Should you express or contain your sexual desires

The whole point of seduction is to make the girl want you. really bad:) So the point of expressing or containing your own desires is moot. If you know how to make her want you (specific strategies are discussed within this guide), you might actually be more likely faced with the situation of trying to contain her sexual desires instead of yours:).

If however you are a clueless and horny AFC, the following piece of advice is for you (DD):

"Don't rush things sexually with single women. Appear as if you are still deciding whether or not you want to be involved. The first example in this section of ending a date before she does, is a great way to accomplish this. Also, if the mood, the time, the place isn't right, or it feels the slightest bit awkward, don't try kissing her for the first time. If she's interested, the time and place will come. But, by pushing it, you risk blowing an important event, you risk coming off as being desperate for action and worst of all, you risk appearing inexperienced and inept. Don't be afraid to wait until the time is right."

A few final words - it takes far less time to become a PUA than to wait "until the time is right":) 'Nuff said:) Now have fun with the rest of this guide:)

Ok, a few more final words - you are a MAN, you DO have sexual desires, no point in trying to deny that. Which... in fact is a good attitude to have:) "I make no excuses for my desires! I am a MAN goddammit! And I only laugh at the hypocrisy of the world!" So if some girl wrinkles her nose at this - you'll just convert her and she won't know how she could ever have thought differently from you:)

But on the whole, as the point of seduction is to make the girls finally want to almost rape you, YOUR sexual desires should never even be a subject of discussion:)

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