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Yes, but not nearly as much as you think they do. Men judge women primarily by their looks -face, hair, eyes. ok-ok, I should have started with tits and ass, I know:) Anyway, more than anything else it is looks that turns us on. and also what turns us off. So its only natural that we think the same works for women. Women however attribute much less importance to how a man looks as opposed to how the man can make her feel - patterns, value-eliciting, Mr Smooth etc strategies are direct derivatives of that realisation. Good looks - the right face, body, clothes - will get you an audition with a woman much more easily. But ONLY an audition. From that point on it all still boils down to how you can make her feel. So yes, you'll get more auditions the better you look, but its your ability to make the girls feel sparkles, tingles and magic deep down inside that makes them want you, not your looks:) See also the "Iranian from Hell" story by Maniac High.

The Iranian from Hell

Last year, I was in a Tokyo bar with one of my GFs. And, we spotted on the dance floor, the Iranian from hell. He looked like shit, was fat, ugly as sin, wore clothes that looked like it came from the salvation army, and a worn out baseball cap. Oh, and did I say he was 45 Y.O. about, and probably didn't speak ENglish, or Japanese..., and probably had a shit job taking chicken guts out of bird in a processing plant...or was an illegal who lived in a park or something. This guy was by far the most discusting basket case loser in the place that whole night. As well, in this thoroughly racist country, Iranians are at the very bottom of the barrel, below gaijins, Japanese, Asians..everything..that is as low as you go... (Japanese perspectives..not mine)..

So what did he do? He went on the dance floor, and hit on *EVERY* chick there. Most (no all actually!), blew him out instantly! but he didn't give up. He was persistant like fuck, I never saw a guy as persistant as him, he'd get knocked out and was right back in there., and as long as he got any reaction (good or bad), he kept on hitting.. And he had no wing either, this was a totally solo act..

ANd guess what! He started to get kino on a chick, who totally in his face blew him out a little earlier (he since hit on other chicks), and at first she resisted, and gave really bad looks, but he kept plugging away, and then she relented (she didn't leave), and started to dance with him, coldly at first, obviously not enjoying it. LAter they got closer, and her face relaxed, as he smiled at her and tried to charm her,, (he tried often,and she pushed back), ...and 20 minutes later, they were kissing and all over each other! Later they left together.. her hanging all over him... And the chick was an HB too, 20s, and very cute! So whenever I think I am not good looking enough (I am average), or see some model type hit on chicks that I want, and feel jealous or something I always remember the "Iranian from hell" story... and remember Its not what you look like...its what you do...Always... fortunately, for guys, looks has very little to do with the endgame, if your ugly, just get in there, and show personality. that will work the same as looking like Brad Pitt...So dont worry if you're ugly, it just doesn't matter...

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