How to Lay Girls Guide


General Rules 11

3s Rule 11

Be the Alpha/Dominant male 12

Do my looks matter? 13

The Iranian from Hell 13

Nice guys vs jerks 14

Good traits to have/develop to be a successful player 15

It all comes down to satisfaction 16

Women want good sex and romance 16

Should you express or contain your sexual desires? 16

Wanna play the dating game? Um... let's see 17

The rules with your wingman 18

Getting started 19

On confidence and getting started with approaching girls 19

Experiment! 20

Casual meetings vs pick-ups 20

At a party 21

Just say "Hi" 21

Talk to girls everywhere 22

How to initiate a conversation 22

Talking to her = echoing her 23

Fluff talk 23

The don'ts of fluff talk 26

Reading body language 26

Mirroring 30

Kinaesthetics (aka kino) - have kino with your female friends/acquaintances 32

Approaching and making them interested. 35

Where to meet girls 35

If she seems unapproachable 38

General guidelines on approaching 39

Demonstrate value and personality 41

The importance of a first impression 42

Pace and lead 42

Approaches 44

Simple approaches 44

The cold approach 47

The collision approach 47

The available chair approach 48

The crappy sketch-artist approach 48

The dramatic approach 49

The cellular approach 51

The familiar approach 51

Pez opener 52

You look stunning approach 52

Pacing the ongoing reality 54

Buying her a drink 55

Should I ask for her name? 56

Leech off someone else's crash and burn 57

If she's working 57

If you just have to use a pick-up line 58

"I as an opener 61

Mr Smooth technique 63

The questions game 66

Gimmicks 67

Use a gimmick to get going 67

Palm-reading - why should you use it? 67

The three major lines in the hand 68

Reading the line of Fate 70

Reading her love-life 71

Reading the line of Heart 72

Reading the mount of Venus 74

A sample reading routine 75

Night-clubs and dancing 77

Night-clubs vs other places to meet girls 77

How to switch to the right mindset 78

Asking for a dance 78

About dancing 79

Slow dancing 80

Fast dance to slow dance 81

After the dance 83

Group tactics 84

If she is with a friend / a group of friends 84

Approaching a group of many girls 86

How to have her leave the group 86

Neghits 88

Neghits explained 88

Neghits expansion pack 90

Eliciting values 92

Eliciting values explained 92

Trance words explained 95

Calibrate the girl 95

Eliciting values - introducing the questions 97

Eliciting values - the answers 99

The perfect relationship 100

GM style 102

GM style explained 102

GM style lines 103

Sexual talk 105

Talking about sex 105

Use sexual stories to get her horny 106

The Ideal Guy routine 107

Patterning 108

Patterning explained 108

Delivering patterns - general rules 109

Delivering patterns - tonality 112

Additional patterning skills 115

Trance words explained 115

Anchoring explained 116

Quoting and stacking realities 117

Time distortion 119

Bullshit fantasies 120

Thought Binding 120

Submodalities 122

Read romance novels to enrich your patterning language 125

Common misconceptions and problems with patterning 125

The patterns 132

How to approach and introduce patterns into a discussion 132

Discovery Channel pattern 133

Stone Necklace pattern 134

The Trust pattern 135

The Rose patterns 136

Believing the Supernatural patterns 139

Passion to Passion pattern 140

Mental Screen pattern 141

Peak Experience pattern 141

Natural Woman pattern 142

Meeting the Perfect Man pattern 143

Feeling Drawn patterns 144

Incredible Connection patterns 146

Falling in Love patterns 152

Dream pattern 157

Being Similar pattern 158

"Too bad we don't... but if we could..." pattern 158

Find Your Desire pattern 159

Sex is Natural pattern 159

"The more. the more" pattern 160

Reading the Poem pattern 160

The Eyes patterns 161

I Want You pattern 162

At Least We Can Be Friends pattern 162

Indifference to Attraction pattern 163

Find That Girl pattern 165

Blow Job pattern 165

Backdoor Pleasure patterns 167

The Void pattern 169

The Door pattern 169

Presuppositions and other "mind-tricks" 171

Long-distance seduction 173

Become your own "friend" for her 173

Patterning over the phone 174

Nickname-tease 175

Now that she's interested 176

Common signs of interest 176

Building a bridge AFC-style 177

If more than one girl is giving you the vibe 178

Reading the signs of a "committed" woman 178

Capitalise 180

Don't forget to make a timely exit 181

Closing - the kiss close and the number close 181

Asking for a. date? 185

Proceeding instead of closing 188

Our World routine 191

Inviting the girl over to your place 193

If she has second thoughts 195

My home is my love-nest 197

Networking and pivots 198

Handling the girls 200

Attract girls by being busy 200

Suggest competition 201

Put a price on yourself 201

Show a willingness to walk away 202

Use her friends 202

Judge her by her actions, not her words 203

Have and reveal secrets 203

Use poetry 204

If she compliments you 204

Act like the two of you have something really special going on 204

Paying her a compliment 205

Cook for her and "date" at home 206

When should you call a woman after having sex with her? 206

Romantic gifts and things to do 207

Managing many relationships at once 209

Troubleshooting 211

She wants YOUR number instead? 211

If she still refuses to give you her number 212

If she says "Why do you ask?" 213

If she asks "Are you trying to seduce me?" 214

"Have you ever...?" gets busted 215

Ejecting 215

She cancels a date 216

If she doesn't return your phone-calls/e-mails 217

If she disrespects you 218

The age difference problem 219

Nothing works with this girl 220

If she says: "Let's just be friends", aka LJBF's you 220

Dealing with rejection 221

But I really want this girl! 223

The Boyfriend Problem 225

If she says she has a boyfriend 225

Alienating the boyfriend in her mind 226

Boyfriend-smashing techniques 228

Boyfriend Destroyer patterns 229

Miscellaneous 233

Fun and games 233

"Bad" jokes 235

Play a game of Crash and Burn 239

Things to do for fun 240

Top colognes for getting girls 240

Miscellaneous suggestions and observations about seduction

Appendices 247

Eye contact experiment 248

The pivot theory 250

Falling in love vs being a player 252

Female seducer turning straight girls into bi and lesbian 254

Rolling Stone article about Speed Seduction 256

Job Interview patterns 260

Field Reports 263

The effetiveness of persistence with a smile 263

Svengali's street pick-up 264

Svengali's friend's street pick-up 265

The original Mr Smooth posts 266

David Shade's real-life seduction 270

Maniac High's report, NYC's comments 276

The Orgasmotron - planting a post-hypnotic suggestion 282

#close - the number close. Get the girl's number. Give your's if she only agrees to an exchange. See Closing for more details.

*close - kiss close. Get the girl to kiss you. Then #close:) See Closing for more details.

3s rule - the three seconds rule. There may be a maximum of only three seconds between you seeing a girl and acting upon it. See The three seconds rule for more details.

AFC - Average Frustrated Chump. A phrase coined by Ross Jeffries to describe a healthy (read: horny) male not (yet:) educated in the art of seduction (which in Ross Jeffries' terms would be Speed Seduction, but that is much too limiting). A few typical traits of an AFC - hanging on to just one certain girl, supplicating, swallowing whatever crap treatment a woman gives him, being afraid to make a move, thinking in terms of "dates", eiter for lack of courage and/or knowledge being unable to do a pick-up or a close.

ASF -, a Usenet newsgroup created by Ross Jeffries for discussing Speed Seduction and its implementation, which has far outgrown its original agenda by becoming the world's premiere discussion board covering various seduction techniques. Everything in quotation marks starting with "ASF:" is material originally published on ASF. See Disclaimer for why some of you might find your material here without due credits and please contact me if you wish to have your name added to your material.

BF - Boyfriend, often also (and not mistakenly:) read as Borefriend:)

HB - Honey Bunny, an acronym coined by Ross Jeffries in his newsletters. Also sometimes mistakenly read as Hot Babe, Horny Bitch or Hard Body, but it's a free world, to each his own:)

Kino - kinaesthetics. Touching her: her hands, shoulders etc. See Kinaesthetics for more details.

LJBF - "Let's Just Be Friends", also know as "the treatment". You know what this means, when a girl gives you this line; I don't have to explain:) See "Let's Just Be Friends" for more details.

LTR - Long Term Relationship. Although the length of a relationship to qualify as "long term" can not be defined, the physical and/or emotional involvement of such a relationship certainly extends beyond that of a chance encounter aka one-night-stand.

Mindlist - a mailing list dealing with NLP and its various applications, seduction amongst others. You can find it on

Neg - also known as negging, neghits or negative hits. See Neghits explained and Neghits expansion pack for more details.

NLP - Neuro-Linguistic Programming. An new approach to psychotherapy co-founded by Richard Bandler and John Grinder. NLP uses language patterns and metaphor to communicate with the subconscious mind enabling the patient to recover within weeks or even days as opposed to months and years when using traditional psychoanalysis. See for more details.

PUA - Pick-Up Artist. Someone who has picking up girls down to an art and uses one or various pick-up techniques with a high success-rate.

SS - Speed Seduction. An NLP-based seduction technique created by Ross Jeffries. See for more details.

SP - self-point, point to yourself (like put your hand on your chest or stomach for a moment). An aspect of patterning to link descriptions to yourself (example: "have you ever met someone..." while self-pointing).

UG - Ugly Girl, the opposite of HB (Honey Bunny), usually the HB's friend and an obstacle. See "Group tactics" for more details.

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