Sex Hacker Bundle Review

Sex Hacker Bundle

When it comes to sex, men are always the ones blamed for not having enough knowledge to effectively give organism, and the sexpert Kenneth Play seems to agree with that. It was for this reason that Kenneth decided to break down everything that he has learned from science and put them together into a practical course that everyone can use in the bedroom. Argo Sex Hacker Bundle, the first science-based guide to remarkable sex.

Every man who is in a relationship, or already married wants to learn on how to please their woman in bed and with the Sex Hacker Bundle, things have just become a whole lot easier. The guide demonstrates how to ride orgasmic waves with your partner along with animation showing exactly when you need to stay the course and follow through to give that orgasm.

About the Author: Kenneth Play is considered the world's greatest sex hacker, and has even been mentioned in largest men magazine GQ. Kenneth collaborated with other experts, mainly women, including sex scientist Dr. Zhana, somatic sex educator Pamela Madsen, and sexologist Mal Harrison. Together they have teamed up to design techniques backed by actual research, which they also share with couples in sex-related workshops held in Brooklyn.

Dr. Zhana Vrangalova is an NYU professor and sex researcher, as well as co-host of The Science of Sex podcast. She provides the cutting edge behind Sex Hacker Bundle.

Pamela Madsen is an advocate for women’s health and integrated sexuality. She has worked with Kenneth at Back to the Body’s sensuous retreats where he learned varieties of experiences helping women unlock their pleasure potential.

Mal Harrison, on the other hand, is a sexologist, therapist, educator, and co-founder of the Center for Erotic Intelligence. She provides all the knowledge on the internal structure of the clitoris found in the sex Hacker Bundle.

About Sex Hacker Bundle

This program is in the format of videos in 5 modules and 30 lessons explaining sex hacks through a practical approach, foreplay, oral, penetration, and squirting.

Sex Hacker Bundle Course

If you are a man and struggling to satisfy your woman sexually, you need to buy this course. The author of the program Kenneth Play teaches men all new ways to pleasure their wives or girlfriends and overcome bedroom challenges.

This course has included all the insights everyone has been curious about. With methods, you will gain sexual confidence as well as deeply pleasurable skills you can share with your lover.

The course is broken down into the following sections:

  • Foreplay

Foreplay is all about igniting a connection with your lover, getting into the same mind wavelength, and being in touch with each other’s physicality. This section includes three lessons covering how to set the mood, learn about your lover’s pleasure preferences, erotic massage techniques and many more.

  • Oral

According to the author of this program Kenneth, he received numerous requests to cover the topic of oral sex. That is why he researched and came up with secrets to giving good oral sex to your partner. The course also includes bonus content on improving your oral game by incorporating toys in your lovemaking sessions.

  • Penetration

In this section, you will learn what penetration is all about. It covers the biomechanics of penetration, the most common positions, ranging from missionary to reverse cowgirl, as well as different methods of providing clitoral stimulation with your penetration to ensure extreme pleasure for you and your partner.

  • Squirting

The author in this course demystifies the myths associated with female ejaculation or squirting. Kenneth Play, along with Dr. Zhana, co-teacher R.E. Zee, and co-teacher Lola team up to give you the real facts about the matter. They will demonstrate all the knowledge you need in order to become an expert in squirt – using both hands and toys. They will also show you what it looks like when a woman ejaculates, or squirts in real life, and how it might be different from what you see on adult films.

You will also cover the science of squirting, and types of squirting including external squirting, squirting with toys, manual squirting, standing squirting, and voluntary squirting.

  • Fingers Toys

This part will teach you how to properly use your fingers to pleasure your partner. You will also learn about how to incorporate toys in the bedroom. At the end of the course, you will learn how to calibrate your fingering to your partner’s preferences.


Every couple at some point will want to learn new ways of spicing things up in the bedroom. And that is Sex Hacker Bundle comes in. The course covers everything you need to know to please your partner in bed. The techniques included in the course are backed by science and extensive research. All you need is your fingers and sex toys and you will find a new meaning to sex.

Sex Hacker Bundle
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