shows how confident you are during sex. It also lifts her confidence as she knows she is doing something to cause the groans and roaring. However, it requires practice to learning using your masculine moan. Practice using growling and moaning sounds loudly and in low tones when complimenting her during sex. Remember using the words that arouse her animal nature in a growing voice, and you will perfect in the art of using your masculine moan to run her mad and on the edge.

As you let out your masculine moan, care less about the words that you say, or how your body reacts. Let go of all the inhibitions and self-judgment and just be in the moment, reconnecting with your deep-seated sexual desires and fantasies. As a result, the woman may reciprocate in various ways, such as growling back as a sign of approval, moaning, and spitting arousing words. She may also go silent, not because she is judging you, but because she is shocked and hit with disbelief that she can drive a man to such a world of lust. This is a sure way of letting her know that the extent to which she satisfies you sexually. As a result, her mind and pussy become aligned with you than ever before, and the connection grows deeper with time!

Knowing A Woman’s Inner World

After learning to use dirty talk to make your woman wet, horny, and ready to cum harder for you, you now need to improve in your game by exploring her inner world. This involves finding out more about her darkest sexual fantasies, what she would wish to do to you, or be done to her. You need to expand your vocabulary of dirty talk to navigate that erotic, primal brain of your woman. Ask her direct questions regarding what turns her on most, her fantasies while masturbating, if she has had anal sex and whether she liked it, if she has had threesomes, or making with another woman. However, most women are still in the process of figuring out their likes and dislikes when it comes to sex, and it may be challenging to share such information with you. The same goes for men, who may feel insecure about navigating unknown territories.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence results in an action that is empowered, which helps us to relax amidst storms that could be threatening at times. We learn to overcome anxiety and panic, and just enjoy each passing moment. Furthermore, we learn to incorporate pleasure into the emotional turmoil we may be undergoing. In the case of the female, you can use the Emotional Revenge Method to permit and direct any emotional energy through your lover or yourself. This requires that you exercise control and intentionally motivate pleasure to a point where the sensation and intensity culminate in pure bliss. Hence, this implies that the ability to move the emotion of anger within you and bond with the primal power within literarily frees yourself of the emotion. The steps to managing this are welcoming and allowing any sensation or feeling within your body, no matter how bad or good it may feel. Next, accept that the feeling is not permanent and will pass with time, leaving you with a more expansive emotional intelligence. You can integrate self-pleasure in the process, such as masturbating or using a vibrator.

The basic thing to understand is the need to remain relaxed and know that the emotion or feeling will pass, and it is good to feel it. This increases self-confidence, which is also transferred in your partner, as they become confident knowing that you can handle any experience they might cause or lead you into. As a result, you become enabled, you and your partner, to successfully overcome any complex and emotion-packed situation, which leave both of you with relaxation, tranquility, and peace.

Directing Personal Porn

The two factors that trigger the sexual confidence of your woman are her sexual irresistibility and being adored.  These triggers are the reason why women share sexy pictures with guys and shoot their private porn. This is because they want guys to know that they have what it takes to drive men wild, including you. Women like and enjoy porn as much as men, and find this pleasure in romance novels. Moreover, an increasing number of women would wish to watch porn featuring a guy paid or hired to fuck a woman! These women openly complain that most porn on the internet is male-oriented. This should be an opportunity for you to orchestrate and direct your porn scene that a woman would die for, and would be part of.

The Language of Lust has prepared for you a porn-scripting technique to help you come up with a porn script featuring that hot woman you want to bang. In the script, include all the possible fantasies you want to try out on this woman and remember to give her a leading role. This is because a woman loves it when she knows she is the only one that can give you the hardest erection of your life! Make her feel irresistible, sexy, and adored, with skills that drive you insane with lust, and she will be left wondering how lucky she is to have you. In the long run, you will be the creator of your fantasy porn movie, starring your woman. You will consider the best scene for the action in your fantasy movie, as well as the supporting descriptors and the nature of the actual action.

After developing your porn script, you will need to deliver it to your woman, possibly through text messaging. Sitting down before your computer, all you have to do is type away all your ideas and fantasies, taking time frame up responses, anticipate and develop confidence in initiating such a conversation. On the other end, the woman will be doing less writing, but just relax and read your story as you spill it to her in the form of text messages. However, you have to make prior arrangements before delivering your porn script to ensure that the time is convenient for both of you.

You can also deliver your porn script through a voice call or Skype, and both options need careful planning and readiness. If you decide to call, read through the whole script before calling her, and practice adequately to weed out nervousness and confusion. You want to sound confident as you deliver your script, which will arouse the woman and want to fuck you, or just masturbate wherever they are. When using Skype, remember that not all women are into masturbating. Moreover, there could be other constraints, such as limited internet access or technology mastery and privacy concerns. Whichever application you choose to deliver your porn script, it is good to try and use a non-video delivery to help ease nervousness in the woman, and prepare her for the video call.

Condoms, Toys, and Lube

Condoms are a great way of enhancing safety during sex for both of you. While it may be sweeter when free without condoms, it is much sweeter when both of you come out free of STI and unwanted pregnancy. When having sex, ensure you wear a condom that perfectly fits your penis to reduce the chances of it slipping off and getting stuffed in your woman's vagina. Research and buy several bunches of various kinds, especially that there are countless innovations resulting in different brands. We recommend you buy the Skyn condoms because of their versatility and ability to offer protection against pregnancies and STI, which is unlike many other lamb-skin condoms.

Some men have problems with maintaining their hard-ons while wearing condoms. If this happens to you, try masturbating while wearing a condom, preferably the female condom. This gives you the feeling that you are bareback, but yet the condom is in the woman’s vagina, giving you protection.

Using lube is mandatory if you want you and your partner t enjoy the sex act, and remember that no amount of lube is enough. Although a woman has a natural lubricant, it fluctuates a lot, and her vagina can run dry during fucking, especially if you bang her for more than an hour. The best lube to use should be natural, such as coconut oil, which edible, ant-bacterial, tastes good, and has a Ph that is good for a woman's vagina. Also, water-based lube is the best option for vaginal sex in which the man wears a condom.

Toys such as vibrators can be used to spice up things during vaginal or anal sex. Other toys include cock rings, which are used by men to help maintain their maximum erection for longer, though they may not work effectively for men with larger penises. There are variations in the types of cock rings, though they serve to prevent blood from flowing back from your cock. On the other hand, you can make your anal sex more pleasurable by incorporating the use of anal vibrations and butt plugs. However, the basic thing to remember is the need to use enough lube to minimize the chances of pain and injuries.

Erotic Hypnosis

Sexually satisfying a woman takes more than just mastering the sex positions, controlling orgasms, and feeding on her pussy. Erotic hypnosis helps you to imagine and experience almost anything, enabling you to tap into and access her mind. To hypnotize your woman, tell her to take a deep and hold your breath, count to 5, and breath out, repeating this 3 times. Next, have her identify the tingling part of her body and allow the feeling to spread to the rest of her body, making her relax and her limbs growing heavier. Finally, tell her to sink deeper and deeper within herself, releasing the built-in tension while breathing, opening, and deepening. She is now beginning to enter a trance state, and you can stimulate or speed up the process by touching in the area below her wrist, or the back of her neck or knee, making her sink even deeper into the trance state.

This now gives them time to hypnotize her using a hypnotic fantasy developed in the same way you created porn-script. When she regains her waking state, you can deliver your fantasy while she listens. To spice things up, you can incorporate this with a massage and other sexual activities.

Resurrect Your Sex Life

Many factors contribute to the diming and eventual death of the ember that lights up the sex life of many people. In the same way, many steps can be taken to resurrect your sex life if you happen to be a victim of this condition. A woman may not feel ready for sex because she could be tired or not in the mood. In this case, you can suggest something else, such as a massage or a cuddle session to help bring her back into the mood. Also, try to create time at which you discuss and agree upon the best time to have sex, as well as for deciding together to have other activities that might not necessarily lead to intercourse.

The Language of Lust recommends the SMARTS method, the Sexual Memory Advanced Resurrection Technique Simulator, which is a good alternative when all else seems futile. This technique is founded on the fact humans readily remember past awful moments more often than beautiful experiences. Hence, the technique involves practicing to focus on the most cherished you shared with your partner, rekindling the passion, and reigniting the chemicals responsible for these emotions.

Expanding Pleasure

Savoring pleasure is an essential skill that needs mastering because the human brain has been programmed to focus on negativity more than positivity. Most people have been made to believe that it is unhealthy and wrong to focus on pleasure, making them live in mental cages where pleasurable desires are constantly kept in check. This programming is usually done in many ways, such as being scorned if you touched your genitals, or growing up with little knowledge regarding your sexuality. However, being comfortable with pleasure and sex is a vital skill that needs to be learned and developed in one's life. Ironically, society teaches and wants you to focus on pain to avoid it, yet this is the very reason why you undergo many painful experiences. On the other hand, people are taught to shun focusing on pleasure, as this leads to self-destruction.

Certain steps can be taken to start enjoying the positive experiences you go through in life, such as embracing and completely immersing yourself in your daily activities. You can learn to expand your awareness of the pleasure you obtain in several activities that seem mundane, such as gazing at a setting sun or listening to a singing bird. Importantly, learn to reminisce past pleasurable moments that you shared with friends, such as ice skating or rock climbing. These memories will ignite feelings of pride, joy, amusement, and contentment. Another important step is listing down your most pleasurable moments or life events. Go through each one of them, taking to reminisce all the beautiful memories, the environment during that time, the smells, your outfit, and many other details. Watch how your body reacts, your heartbeat, and the emotions being aroused. You will notice that your heartbeat may slow down or increase depending on the exact activity, a drop in your blood pressure, joy, as well as profound peace within your heart. These are the memories you can be used regularly to regain peace and relaxation, as well as switching your mind to a more positive view of the situation at hand.

Dirty Texting

Indulging in dirty texting is an excellent way of breaking the monotony that comes with a long, boring normal day. You can start with a simple text, but then progressive to hotter, dirtier, and more naughty messages. However, it is also just right to start the conversation with the dirtiest text you can imagine, because it depends on the mood. The dirty texts can include quickies, such as “I want you right here!”, “your body is extremely beautiful!” With quickies, you can easily build up more healthy conversations, or you can go straight to sexting conversations. You can initiate a dialogue between you and your partner, even if it means you are the one doing most of the texting. Using words such as “imagine” can be used to invite your woman on a secret sensual journey.

The good thing with texting is the convenience of using your smartphone to reach your woman in a naughty way. Your messages might not be replied to promptly, and there is no need to worry about this since you hardly can tell whatever is happening on the other end. Instead, follow up with a note lightly if the text was received, and let her know that more such texts are on the way.

Eye-Gazing – The Power Behind It

Eye-gazing is fucking amazing and an incredible tool for building a deeper connection. The 4-minute-gazing technique is recommended in the Language of Lust program that can enable you to see your partner beyond their physical self and the preconceptions regarding who they are.  You can try this amazing technique with your partner, not just during orgasm, but also when out and about as a way of deepening the connection between the two of you. Sit opposite each other, preferably on the floor and cross-legged, and ensure you are both comfortable. If the technique is practiced effectively, you are going to establish a deeper connection between the two of your physical selves, and the connection is aroused even more during your sexual escapades.

The Bonuses You Receive When You Subscribe to This Program

There are 3 powerful bonuses you receive when you subscribe to the Language of Lust program, including;

  • Unlocking the Threesome Code. You will learn the hacks used to waken the bi-sexual curiosity of a woman.


Unlocking the Threesome Code

  • The Personal Porn Star Activation. This will teach how to talk a woman into not only watching porn with you but willing and ready to try out whatever she sees.

Personal Porn Star Activation

  • The Nice Guy’s Guide to Texting Dirty. It includes more than 200 texts in an erotic language that quickly turn on any woman.

Personal Porn Star Activation

Closing Thoughts

The Language of Lust program comprises various tips on how to talk a woman into the nastiest sex session you can imagine. It matters not if you are short or tall, with experience or without, or the size of your penis. The words you choose to use, which make up the language, are the only thing that matters, as well as the beliefs you have regarding your sexuality and that of the women around you. With the Language of Lust, you can gradually destroy all those self-limiting beliefs, develop your confidence, and end up being laid by the hottest women around you, as well as make them lust after you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Users can get a 100 percent money-back policy if the product does not work.
Some sites will try to draw you in by claiming you can download Lawrence Lanoff’s Language of Lust for free. Their page titles might be something like, “Language of Lust Free Download PDF“. Then, you get to the site, and they try to justify it by saying it’s “risk-free”. Well, to me risk-free and FREE aren’t the same thing! While you can technically try Language of Lust risk-free because of the 60-day money back guarantee, you still need the money up front to buy it in the first place so it isn’t free. Language of Lust is not a free program and any site claiming a free download is either not being totally honest with you or is providing illegal copies, neither of which is good.
This is indicative of sites that usually use a title to their page that says something like, “Language of Lust: Another SCAM!?!” or “Language of Lust: Is Lawrence Lanoff a Scammer?” or something of that nature. In other words, when you search for Language of Lust in Google or another search engine, these sites show up with those types of titles in the listings. Sometimes these sites will also use what I call the “Fear Factor” in their headlines which is something like, “Language of Lust: OMG So Bad!”. This is often nothing more than an attempt to draw you into their site by making you think they used the product and had a really bad experience with it. How do I know these are fake and not real scam alerts or legitimate complaints? Because the title cries SCAM!!!!! or a really horrible experience, but then you go to the page and read the review and it’s always an extremely positive, glowing review about how great Language of Lust is. In these instances, they only use the word SCAM to try and draw you into their site because they know if they say something is a scam or a terrible program, you’ll probably click on their link to find out more about it, right? A legitimate bad experience or a real scam alert to help protect consumers is one thing, but don’t fall for this type of trickery and trust your gut when the headline/page title and review don’t match. No real Language of Lust review will cry SCAM or claim it’s a terrible program in the title only to offer up a review that says the complete opposite.

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