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Rules of the Alpha Male

Contents Of The Book

Written by John Howkins, this guide has about 86 topics. Each of them is specific and objective. What I mean here, is the author has used actionable points to guide you through how to turn into an alpha. Perhaps you already are but an asymptomatic one. Well, this guide will let you know how to be an outstanding alpha male.


The introduction is quite enticing. Right from the start, you have the author building interest from the reader and moves on to the next point just at the right time. The first topic after introduction is about breaking rules. Well, what I know is that some people enter into trouble for breaking rules. Others become heroes for doing the same. Where’s the difference and why does this come about? Well, this part explains exactly when to break rules and which to break. Timing is important and awareness also. That way, you will always become a hero for breaking rules.

There’s one point that stands out for me in this segment. The author compares bad boys and alpha men when it comes to breaking rules. The parting shot is this, bad boys break rules anyhow; alpha male are considerate! Well, there are more insights about breaking rules, when to, and how to. That is why this is a must read. The segment is as brief as it gets and that’s why you will enjoy the read.

Define yourself

This is the next interesting rule to becoming an alpha male. You shouldn’t let others define you is the take home point. But, there’s more highlighted under this topic and that is why you must read through. Did you know praise can be as destructive as an insult? Well, this is something new I learnt from reading through this book. The author creatively mentions how to deal with the urge to belong and stand out and how to treat others’ opinion of you. There’s so much covered under this chapter you’ll love to know about yourself.

This chapter has intriguing facts about oneself you will love to learn about yourself. The more you read the more you feel the truthfulness and applicability of this book. It hits right on the spot. At this juncture you realize the author is achieving his goal to turn the reader into an alpha male. You should realize that becoming an alpha starts with giving yourself standards and not letting other step on then. This is only possible if you realize self-awareness and know who you really are.

Shun chasing perfection

This is one of the things that keep you away from becoming an alpha male according to this segment. The more you chase perfection the more you move away from being an alpha male. That is why you need to stop. But, how do you do that? What do we mean by chasing perfection in the first place? This chapter answers all this questions and gives more details about how to stay away from chasing perfection. One thing the author points about an alpha male that is striking is the fact that he can be an average man and not that perfect TV character you are used to.

Less needy more ambitious

These are two sections I have combined for you. The book has them separate and clear. You will realize the less needy you are in whatever situation the more alpha you become. When you add ambition to the picture, you realize how easy it becomes for you to turn into an alpha. But this cannot be achieved in one day. First, you have to change your mentality and that happens through feeding your mind with the right information.

When you have such a detailed book at your disposal, you will realize how easy it becomes to change your mindset into that of an alpha. That is why you need to keep reading this book. It is at this section that author suggests one read you can acquire to help you become more ambitious. It is only by reading this guide that you will know which book to read to shape your ambition.

No Filters

This is another insight you need to know about. Well, you probably are having self-imposed restrictions. These are impeding any efforts you may have been putting to move you to levels you’ve been striving to achieve. Growing up, we are taught to operate within rules. This limits our potential to a large extent. This section enlightens you on the importance of not allowing yourself to filter your input too much. The section reminds you not to always intentionally filter what you do or say. Sometimes, it that extra caution that will stop you from making it to levels you should have scaled.

Value your time   

“Time is money” is a popular phrase. Perhaps time’s value was compared to that of money because that is the most desirable and valuable asset in the world today. Whenever you allow others to waste your time, you should feel as if they are squandering your money. That is why you should never allow people who do not add value to your life to have a portion of your time. Well, that’s just a tip of the iceberg. The author clearly explains why you should value your time and how to do that.

John Howkins reveals one weakness with men; the fact that most men do not value their time especially when dealing with the other gender. He goes ahead to state that these men will spend the least time possible when reaching out to others in the fear of wasting their time. What an irony! You should value your time and only spend it with the right people. Value your time and you will be on your way to becoming an alpha male. The reverse is true. The more time you waste on people who do not add value to your life the more you lose the opportunity to rise to the top. John has detailed this section enough to educate you on how to successfully value your time in respect to becoming an alpha male.



Leadership and autonomy  

Leadership is a rare skill today. Most alpha male possess this skill and that is why they stand out. As a leader you should take the lead both during times of crisis and when things are calm. When the latter happens, people tend to relax and the issue of complacency arises. This may cause a drop in performance. Ladies love alpha male as they stand out in both situations. Even in life generally, born leaders are appreciated. These are reliable people you run to for help when nothing is coming out positive.

Ladies in most cases are demanding. They are always consuming, be it money, energy or everything that can be consumed. That is why they will move closer the moment they realize there is something you have to offer. The same happen to opportunities. These chances meet those who are ready and are willing to make things happen. It all takes leadership skills to do the undoable and that is why you must read all the contents of this book.

Give, stay persistent but know when to quit

This has and will be said for the longest time. Giving only attracts more benefits from others. That is why you must keep giving. Besides, this is an action of only the strong. The more you give the more others are convinced you have it all. The less you give the dimmer the opportunities to shine you create to yourself. Besides, you must be a fighter to be considered an alpha. One who does not quit, but who does when necessary.

Now, some people may be stuck on when to quit and when not to. This can be a hard decision to make. Besides, the fact that all decisions have consequences makes things even tougher. This part of the book makes it clear where to draw the line. You will know when to quit and when not to. Besides, you will understand why an alpha male should quit sometimes.

In some cases, quitting shall be treated as a sign of cowardice. In other instances, it will be heroic to quit. As a man, knowing the circumstances where these two apply is an added advantage. That is why you must understand the difference. This section of the book will make everything clear.

Passion and Dominance

Have you ever seen a dominant man and one who is passionate at the same time? I guess you have. Perhaps there’s a time you were impressed by this while in other instances you were annoyed or felt they were too much. The former must have been an alpha male. He definitely knew the rules of the alpha. Perhaps he has already read this book. The latter must have been clueless and trying too hard to be an alpha. Chances are he has never read an alpha male guide and that is why he has his confused version of an alpha.

There is a way to manifest confidence and passion that will stand out and not bore people. This book will help you understand how. The author has used simple English and examples all through for you to grasp the points. He is also realistic and shares ideas that are implementable. Once you’re done reading this book, you can be sure to get tips on how to be passionate and dominant without stepping into others’ spaces.

Passion may get you to the top, but you may need dominance to stay there. It can get rocky sometimes, especially when holding top positions; that is why you need to dominance to shake off any competition – which is inevitable.



Trust and know yourself

This is another important section of this book. Self-knowledge is important as well as self-trust. The two helps build confidence in self and tame it at the same time. You’ve met people who appear too confident. Others call them too full of themselves. You surely don’t want to get there. It is important to balance self-view with reality.

You’d rather let the world appreciate yourself more than you do it yourself. You do not want people to start thinking of you as a man too much of himself. It is always a turn off. That is why you must strive to trust yourself and know yourself at the same time. One way to do so is through enlightening yourself. Reading this book is a good way to do so. By the time you are done going through the revealing sections you’ll understand why some men outshine others.

The man was made with a little ego to define them. But this can be your way down if the ego is not balanced well with self-knowledge. You also need to trust yourself in order to attract that trust from others and be the alpha man every one desires.


This is important. You must love yourself before others do. Some people do not appreciate the value of self-love and that is the reason they may make some poor decisions. When you value yourself, you will value others too. They will feel appreciated and attracted to you. The reverse is true. People who do not love themselves enough spread the same to others. In the end, they lose their ability to attract others’ interest.

This section of the Alpha men rules’ guide will take you through basics of self-love. By the time you are done reading you’d have learnt how to appreciate yourself and take care of your self-esteem. There’s no way you’ll attain alpha male status without self-actualization. You must get your self-love to high levels for you to claim to be an alpha male.

Open your mind and be both hard and smart working

By now you might have realized that most of these rules are common ones or you meet with them time and again. This is an indication anyone can be an alpha male. But, in your journey there’s going to be a lot of failure to deal with. You’ll need to employ smartness as you work hard and take failure positively. This will allow you pull through the alpha male training which all takes place in the head. Learning takes time and that is why you need to sacrifice your time to read through this book.

There are particular details in this book about balancing hard and smart work you’ll probably find nowhere else. Such details help you understand where to work on and improve. Besides, you will get a clear understanding of what it means to get used to failure.

Failure is not a good thing. But, it is inevitable. What should you do when it happens? Humans naturally react differently to failure, but alpha male have the same response. Which is that one that stands out? Well, this book answers exactly that. You should now go down to failure. Instead, allow failure to be a stepping stone for you to rise above the rest.

Have integrity and push beyond limits            

One of the hardest qualities to nurture is integrity. In some places, you will be considered out of place for holding high integrity values. Just imagine that! How then do you show integrity and stand out at the same time? Is it really possible? Those are some of the questions most men wanting to become alpha male ask themselves. Well, it is possible. You can have high integrity qualities and still stand out.

This book talks about all things to do with integrity. You also get ways to push beyond your limits and how to hold your head high. When well balanced, you can lead teams through success and stand out thanks to integrity. You will learn ways to stay focused by reading this book. As you read in between the lines, you’ll come through little details that differentiate the normal man and an alpha male. These two can never be the same.

When in a group, the usual man will try to be like the alpha male. At the same time, the alpha male will be himself since he has his thoughts and actions all figured out. One thing about being alpha is that everything you set to do every other person tries to do. However wrong or bad something is, the rest will follow because they are convinced you are a leader. That is why you need high integrity so as not to mislead the rest of the team. It is never a good idea no matter how organized you are. Read the book more to learn how to accomplish all this.

Keep improving

This is one of the sections I find entertaining in this book. The author lets you know how to remain focused. Now, perhaps you’ve experienced this before. You struggled to achieve something both at work and in your dating life. Then came a time when you had all your goals smashed and you had achieved things you set for yourself. After sometimes, everything you had was lost again and you had to start again. You sure don’t know what happened. Well, you will experience more of those if every time you accomplish something you become complacent.

You have to keep improving. A focused man can be seen from a distance. Ladies will smell focus from miles away. That is not the problem. The issue arises when you lose your focus after getting your first win. This is where most men lose their potential to stand out as alpha male. Things start tp go south again after failing to improve again. You may not go back to your previous self, but the fact that the world is moving at fast pace means you’ll be left behind.

This is one secret I’ve let you known without reading the book. You’ll have to forgive me for being a spoiler on this one. But, that’s how interesting the book is. You learn fast and the urge to share the lessons with others grow. The book reminds you to keep improving. And there’s a way to do this. You are improving, not to impress your friends or girls but to genuinely develop and grow even more. That will help you improve yourself and hit more goals. As you do this, the world will be looking in admiration.

Be humble and masculine

These two will go well together. Masculinity is about having a stand as an alpha male. If they want things done this way, let them do it that way. Well, for you, things will go your own way. Sometimes you may seem hard to deal with. Do not be afraid. You are a man and have the freedom to make your own path. During such times, humility will allow you make amends and improve next time.

The book gives more ways to be humble as a man and why it is important. There’s one word the author uses I’d love to reveal now. The word is ‘mystery’, or better yet; ‘mysterious’. That is your secret winning card. Ladies love it that way. In this book the author talks about humility in relation to your achievements. How should you deal with your success and approach to women. That is all addressed in these two sections.

Patience, entertaining, and value addition

The first quality is hard to find. It is even harder to find a patient man that is entertaining. When you add value addition to the picture, things become even more complicated. Clearly, it is not an easy achievement becoming an alpha male. The good thing is that all this is possible. These qualities take time to cultivate. With determination, you can achieve all of them.

You might have noted these three qualities appear mutually exclusive. Women live with men and have seen most men as impatient and lacking entertainment skills. When it comes to men with substance, those perceived to be value adding, they are the poorest when it comes to entertainment. That is why you will stand out for having all of them.

You will need time to cultivate patience. The book explains why you need patience and how to cultivate it. Entertainment is also important. This is a quality most successful men fail to offer successful women. That is why you’ll find these women looking for younger and more entertaining lads. The book makes open how you can achieve such a killer combination.

Forget the past and never compare, take care of your attitude too

Our memories are made to record all previous events. The thought of forgetting the past sounds outrageous. That is why you need to read this book and learn how to let go of the past. Does it mean acting forgetful on things your mind can’t erase? Or, does it mean making peace with your past? Well, these are details the book lets you know.

There’s also an issue of comparing people and things. Well, that is not the right card to play in whatever situation you are in. But how do you make decisions without comparing situations and people? How possible is it? Well, this book makes you understand how to go through issues without being tempted to compare people or things.

Tough and independent

This is what some people seem not to want or like. But, when all is said and done, that lady you want or that manager you work under will appreciate your toughness and independence. But there’s a time things get out of hand and the man does things in an unpleasant manner thinking they are tough and independent. There are times to loosen a bit; to what extent? One may ask! This book explains all that. After the read, you’d have known when to be tough and when not. That way, your toughness and independence will be appreciated. The reverse is true. You lose control when you lose your toughness and independence.

Confidence is important

Before reading the book, I want you to know that this is one of the most important qualities of manhood. It is basic and a prerequisite. You cannot claim to be a man without confidence. The moment you lose your confidence is the moment you walk away from being an alpha male. The book insists on being confident inside your skin. This is only possible if you get some things right. I’m certain you are wondering which things. Well, one of them is self-esteem. You must love yourself and hold yourself with high regard. That way, the rest of the team will appreciate you.

Time and things change. Today you may be in a senior position, and you may lose it the other day. Men are tied to their accomplishments and that is why the most successful appear as more confident. What happens when you lose everything that used to anchor your confidence? How would you deal with such a situation? Well, this book lets you know everything you need to understand about confidence. With such information, you can go through circumstances easily without feeling intimidated even with the hardest of tasks.

Authenticity and emotional intelligence

Wherever you go, everyone is looking for something. At the work place, people are looking for money; others are after titles and so on. Everyone has their goals. In the social scene, people have different needs too. However hard headed some people appear, they all have emotions and will be looking to meet their emotional needs. Others will be too needy while others just don’t care at all. You have to identify the difference from the word go to handle these people well.

The book teaches about authenticity and emotional intelligence. All the lessons are beneficial and will help you up your game as far as being an alpha male is concerned. It may not be the easiest thing to remember all these lessons one by one. That is why it is important to go through them slowly, point by point, and internalize them. Reading the book time and again will help with the situation. You will not remember the rules one by one but you will master them and practice them.

Shun reactions

The author splits this into two categories. The first one is about you and the other is about other people. When it comes to you, the author advises you should never react. It may seem impossible to achieve this at first. You’ll be surprised how doable this is after reading the book. You have to work on this! Reactions make you lose your authority. Sometimes it is inevitable to give a reaction, but that shouldn’t be the case all the time.

When it comes to others, avoid creating situations where others are tempted to react. This will put you in a situation where you have to apologize to calm things or destroy everything. The moment you shun reactions you retain the power to be in control.

Exert yourself and be self-approved

During our formative years, we are tempted to lay back and wait for others to front us or give us approval. Well, that shouldn’t be the case. With time, you must learn to approve yourself and exert yourself even more. The author lets you know how to accomplish this in a manner that won’t seem to others as too self-imposing and egoistic.

Handle confrontations and live in abundance

You have to live a life of abundance. You must be confident and always with something to give; whether it’s emotional, psychological or materialistic. You must always have things in excess. This will help you deal well with things. The author advises on more ways to live this kind of life.

Confrontations will always be there. How you deal with these issues matters. The author has taken his time to let you know how to deal with confrontations without hurting yourself or others. Besides, handling confrontations well only adds to your strengths. It gives you additional points as far as being an alpha male is concerned.

Physical fitness and strong boundaries

You have to draw the line! Without boundaries, you will be stepped on and no one but you will have self to blame. Strong boundaries help you avoid confrontations. People already know what you stand for and will keep distance knowing you are not someone to mess around with. As you stay mysterious, remember to have boundaries.

Physical fitness is a must for an alpha male. In a room of alpha males, it is easier to make a difference with physical fitness. The most physically fit person stands a chance of standing out. The one lacking this may be left behind. Physical fitness adds to your confidence. Find out more about this by reading the book. There are fine details that are helpful you’ll find in the book.

Consistency and purpose

These are two qualities you have to possess. Consistency is important to get results. The journey to becoming an alpha male is not easy. There are obstacle you’ll meet and challenges. Stubborn as they are, consistency will help reassert yourself you are one strong alpha male. Purpose will help you stay consistent. This whole this is an adult’s game and it’s all won or lost in the head. That is why you must have the right mindset to handle things well.

You are not special

Being an alpha male is not a special achievement. Remember it has so many benefits but it does not make you special. That is why you have to be humble. Remember humility is also a rule of the alpha male club. Keeping this in mind will help you keep working on yourself and achieve even better results.

Honesty, high standards, and lose being materialistic

The three rules are well explained by the author. This is the best guide you will find online. There are more rules to learn about. The book does not leave out any of them. It also uses the least number of words to express as many details as you need to succeed. Unpredictability, taking responsibilities, and willingness to pay the price are some of the rules of this book I enjoyed reading about. The author reveals minor details I never knew about. In other instances, he explains them in a manner I never thought about.

General View

At the end of the day, everybody wants a book that solves their problems. In whatever way, a reader will appreciate both theory and practical lessons they can always remember and implement. This book is an easy one to understand. The points flow and build up well. Besides, the author has included almost everything you need to boost your chances to be an alpha male.

One thing I realized is the fact that you can’t cultivate all the rules mentioned in this book. Others look like they contradict each other. Well, when you look closely at the author’s explanations, these rules actually complement each other. It may be impossible to have all the rules at once, but it is possible to possess most of them.

One of the rules of being an alpha male is patience. Well, you will need patience to read the whole book and put into practice what the author suggests. The good thing is the rules are simple things you possibly know about.


In my opinion, the book has captured all the facts you need. That is why it is a must read. Most books write about solutions that are hard to put into practice. For that reason, the reader ends up lost with zero assistance. Therefore, it is safe to say most of those authors lack awareness and interaction to actual situation on the ground. The author who wrote this one has the awareness to solve the alpha male problem. Perhaps he is one and that is why it is so easy for him to come up with the rules.


We all have expectations when reading a book. One would expect this writing to help them turn into a proper alpha male. After reading the book, one is able to tell whether their expectations were met or not. For me, I feel the author met my expectations and is likely to meet yours too. The rules are practical and doable.


Most authors have made such writings before. The challenge most have is having a plot that flows well from beginning to the end. They somehow lose the flow in between the book and their writing loses meaning. This author has succeeded in maintaining proper flow of ideas and did well in building up content from simple ideas. He has fleshed out points and given them perspective in a way you never thought it could be.


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Becoming an alpha male is never the easiest of tasks. It takes confidence and an amalgamation of other solid qualities to become one. Reading through this book will help you have a theoretical understanding of what it is like to be an alpha male. Once you do, it is now your task to put the lessons into practice. At the end of the day, you are responsible for your own success in becoming an alpha male.

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