How To Improve Self Esteem

Finding Your Confidence

Finding Your Confidence

Confidence is necessary to achieve success in life. Some effective confidence tips must be followed if you genuinely want to gain accomplishment in your work. So how do you build your confidence that will work for you in any situation? Initially, make an effort to spend time with confident people. Their vigor and strength is so stirring that you will surely feel yourself more powerful just by listening to their talk. To build confidence it is vital that you are in the midst of self-assuring people.

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Self Confidence Where Does It Come From

While your self-confidence is certainly influenced by events in the outside world, ultimately, it comes from within you. But just what is self-confidence It is the belief that you can achieve your goals, perform well in completing the tasks you face, and deal with challenges without being overwhelmed. It is a freedom from fear, arising from the knowledge that you are a competent, capable person. Self-confidence is also the awareness that the world is not filled with enemies and negative people. Those who lack self-confidence harbor the fear that each person or situation they face is a challenge to their safety or well-being, and that they, being less-than-capable, will probably be harmed or diminished by the encounter. The saddest part is that, by holding such a belief, you can actually make it come true. This may sound exaggerated, but if you approach all people as if they are your enemy, your defenses go up, and you don't let anyone get close enough to be your friend. If you...

Trait 1 Self Confidence

Self-confidence is your projection of yourself and your security. When you have self-confidence, you are projecting that It all begins and ends here. Self-esteem is a large part of the self-confidence you project, and it's how proud you are to be you. It's beyond the scope of this book to attempt to tell you how to repair severely damaged self-esteem, however, you should know that everyone, and I do mean everyone but insane egomaniacs, has areas of low self-esteem. This knowledge should reassure you and empower you. After all, most of the women you meet are just as shaky and insecure as you feel on the first coffee date. As you improve with the techniques and strategies you will learn, you will feel your self-esteem rise, and this will fuel your progress as you continue. Your armor is the completeness and security of your sense of self. When you have high self-esteem, your self-confidence is obvious. Your armor is polished, with no gaps or missing parts. You don't feel as though...

The Low Self Esteem Chick

This woman has no self-esteem, and she's always looking for a man to shore it up. She's probably a workaholic, with a tendency to value other people's opinions way too much. She can be clingy and needy, and often sleeps with guys on the first date to validate her sense of value. Sometimes these women can take a wrong turn and end up not only depressed, but self-hating. She probably didn't get enough strokes as a kid, and never found a way to make an identity for herself she liked. Every woman is suffering from under-developed self-esteem, in one form or another. No one has perfect self-esteem. Remember what I discussed about the confusion regarding gender roles Most women are brought up believing that their value is strictly determined by how attractive men find them. It's in all our advertising and popular media images. It's in every Hollywood movie. You never see average looking women doing anything interesting it's always the glamorous women who get the publicity. So, you can...

Tip 11 Best Selfconfidence Technique

I present my favorite techniques for building self-confidence in my Advanced Audio Coaching Sessions and e-books, including my Quantum Leap method. I'm going to give you a few techniques here to build your sense of personal power. Here's a little trick I use to boost my self-confidence before going into any seduction situation

Bravado Boldness Cockiness Confidence Selfesteem

Self-Confidence On one end - the far left - you have the least disciplined form of man, who is a slave to his insecurities and to other's opinions of himself. On that same end, we have Bravado, which is a false confidence that doesn't know how to handle itself. It's like having a machine gun that's incredibly loud. Undisciplined and poorly controlled, only wanting to draw attention to itself. Alone, it might win you some women, but it will likely turn off at least as many as it impresses. Women (and men) can smell the difference. Bravado is fake self-confidence. Then comes self-confidence, which is really your overall ability to display your self-assuredness. It's the outward display of your True Self-esteem, the last trait, and also the most internal. Self-confidence is the sniper rifle in your arsenal. Self-esteem is how you feel inside your own skin. It's what you really think of yourself. It doesn't need to be externalized, but by virtue of it being the foundation of your...

Working On Your Selfconfidence

Are you comfortable in your own skin Are you okay with your own thoughts These are some of the key issues that will arise when it comes to attracting a mate. Taking the time to think about who exactly you are is a key part of becoming attractive to someone else. Being honest with yourself is also a factor here. It is apparent to others when you are unsure of your own beliefs, or further to this, aren't particularly accepting of yourself. Great confidence comes from examining and accepting your true self. Self-confidence is normally rated very high in terms of attractiveness by the opposite sex. If you practice hard enough, you'll probably be able to temporarily fool people with confident body language, but at some point, in order to have a constructive relationship, you're going to have to face all the buried feelings you have about yourself. It's never too late to improve yourself and there are plenty of ways you can do this. Being a complete and well-rounded person is a lifelong...

The Hidden Language of Self Confidence

There are lots of ways to challenge others' assumptions and show your self-confidence in every communication you make. All the forms of flirting we've already discussed do this, but there are other forms of non-standard communication that don't aim directly at assumptions about the two of you

Tip 27 Be alert for signs of psycho or low self esteem women

A woman who keep on telling you about all the horrible guys she has known probably ATTRACTS horrible guys because she is psycho or low self esteem or just plain miserable. Women who keep talking terribly about themselves, I'm so ugly, I'm so fat, I'm stupid usually have low self esteem, and if you try to help them, you will get caught in a huge trap because the help they need is usually more than something you can solve and in fact many women who are low self esteem will think you must be low too for liking them in the first place and will thus treat you terribly as well.

Self Confidence

Self-confidence is your projection of yourself and your security. When you have strong self-confidence, you are projecting that It all begins and ends here. Self-esteem is a large part of the self-confidence you project, and it's how proud you are to be you. It's beyond the scope of this book to attempt to tell you how to repair severely damaged self-esteem, however, you should know that everyone, and I do mean everyone but insane egomaniacs, has areas of low self-esteem. This knowledge should reassure you and empower you. After all, most of the women you meet are just as shaky and insecure as you feel the first time you walk up to them. That will actually be the part that you will use the most as you work your seduction. Not to take advantage of them, but to demonstrate your own confidence and ability to take control. As you improve with the techniques and strategies you learn, you will feel your self-esteem rise, and this will fuel your progress as you...

Your Self Confidence

An Alpha Man also works on his self-confidence. It's a lifetime project. Now if you're disappointed by this, thinking that you'd be able to just achieve this great super self-confidence and never have to do anything more for the rest of your life, well you're partly right. Once you get to a certain comfort level with yourself, you inevitably can keep that level going for quite a while. But if you stop reinforcing your new sense of value, you can slide backward. Self-confidence is something that will vary from day to day, and from week to week. If you keep working on the things that matter to you, and you keep reinforcing the principles you learn here, you can raise it to new and unbelievable levels. But it does take work. (NOTHING worthwhile in life comes without work. Accept that right now.) That's where a lot of the exercises come in, so make sure you pay attention and commit yourself to this path.

Dating Attraction Tips from the Author of The Dating Black Book

I've been teaching this stuff to people for years. I help men every day through my newsletter, ebooks, and audio programs at http and http I now offer a complete male self-confidence program at where you will learn the Secrets of the Alpha Man and how you can take control of your life - and your sex life.

Tip 2 Be careful of looking like a player or overqualifying her

Always remember that what you think you're communicating with your confidence may not be received and interpreted the way you want. Confidence is a combination of many small behaviors that add up to the overall total self-confidence of a man. If you're not achieving congruency (your actions your beliefs) then you'll trigger alarms in her head and she'll lose her feelings of trust.

Tip 5 The most effective strategy for getting women

It shows a certain level of relaxed self-confidence all its own. You can't demonstrate a sense of humor without displaying a little confidence at the same time. Humor also shows you don't take life too seriously, and that you're not so intense that you can't crack a joke about the silly parts of life around you. It lets a woman know she can breathe a little and not be so intense and serious. Once you've established an initial attraction, and if you have been able to keep a good level of trust without losing your mystery and challenge with her, a woman will want to find out more about you. Very often, she just needs you to step back and let her know that you're not going to run her over. This will give her added comfort and trust in you, as well as demonstrating that you have self-discipline and self-confidence.

Who to flirt with Flirting for fun

At one level, you can flirt with more or less anyone. An exchange of admiring glances or a bit of light-hearted flirtatious banter can brighten the day, raise self-esteem and strengthen social bonds. Flirtation at this level is harmless fun, and only the stuffiest killjoys could possibly have any objections.

The Principle Of Truth

Joe will suffer like this until he stops, pauses, confronts the Truth that he's got to change his behavior and start listening to improve his situation, and makes those changes. But if your ego is too easily bruised, or your self-esteem is down in the crapper, it will always be easier to think like Joe, that the world is against you, rather than face the fact that you need to learn a new skill. At the risk of sounding like one of the Pundits, I propose that the first place you should start working be on your own self-esteem. This will be the topic of the first section. The reason this is so important is that ultimately your happiness is not dependent on having a woman in your life. It's not her, really it's how she makes you feel about yourself. The reverse is also true, as we'll explore in female psychology review. The more you feel good about yourself before you start meeting and dating women, the more success you'll have, and the better prepared you'll be for when things get...

How to Compensate for Your Shortfalls

We also have unique strengths, and it's our jobs as Alpha Men to use them to our advantage. There is no man who is so underprivileged that he doesn't have a few Alpha Strengths. (And if you think you don't have any strengths, your primary weakness is probably just low self-esteem.) In this section I will cover some of the classic areas in which men typically judge themselves, especially in the eyes of women. These are all the classic excuses men will use to justify their sense of low self-confidence. I can't attract women because is the way the sentence starts. What most of these guys don't realize is that every man is flawed.

When you think of someone being a flirt do you instantly think game player Is it cheap or scary and you wouldnt be

All this equalled a self-esteem and confidence issue. I walked off red-faced. For all I know she might have liked me and only laughed because she was equally nervous and this was her way of dealing with this awkward situation. Perhaps another assumption, but why assume the worst My lack of self-esteem was driving my negative thoughts.

Escaping parental haunting

Joy's mini self-esteem quiz Question Self-esteem is created by a. Your parents when you're young Answer None of the above. Self-esteem is not mom-esteem, or dad-esteem, or sib-esteem, or friend-esteem it's self-esteem, and it's created by you. While a loving home and joyous childhood make loving yourself easier, you build self-esteem by feeling pride in something you've done an accomplishment. So if your self-esteem is at a low ebb, do something you value and you'll build it back up.

Build Your Confidence

No matter where you are in your life, you should always know who you want to be. To build your self-confidence you need to know who you are, know where you are going, and be actively involved in making your goals reality. If you don't like something about yourself, or you want to try something new, then you should start using your spare time to achieve these personal goals. Take a class, attend a seminar, or enjoy other activities that will help you become who you want to be. It won't take long for you to start building the self-confidence to which so many women are attracted.

Tip 16 Make Eye Contact

Well the answer may lie in the fact that we are scared when looking that we will instantly see disapproval for our glances and will be rejected. Being rejected affects our self-confidence levels so by not looking we protect ourselves. Men with low self-esteem can view women in a similar vein by thinking that if a woman is looking at them, there must be something wrong. Women can feel insecure in the same way by men making eye contact with them.

Being Right or Getting Laid

Most guys with an ego problem (implying low self-esteem) get into situations with women where they feel they need to prove themselves right, that their social status is on the line when a woman makes an issue of something. They lose sight of the fact that they are not in this to prove their value, but to get laid.

Psychological Trauma Damage To The Boundary

Even though you have said NO to the stress, it managed to break in anyway, because it was bigger than your self-esteem inside. When stress (negative emotional energy) is BIGGER than your level of self-esteem, it manages to bust into your boundary, even if you say NO to it.

Alpha Exercise 2 Mr Popular

Now, this may seem a little far-fetched, but if you let yourself believe that this could be your lifestyle, you can really jack up your self-image a few levels. I used these examples because they appeal to me, but you can use any situation that makes you feel more confident about yourself. The more you imagine it, the less silly it becomes, and the more you start to believe that this could really be your life.

Always go for it if youre having a good hair or anything else day

You're cuter when you're happy, and self-confidence is sexy. Don't get into the well, today is a write-off, I may as well ask, get rejected, and make it a perfect score mentality. You can tolerate being turned down more easily when you're feeling strong not to mention that rejection is a lot less likely.

Whom Do Women Really Dress

We always get a kick out of watching women like this, and here's the lesson we've learned Such women tend to be major prick teasers. They're good for the occasional chuckle (in an anthropological way) but give them a pass, dating-wise. Your wallet and self-esteem will thank you for it.

Its Not What You Say Its HOW You Say It

You could say all the right words, but if you don't have your act together with your frame of mind and attitude, a woman will smell it on you like skunk. Women are fine tuned to these behaviors, and she can tell when a man is just putting up a false front as opposed to when he's behaving for real. For real comes from a coherent presentation of your self-confidence.

The Confidence Treadmill

We (men, in general) hunger for more self-assurance in our ourselves and our relationships with women. Ironically, the one factor that everyone agrees is the primary foundation for this is - you guessed it - your self-confidence. Self-confidence isn't a state you achieve, although it can occasionally feel this way. Confidence is a cycle, a treadmill, if you will, that you need to learn how to initiate for yourself. You see, confidence feeds back on itself, and this in turn (like a nuclear reactor with its control rods pulled out) creates a chain reaction of energy that only serves to elevate you to the next level. Nothing succeeds like success. If you're confident in yourself, there's no way she can bring you down. So how do you get that self-confidence The simple advice is to just do it. Throughout this program, what I will help you do is to take action, because once you take action, you build your self-confidence by stepping on the treadmill and starting. Once you move from a...

Complete trust is not necessary for seduction

This is also called eliciting values, since you are probing to find out what she values, and by reading in between her words, you will find what is most important to her. If she values recognition, you'll know that she feeds on acknowledgement and has self-esteem gaps. If she values family and friends, you'll know that she desires strong human contact and probably trust.

How to Project Confidence

Ever hear the expression, Fake it until you make it Well, it's particularly appropriate in this case. Notice that the title of this section is not How to BUILD confidence , but how to PROJECT it. Sure, it's best if you can actually build your self-confidence up to the level that you feel secure about approaching an attractive woman or man.

The Strength To Be Yourself

When you act in a non-conformist way, you are acting based on YOUR beliefs. As long as you appear to know what the 'normal' way is but have actively chosen to be different, you're expressing self-confidence on a very subtle level. To act differently than what's normally expected means that you are strong and value your own beliefs.

Do What You Know You Must

The trick of our low self-esteem is that we convince ourselves that doing what we think we want to do is okay if we just think about it enough and rationalize it so that it sounds good. No, it's not Cultivate the strength to do what you know you need to, and if you do, you'll win. Bottom line.

Saying No and Setting Boundaries

Saying yes when a no is meant erodes self-esteem. Remember always, that each one has the right to say no. When pressured for an unwanted yes , practice the Broken Record technique when declining with a no. Repeat your no's with as few excuses as possible. While doing so, keep in mind the cost (such as time, stress, resources) an unwanted

Your Appearance and Presentation

Not only this, but you will also raise your own level of self-confidence when you are looking and feeling your best. What you are looking to accomplish is to give yourself the edge over any of the guys who think that their best outfit is a 49'ers sweatshirt, baseball cap, and jeans. Studies have been done to show that when people in the workforce wear dress attire (suits, ties, dresses, etc.) they have a higher productivity. This also ties in greatly to your self-esteem. For example, is it possible to feel bad when you're dressed in a tuxedo Not usually. We feel significantly better about ourselves when we're able to look our best. It sends a message to your subconscious - and hers - that you are worthwhile and noteworthy. To address baldness, many men have hair loss as they get older, and it is a source of some concern, since this can impact a man's self-confidence when he feels that he may appear older than he actually is. The negative associations with baldness are numerous,...

On rejection sensitivity

There's another aspect to shyness which might be giving you some distress, and that's the flip side of shyness which is rage. Rage, or even just a chronic, simmering anger that interferes with your ability to relate normally to others, is the dark twin of rejection sensitivity. Both these disempowering emotions have their source in a tenancy to derive a major portion of your self-esteem from the judgement of others. Walking around all the time being psychologically vulnerable to what you perceive to be the silent appraisal of everyone around you will make you hypersensitive and fearful. That's where your shyness comes from. But after a while, you will come to hate what you fear. Your tormentors will eventually catch the focus of your hatred and it will express itself as a barely contained urge to fly into a rage when things don't immediately go your way. Check yourself for road rage for instance. Got

Posture and Presentation

There are many behavioral cues you can use to demonstrate self-confidence, style, and sophistication. One of the examples we cited previously is James Bond. Watch Sean Connery as he walks and moves in the older movies, or Pierce Brosnan most recently. They demonstrate how a self-confident and self-disciplined man looks and moves.

Situation 3 On the Street

Tease to Please is a simple strategy. By teasing, you emulate a lot of the self-confidence you need to demonstrate with a woman. That's really the secret in a nutshell. Call it what you want, you are simply showing her you have the balls to not roll over and pant like a whipped dog every time a woman comes near you.

Women in Demand are Demanding

Improve your looks to their best, adopt a cocky & funny indifferent attitude of self-confidence, and incorporate the related body language. Your voice tone needs to be naturally suspicious, cool, slow, and deep when dealing with these women. The more beautiful the woman, the stronger you have to believe and act upon a high opinion of your own self-worth, because they're not attracted to people who feel less than them.

Tip 6 Raise your selfvalue

Some people never cease to amaze me, in regard to how they view themselves. It has been proven time and time again that self-esteem plays a MAJOR role in success. Everyone knows what I call an Eyore. I will use another health club example. As humans we all make choices every day, and some of those choices are about placement. For example where you set in class or where you place things can actually change your self-esteem. I taught my friend to do the same and all he can do is shake his head because it works for him now too. Truth, if you feel lucky you will feel better about yourself, in turn giving you more self esteem for meeting people.

Alpha Men do not define their value by what a woman thinks of them

Too many men out there today feel that they have low self-confidence because they can't score with women. This is such a dangerous belief, because even if a man eventually becomes successful with the ladies, he still finds an empty hole right in the middle of himself that he can never fill.

Identity Beliefs and Internal Frames

Identity is who you are. It is at the core of your being. You may view yourself as a performer, a thinker, a mover & shaker and so forth. Self-image is a big part of identity. It's interesting that by When you give someone a self image, you give them a suggestion of their IDENTITY from which their subsequent beliefs, capabilities, behaviors and environment flows.

What will you do to find her

Please also be sure to not confuse needs with wants. In Truth, we need very little in life, and we tend to believe we need many of our wants. Needs are great manipulators, because they make you believe you can't do without them. When you define your essential traits in a woman, there are some that you will need (the must-haves) and those you only want (the nice-to-haves.) Take the time to look at these requirements with an objective eye, and make sure you're not looking for traits in her solely to fill in gaps in your own feelings of self-confidence, or other areas where you are primarily responsible for development.

The Center of Attention

Other than her need to have the spotlight all the time, and putting on a convincing display of self-assurance, it's widely known that the Center of Attention is really the same as Low Self-Esteem Chick. She needs this attention because she isn't feeling good unless other people are letting her know that she's valuable. The Center of Attention is only acting out her need for approval in a way that is easy to recognize. Betty had some mother issues (not unusual for women as a whole, but this case was pretty obvious.) They obviously had never gotten along, and there was some long-running issues with the rest of her family. So I knew there were some pretty typical self-esteem issues at work with her. Betty also knew she was gorgeous, and flaunted her sexuality with every man she came in contact with. We would often talk about her search for a boyfriend on the Internet, and I saw first hand how every single guy she met screwed up with her from the start. Many of them would send her flowers...

Give Her Your Exit Visa

When you do feel it's time to end it and move on, do it gently, without making her feel as if she's the problem. Most guys feel it's easier on their consciences if they put the blame in her lap, that way they don't have to feel any guilt over what they're doing. However, this will only come back to haunt you. Not only will you breed resentment in the women you have been with, but also you'll be cultivating a negative view of yourself in your subconscious. This will only serve to rattle your self-confidence later. It's like having termites at work under your house. Everything seems fine and dandy for a while, and then one day too much pressure sends everything crumbling to ruins.

If she has second thoughts

Thus it is incumbent upon you to create a Mental Escape Hatch for a woman. In simpler words, give her an EXCUSE to have sex with you. In effect, she must be able to retain her self-worth even after she's had the tremendous experience of doing it with you. And you do that by creating a mental escape hatch, an excuse, or a scapegoat upon which she can point blame as to why it happenned . That excuse can range from the lame to the profound, but it doesn't matter too much. Just do it and give her an excuse - give her an excuse to fuck you.

From here on when I refer to dates I am actually talking about creating unique and exciting meetings with women

2) Spending too much money try too hard to impress Don't buy her flowers or gifts or trinkets. When a car salesman comes at you with all these glitzy sales lures, your initial reaction is to step back and see what he's selling you. The same thing happens with a woman. Any man that tries to buy her affections is demonstrating low self-confidence and low self-discipline. Any woman that needs those gifts to date you is not worth your time or energy. 6) Moving too slow If you do not take progressive steps toward demonstrating your romantic intentions, she will lose attraction since you won't be demonstrating self-confidence. The longer you wait, the worse the situation gets. At some point, she will call a time-out and give you the line about wanting to just be friends. Romance has an expiration date, and you don't want it to go bad on you. Always move forward toward your next romantic goal with her. o An alternate situation occurs where a man doesn't come on strong enough, again...

Women are not as selfconfident about life as men are

On the whole, women need a lot of reassurance and external validation to keep up their sense of self-esteem. There are more female empowerment programs and social consciousness than ever before, highlighting this need for women. They're not getting the support they once did from men, so now they're getting it from each other. Women also lack the level of self-esteem that most men are forced into developing. Many men assume that beautiful women have a high level of self-esteem, but the complete opposite is true. She knows that her looks are temporary. She gauges her value from how much she feels desired, where men gauge their value by how much they are needed and useful.

Falling in love vs being a player

The word polyamorous has been coined which is probably the closest match to describing how a seducer is in love - he is simply in love with many women at once. Being in love with one girl at a time, especially if it is a one-sided feeling, has you fixated on this one girl, thus giving off vibes of desperation, paralysing your ability to think clearly, feeling constant fear of being rejected and lowering your self-esteem when your feelings are not returned - all of which will repel a girl even further away from you thus forming a self-reinforcing downward cycle. Being in love with many girls at a time (or at least interested in, if they've not yet given you cause to reward them by showing any deeper affection and making them your girlfriends ) has the effect of letting you keep your thinking more coherent, remain confident because you acknowledge and understand that there are more girls than just this one , all the while being able to guide her feelings for you - to match and even...

Am I goodlooking enough

Many women worry that they aren't pretty enough, or sexy enough. This low self-esteem issue is engrained into women from the day they are born. Women are subjected to perfect models everyday in magazines, advertisements, and TV. It's no surprise many women have a complex. They worry about their size, weight, shape, skin, imperfections, their clothes, their hair, everything As men, we don't usually understand that a woman needs reassurance to feel good about her self. To make her feel more attractive around you, tell her what you love about her. Compliment her on her eyes, her skin, her waist (granted she has a nice one), her soft skin, or her hands or nails. You should avoid mentioning her breasts, though, unless you absolutely love them. Women have a way of taking any comment and turning into a negative one. Women are especially paranoid about their breast size and shape when they are getting undressed with a new guy. So, if you can't say anything genuinely nice, then don't say...

Seducing the Nice Girl

I felt that something was missing from my game and that's when I decided to work on my cold approaches. Man, it was tough at first. I could handle getting shot down and told to fukk off, which didn't happen as much as I thought. The thing that really killed me was the way girls flake so much. I would get a nice vibe going with a HB and get the digits, only to have her dodge my calls. Or even worse, we would make plans and she would totally diss me. Hehe, my self-esteem took quite a beating in those days. But I learned to adapt to it and developed a nice callous around my bruised ego. I stopped taking rejection personally and made all the difference in the world.

The effetiveness of persistence with a smile

Anyway as it gets closer to closing time I see a girl (8) who I thought was cute but had been with another guy early in the evening (who she obviously knew). She was now by her herself at a bench on the wall and I was about 20 ft away with 3 friends at a table. I make eyecontact and waved her to come over (In my experience this never works except with girls with no self respect, so it's sort of test on my part) She gives me a look that says, Yeah right . I get up and walk over to here (about 3 seconds since the initial eye contact. I sit done at chair as close as I can without being rude right in front of her (between two tables so I'm a little off to the side). She has the total bitch sheild up, but she isn't looking away. I say So what brings you to bar X (but the key is I have an ear to ear grin). She says her friend got married. I keep asking her really bland questions about what she's doing, but with this huge smile (almost a caricature). After about 5 of these questions, I say...

Watch out for the I Love

If she says she loves you the first time you have sex, be very careful not to reply. This is most likely a part of her validation mechanism (low self-esteem) coming to the surface. She wants to hear this from you either to make herself feel loved and therefore worthy, or she needs to hear it to resolve the Slut Complex she has going on in her head - that she needs to be in love to have sex. Some women use sex as blackmail to get the closeness they desire from a relationship. Their low self-esteem is at odds with their desire to postpone sex, so they give up sex as a transaction to get your implied commitment. Beware these women and this tactic.

Job Interview patterns

Hopefully this will help you out some. Also, Par Fornlands's comments on your attitude are very good, too. Those that look hungry never get fed, and those that are desperate never get laid (or get good jobs). Come across with a knowledge of your own worth. Be convinced that you are a good candidate and a good worker, and that you can do a good job for them if they give you a chance. If you honestly think you'll do a crappy job or that you're not really a good candidate for the position, though, then ask yourself why you're applying for jobs that are beyond your level. Good luck.

Flirting tips for ladies

Every woman has a sexy flirt inside of her capable of getting a man's attention. However, not all women carry the self confidence or know-how on bringing this flirtatious side out. Flirting plays a big part in the dating world. In fact, you cannot score a date with any man unless you give them the green light- a sign that expresses that we are interested in them. After all, women are not the only ones struggling with doubts and insecurities about themselves. Men also feel insecure and unsure on how to put themselves out there. They are afraid of reading a woman wrong, fear getting rejected and are also intimidated by women they find very attractive. So, if you see a man you think is attractive and you want to get the communication started, you have to help the boy out a little By helping him out, you will help yourself out too- because you like him and want to talk to

Appendix The Affect of Age on Seduction Interests

Women have different interests at different ages. Knowing what her likely focus will be at a certain age will help you understand how best to present yourself. I'm assuming that most women you will target are single, and some may have had a marriage or child somewhere in the past. The big variable in all of this will usually revolve around her sense of self-esteem. How she feels about herself and keeps up her self-image will play heavily into her priorities as she gets older. Generally speaking, the lower her self-esteem, the more she will buy into society's program of get married, have children. At this point, a woman's interest in men can go in many directions. Many single women will avoid any threats to their established state of independence. They worked hard to get to this level of self-reliance, and a man can often seem like a threat to this. This is not to say that she wouldn't want a long-term relationship, but she is just as likely to have a casual sex-buddy as well, since...

Tip 15 Manage your horniness instead of letting it manage you

Let's face it, if you're the kind of guy who's been taking care of your own business for most of your life (I wouldn't know anything about this myself, but I read all about it in a book somewhere once, I think.), then you've probably got the art of self-love down to a friggin' science by now I suspect that you probably practice your craft often and with great enthusiasm as well. This is all fine and dandy, but unfortunately, sex drive happens to be one of Nature's great motivators for getting the species to perpetuate itself. Without sex drive, men and women really wouldn't give much of a shit about each other. So as much as you hate to hear it, short-circuiting this urge through constant over-indulgence will eventually lead to some level of social awkwardness no matter how well you try to hide it.

Pictorial On Showing Disinterest

Eye Contact Body Language

An interested woman will rarely be concerned with the hour. Being lost in the time is not happening here. Scarlett would surely not be concerned about being out too late if Dave was more interesting. Dave, on the other hand, is displaying poor body language as he is speaking through his hand. This is common for people with low self confidence who feel awkward or uncomfortable or who are lying. He also has one hand in his pocket which is normally perceived as dishonest, like he is hiding something.

No one was born to walk around with a hunchback while being ashamed dejected and staring at the ground

You did not come out of the womb with the feeling that you are not good enough. In the same way, you did not come out of the womb to feel that a purse or a shoe held the secrets to self-fulfillment and self-worth. These were taught to you, to me, and to everybody else. It starts with correcting your self-image and identity. You will meet guys with such beliefs. This type of belief manifests itself from one's identity and one's own self-image. In this case, a guy approaches a woman who is already has some company for he believes he can get her. The most important thing is that if you pull off a good approach the accompanying man will never know that you are a stranger (A good way to avoid ending up in fist fights.) Ultimately, it's about self-image. So often we notice girls dating the wrong guy. You should make it a goal to have a self-image so strong that you can look at this situation and think to yourself, This girl should not be with this incompetent fool. She deserves better. She...

Reading the lines in general

The Sun Line has been considered the sign of great luck and success in the hand by many palmists. This line indicates talent about which you will have to look at the rest of the hand to determine its exactitude. It basically says that its owner has a special ability to make friends, money and earn a good reputation. A full line of Sun (unlike the one in the picture) starts at the base of the palm and travels up to and under the ring finger. This is a fortunate sign of creative successes or the self-confidence to make the most of inherited talents to gain possible fame in life. The line of Sun as it is shown in the picture is how it most commonly appears in a palm. Here it is short and located in the upper part of the palm. This indicates success comes later in life and that the person might be a late bloomer.

The Ankle Lock Gesture

Locked Ankles

There are always people who claim that they habitually sit in the ankle lock position, or for that matter, any of the negative arm and leg clusters, because they feel comfortable. If you are one of these people, remember that any arm or leg position will feel comfortable when you have a defensive, negative or reserved attitude. Considering that a negative gesture can increase or prolong a negative attitude, and that other people interpret you as being defensive or negative, you would be well advised to practise using positive and open gestures to improve your self-confidence and relationships with others.

High Status powerful Males vs Low Status weak Males

I realize that for many of you this notion will be a tough pill to swallow, especially for all you nerds whose wardrobe consists strictly of sneakers, jeans and t-shirts (some of which breathlessly proclaim the imperative need to rid the Federation of Romulans). Clothes speak to your socio-economic status nonetheless, and women read them like secret visual code for an insight into your character. You don't need to go suit-and-tie and fancy Rolodex watch, but you should at least be aware of some fashion trends (checkout Playboy or Maxim) and try not to look so totally fuckin' clueless all the time If you're an aggregate fashion slob and steadfastly reject anything that takes you away from your effortless comfort-wear, it only indicates to women that you're not a real player and that either you've given up all hope of attracting them, or that your self-image is so firmly cemented into a low status mind-set that you don't even realize how sad an image you are...

What a real Man is like and what it means to lead

A Man always has options, self-respect and is never needy. So back to our list, the second point is A Man always has options, self-respect and is never needy. Yes. What do I mean by having OPTIONS Initially, the woman is in the position of power. She is the one who chooses. And she knows this very well. When you approach her, she can reject you. When it's time to kiss her, she can say no. When you want to have sex, she can refuse it. That's all true. But how do we make sure that she doesn't have a choice Ha By being a Man. She will see that you are one of the few select instantly and know this is her one and only chance to meet somebody like you. She knows you can move on and get another woman whenever you want. Let's talk a bit about SELF-RESPECT. People who think they are worth nothing or want to be treated like shit WILL BE treated like shit. How do you expect anyone to respect you if you don't even respect yourself Be able to stand up for yourself whether you're dealing As I...

Partial Armcross Barriers

Lasting Longer The Bedroom

The partial arm barrier is often seen at meetings where a person may be a stranger to the group or is lacking in self-confidence. Another popular version of a partial arm barrier is holding hands with oneself (Figure 74), a gesture commonly used by people who stand before a crowd to receive an award or give a speech. Desmond Morris says that this gesture allows a person to relive the emotional security that he experienced as a child when his parent held his hand under fearful circumstances.

Basic Psychological Principles

We all interact on a certain level of defense -defending others from the chinks and tarnish in our armor of self-esteem. You see this most vividly when people interact in a business setting and egos start to come into play. One person makes a statement that really isn't meant as an attack on another, but is interpreted by another person's defense mechanism as a criticism. Then things escalate as each person digs their heels in and tunes out what the other person is really saying. I've found that the best way to overcome the defensive shield posture is to learn how to genuinely look at things from another person's perspective, putting your ego aside to really see things another way. This takes a lot of work on your self-esteem so that you can abandon your need to impress others or defend your position. It's not easy, but it is the only True cure for the issues that come up in almost all relationships - romantic or otherwise. You'll be able to see the...

Never drop your guard

Strategies, build up their character through use of the Three S's, and as soon as they land a girlfriend, they turn into complete wimps. Until the end of your days with a woman, you must uphold the principles of the Three S's - Self-confidence, Self-discipline, and Sense of humor. These are not optional lures you use just to get a woman to sleep with you or to want to be your girlfriend or wife. They are not electives you can use when you feel you need to. These are time-tested enduring qualities of character for a man. You will have to be a challenge to the woman in your life for the rest of your days, or she will gradually lose interest in you. You see this all the time in marriages where the couple gets lazy and feels they can now be themselves. What this really means is that they let a relationship become their cushion for their self-esteem. They cease being two independent, confident people and become an indistinguishable unit. There's a difference between growing together and...

Feminism Put On Trial

Why do men fail with women It is because they respect them. This 'great respect' men find in women is nothing more than a lack of self respect, a lack of confidence. Woman's reflectory nature must have something to reflect. If there is no confidence, there is no man. If there is no man, there can be no real male and, thus, any love.

Singles Night at the Local Bookstore Coffee Bar Sometimes You Can Tell a Book by Its Cover

Bookstores are more than just a place to hang out. Many bookstores, big and i m&Jt alike, play host to all sorts of organized event, such as singles get-togethers, poetry and short story readings of new and popular author, open-mike nights for local, budding talent, book clubs, and discussion groups. These events are a good place for you to meet people with similar interests. This is also a great place to practice a little self-confidence boosting. Get up there at one of the open-mike nights and read a poem or story you wrote. Get involved in a discussion group about a book you just read and share your thoughts with others. Whatever it is, along with impressing yourself, you just may impress someone else Bookstores are more than just a place to hang out. Many bookstores, big and i m&Jt alike, play host to all sorts of organized event, such as singles get-togethers, poetry and short story readings of new and popular author, open-mike nights for local, budding talent, book clubs, and...

A list of the principal female tests and their meaning

Purpose if you express your opinion, it means you have the courage to defend yourself. But if you get pissed off at her comments it means you have a low self-esteem. Important Some women with personality disturbances may do these tests in such an extreme way that they make your life impossible. In this case the only solution is to get rid of them as soon as possible. A woman with high self-esteem on the other hand tests her man, but her tests are rarely directed towards causing him big problems. She is most surely a woman with low self-esteem, who is not able to live a joyful life at high level.

Step 1 The Introduction

The last ditch is to appeal to her sense of fair play. If you can't break past a woman's coldness, you have to be willing to call her on her behavior and cast her own self-image into doubt. Almost every single woman you will meet has genuine insecurities about herself, and you have to be smart enough to find a way to bring them up in a non-attacking way.

She wants you because of behaviors that you exhibit that arouse her interest excitement and attraction at a primal level

One important and often ignored element of balancing out a woman's attraction and trust for you is to adjust your approach to your physical stature. Now, guys come in every size imaginable, and every build. One thing that is usually fairly consistent is that the woman is almost always smaller than the man. She will always have a need to feel safe around you since you are almost always capable of physically overpowering her. This is part of her need to feel trust for you. This also figures into her trust mechanism, because women are also hard-wired to desire a strong man they feel can protect them and any children. However, this doesn't mean that you have to be a powerful man to attract women. It's only her perception of your power, i.e., your self-confidence that communicates this to her. The point of this knowledge is that you may have to adjust your approach slightly to accommodate your physical presence. If you're a small guy, like me, you have to come across stronger in...

How To Make A Girl Play Sex Wiz You Through Huging

Don't ask questions you don't want to know. I know this will be too tempting for most of you, but how many guys out there, knowing that they are jealous of a woman's past sexual experience, will ask her all sorts of questions about what she's done before, then get pissy and distant when she tells him. It's a perverse self-torture when we do this, and it's seated in a lack of self-confidence. Focus on the present, because that's all you can control. The past is done. If she says this early on, during sex, be very careful not to reply. This is most likely a part of her validation mechanism (low self-esteem) coming to the surface. She wants to hear this from you either to make herself feel loved and therefore worthy, or she needs to hear it to resolve the cognitive dissonance she has inside - that she needs to be in love to have sex. She wants to avoid feeling like a slut. You should just say something along the lines of You're so beautiful or another appreciation...

Dont Live with a Man or Leave Your Things in His Apartment

Women who think that commitment will come after they shack up often learn the hard way that this is not the case. Of course by the time the lesson is learned, their self-esteem is shattered and they're two or three or four years older. Does this scenario sound familiar After dating Mitch for a year and a half, Wendy wanted a ring. Mitch wouldn't budge. They decided to live together to see if they could work it out (his idea and word choice). Nothing changed. When he went away on business trips he didn't call or think about her that much. Nine months and a lot of wasted time later, he was still not in love and so he moved out. Wendy attributed the breakup to his parents' messy divorce, which he was working out in therapy. The truth is, she should have just ended it sooner when he wouldn't commit.

Things to Avoid Talking About

No matter what she may say to you, remember that you're not in this game to be right you're in it to get laid. If she says she likes country music, do not tell her that you don't like country music. Just ask her why she likes it. Guys who always have to express a contrary opinion come across as low self-esteem idiots, and women are immediately turned off by them. Every single time, without question. Leave your ego at the door. She wants acceptance, not rejection.

An exercise of removing doubts and hesitation via the use of submodalities

Ross As you are believing that I want you to make a picture of that in your mind, of your belief that the sun will come up tomorrow. No it's not a belief, it's a fact. Ok, your belief that the sun will come up tomorrow. You got it. And point to where you see that. Point to where you see that and draw a square around that one but make it green. Make it a green square. Alright, if you're having trouble with the color, don't worry about it. Just make it whatever color you want. Alright, now here's what I want you to do. I want you to see the image of yourself that doesn't believe that you can do this speed seduciton stuff. I know some of you have doubts, now is the time to let any doubt you want come into your mind. Your doubts that you can do this material, you know, you feel that you are going to get caught, your doubts that I'm not the best teacher in the world, whatever your doubts are that you are going to get rid of them completely, just whatever they are, I'm going to get caught,...

Flirting whilst out with friends

If a beautiful person came over to you in the street and said, I think you look nice and I'm interested in getting to know you , how flattered would you be You would be delighted. We all love compliments, so why are we so reticent to do this Is it fear, lack of confidence self esteem, or are we all too conditioned that it's just not the thing to do I'm going to leave you to answer this question. But is your negative feeling justified

Science of Testosterone

With testosterone comes increased debating type attitudes, and increased anger. Driving makes him scream at the other cars and 'stupid drivers'. (This is oddly reminiscent of Thomas Jefferson's personality when he was always said to be 'unemotional' except when riding a horse and became 'overly' emotional.) With testosterone comes increased impatience, increased edginess, but increased self-confidence. But do not confuse testosterone with Popeye's spinach. Nature says, Testosterone levels will rise when the situation warrants it. Survival is the priority. So in cases of danger, of war, the testosterone levels increase. When in a strip club or viewing a porno website, testosterone levels also rise. Men with higher testosterone achieve psychological dominance, have high self esteem, and move through the world with natural confidence. Testosterone is clearly correlated in both men and women with psychological dominance, confident physicality and high self-esteem. In most combative,...

The alpha male and the alpha attitude

Women are masters in smelling out a lack of self-confidence. Modeling in NLP means that you can learn to assume determinate traits in your personality and skills, if you start to model them. Read the Alpha male qualities and start to train yourself - with self-confidence and persistence - to assume them.

Do Part IV Romance or Advanced Techniques for Attraction

Because they know what to expect from them. It's the namby-pamby, passive-aggressive guy that they can't trust. And so the most potent way of establishing trust in woman's mind is trusting yourself and being comfortable with who you are. This reminds me of Nathaniel Branden's definition of self-esteem To trust yourself and know that you are deserving of happiness. This all goes back to our discussion of being a man. Re-read that section. In the meantime, what communicates your total self-acceptance is congruence - a total alignment of thought and physiology. That means that if you're attracted to a woman, you project that and are comfortable with it. If you're happy, you laugh. If you're not, you frown. You are what you are, and you expend no energy misrepresenting yourself or your emotions. That's all you really need to establish trust and convey that solid, unchanging core of you. On the way there, we can also use the following guidelines. The psychic component of being safe and...

The phases of a seduction

The Rapport & Comfort phase is not essential with all women. After you have shown Alpha qualities, some women may want to have sex with you and only after do they ask you your name. For some other women - especially those with high self-esteem and those with deep feelings of guilt about sex and attraction - Rapport & Comfort can be very important. For other women, especially those with fears or shyness, Comfort can be extremely important. He I'm a banker. I've always wanted, since I was a little child to feel that wonderful sensation coming from taking care of exciting papers on my table and to feel the self-confidence coming from a sure job. Every morning birds flying outside my office's window give me a sense of contact with nature, when I look out.

Body Language and Non Verbal Cues

We can find a wealth of information about people by their body language. In terms of seduction, we learn to read what females are feeling on a deeper level. A woman will do the exact same to you tenfold. Their process of screening by looks and body language is a self-defense mechanism. She really doesn't want to hook up with some low self-esteem loser. So, what exactly are the non-verbal cues that women look for Take a look at how they walk, how they sit, how they speak, and you'll notice something really interesting. They are totally calm, like they control TIME. They are not in hurry. The way they move and how they speak completely radiates super-confidence. They own the world they live in. No woman controls how they feel and what their self worth is.

Seduction Rule Sunk Cost

So don't let any single seduction matter so much to you that you start to sell your own self-esteem along the way. You want a woman that is obtainable, and there are some frustrating women out there that love to tease and control men. You must be able to figure out when a woman is taking you for a ride and when to cut your losses.

Self Worth The Reflection of Your Essence

There is frequently some confusion between the concepts of self-confidence and self-worth. Quite simply, where self-confidence is how you measure your own capabilities, self-worth is a measure of something much more intrinsic. It is your perception of your value as a human being. The two can either reinforce each other, or can be diametrically opposed. The process of boosting your sense of self-worth is probably about 20 percent introspection and 80 percent action. Consider what it is you like and don't like about yourself then go about the task of improving the things you don't like, and reinforcing the things you like. Setf-worth is, in many ways, more profound and personal than self-confidence. J t describes your concept of your merit and vaiue as a human being. It is dependent to some degree on the opinions of others, but a heaJthy sense of self' Setf-worth is, in many ways, more profound and personal than self-confidence. J t describes your concept of your merit and vaiue as a...

Same Situation Different Perspective

When you begin dating and continue dating a woman, your adrenalin will rise, you will get emotionally charged, but if you don't understand the woman's nature and expectations, you will fall flat. You will gradually start to lose ground. That will affect your own sense of pride and self esteem. You will start thinking that the whole process of dating and romancing is a self-defeating exercise.

Dating Attraction Tips from the Author of How To Overcome Shyness and Find The Woman of Your Dreams

If you want to have the self-confidence to approach any woman you choose and the self-esteem to brush off the occasional rejection without a second thought, take a few minutes to visit my web site at - there's a free copy of Six Myths About Woman and Sex waiting for you there

What Women Really Want

- Keeps them on their toes through challenge. (i.e., the Three S's Self-confidence, Self-discipline, Sense of Humor) The Three S's in a Man Challenge o Self-confidence Self-confidence. Self-discipline. Sense-of-humor. The one thing a woman will do is to test your compliance. Her tests all focus on finding out if you will do what she wants because she is a woman (with the sex you want) and if you are a wimpy man who will do anything to get it. She's not doing this because she's some nasty dominating woman she's doing it because she has to find out if you can be cut from the try-outs as early as possible and not risk her heart. The sooner she can find out what you're made of, the sooner she can find out if she will be calling the shots in the relationship (boring) or if you will demonstrate backbone and self-confidence (interesting and attractive.) It's a power play, pure and simple. She's trying to establish a baseline of behavior (and respect) that she can then accept as the norm from...

Female tests and how to overcome them to seduce a woman

He is toast He did not pass the test. She tries to get some idea about his qualities of self-confidence by having him justify himself about the first banal thing coming on her mind. Every woman I have seduced or I know is able to invent a test like this in a second, without even having to put too much effort into it.

Emotional Seductiveness Creates a Win Win Situation

The whole process of really listening to and empathizing, resonating, laughing, having fun with, and of genuinely liking another person, serves to validate his or her sense of self-worth. The most powerful and the only positive form of seduction is the kind that leaves the person being seduced feeling somehow enriched by the experience. To enhance another person's good feelings about him-or herself, and about the experiences he or she shares with you, is the ultimate goal in seduction.

Love Only Those Who Love

One of the greatest payoffs of doing The Rules is that you grow to love only those who love you. If you have been following the suggestions in this book, you have learned to take care of yourself. You're eating well and working out. You're busy with interests and hobbies and dating, and you're not calling or chasing men. You have high self-esteem because you are not sleeping around or having affairs with married men. You love with your head, not just your heart. You are honest you have boundaries, values, and ethics. You are special, a creature unlike any other. Any man would be lucky to have you

Women Love Confident

Women really do love a self-confident man. Self-confidence is not to be confused with being cocky or over confident. Women can't stand cocky and over confident men. Being confident is demonstrated in many ways. Have you ever had the chance to start a conversation with a woman, but you didn't want to interrupt her or put pressure on her so you never took the chance Most people are unconsciously seeking PERMISSION. constantly to do every little thing. But to improve your success with women, you need to break out of this cycle and learn to give YOURSELF permission and that takes some self-confidence. The way to gain some self-confidence is to find guys who are good with women and watch them start conversations. By seeing THEM do it, you'll feel more confident for YOU to do the same. And you'll begin to see plenty of areas in your life where you can gain self-confidence to act -- where other men hold back. A man with the freedom to take action when and where he wants is rare -- and women...

The Lone Wolf Reality

The smple truth is, if your world is one of, I'm too uncomfortable embarrassed to be seen at a restaurant bar club, whatever, alone, ' then you are attaching your value, your self worth on OTHER people ' s opinion, or at the very least, your PERCEPTION of their opinion. Having perceptions of what negative views OTHER people might have about you, and feeling that embarrassment before it ' s actually happened, is a bad habit to continue, and will weaken your ability to unleash your natural Alpha. Besdes, any true Alpha is empowered by their own feelings, their own sense of self worth, not the feelings of what others might have about them. (Ill be detailing this more in the Rejection Does Not Exst chapter.)

Womans emotional states

This is the secret dream of every woman because a woman does not want to take responsibility for her emotions. She remained impressed by his self-confidence and proceeded to go to the restaurant with him. He succeeded in seducing her by showing to her that he is a leader.

ABF Always Be Flirting

The best kind of flirtation with a woman is to tease her, to bust her balls, to let her know that she is not on a pedestal. Make fun of her. Be indifferent to her interest. All these elements of teasing pull together the Three S's (Self-confidence, Self-discipline, Sense-of-humor) and present you as a challenge to her. When you don't approach her with a compliment or a come-on, she also doesn't start registering you as someone that wants to date her. You sneak under her radar. Show a Skill or Talent Magic is an excellent flirting tool. If you know a couple of good card tricks, you will get her curiosity going, not to mention demonstrate your mystery and self-confidence. Another skill to use to flirt is a musical instrument. Women are very attracted to music, as well as musicians. Take it from me, having played guitar for over fourteen years -nothing is as seductive as playing a song for a woman. Other skills are things like juggling, or origami.

How We Were All Brainwashed

You can do all these things without crossing the line into being abusive, and they'll love you even more than they love the jerks. (Although there are many women who really will take the abuse, these women need psychological help and in my opinion are not much fun to be with because they have such low self-esteem.)

Romantic Intrigue Questions

Here's a big one that I've mentioned before, and it demands its own section Don't brag The biggest complaint I've heard from women is that men consistently take a topic that a she has brought up and use it as a launching point to brag about their accomplishments. Women, by nature, are very passive in conversation with men. Men tend to go into a conversation aggressively, as if they're talking with one of the guys. In male communication, they need to stake their claim, prove their dominance, and so on. And they perpetuate this pattern with women, not realizing that true self-confidence is demonstrated when they have the self- Where does this panic come from The usual suspects Lack of self-confidence and self-discipline. Martin had the sense of humor down, making a great reversal joke of her touching him. Lana, however, either lacks a sense of humor or genuinely mistook what he was trying to say, not realizing it was a joke. Maybe Lana was joking back with him, too, playing it deadpan....

Have Making Relationships Last

If you've done everything right up to this point, congratulations. You embodied a strong masculine presence, you were compelling, you were romantic, you were an all-around stud, and by golly you got the girl. Now I've got news for you the work has just begun. As the old samurai proverb goes After the victory is won, tighten your helmet. Right after you've done everything right is when you are most likely to falter. Don't let that happen. Remember that the man's job is to maintain the lead - always. Keep up the good work you've done up to this point and fulfill your promise by maintaining a strong masculine presence (with the internal frame, total self-acceptance and leadership), staying compelling and keeping up the romance. Getting the girl is not a license to backslide into the bad habits of yore. If you do, she will notice, and you will lose her.

The Power of Detachment

This is an example of maintaining personal power in a relationship. But this mentality is also important in seducing new prospects because you will be tested and rejected so many times. If you are the sensitive type and take these bytches personally, you will DIE from low self-esteem Okay maybe not die but you know what I mean.

Putting Too Much Importance On What The Woman Thinks Of You And What Happens In That Particular Situation

I would like to address also the issue of body language. There are loads of girls who are too shy to look at you straight in the eye. They give you only a side-look. I advise to keep a friend around you so that you can catch these shy birds as well. Message to everyone, get a book about body language, it can save your self-esteem and a lot of time too

Ask the Love Coach

There's no question that having sex leaves us in a state of vulnerability. This can lead to feelings of insecurity, even if you normally have a healthy sense of self-esteem. After all, you don't know exactly what that person on the pillow next to you is thinking and feeling at this moment (this is one time you'd probably give far more than a penny for someone's thoughts). No matter how great the sex was, a part of you may be wondering if your partner really thought you were wonderful, or if he or she was just being polite. Remember who you are. Finally, if you're still feeling insecure about your attractiveness, or your self-esteem is a little shaky in the morning light, remember the exercises you learned in Part I of this book. Recall the affirmations you created think about your attractive features and wonderful personality traits. Focus on the beautiful, seductive you that entire package that is so much more than the sum of all its parts.

Another Warning

So, I went on to more dates, more good and bad relationships, but now something had changed. I was more in control of what I did, and my self-confidence shot through the roof. Women were no longer intimidating to me. I started to share advice with family and friends, and I'm here to show you how to win the relationship game for you and the women in your life for that critical first few months of dating. I'm here to show you how to reclaim your masculinity and self-esteem, and in the process improve not just your dating, but also your life.

Is a Learned Skill

There are many ways to approach the elimination of a personal, deeply-rooted fear that's been interfering with your life desensitization, re-framing, anchoring, positive self-talk, or other forms of self-confidence training. But the best type of confidence is always a natural one that flows from simply knowing what the hell you're doing The military can take a bunch of pimple-faced kids fresh out of high school and turn them into competent, battle-ready soldiers in just a few short weeks. They come in fearful and uncertain and come out confident and full of pride by being forced into situations where they discover deep reservoirs of inner strength that they didn't know they possessed.

The Big Trap

Here's what happens when you fall into the trap Your mind is conditioned to consistency, as I discussed. As you date, you find yourself excited by meeting new women, but with a lack of understanding, your misses are much more frequent than your hits. This leads to discouragement. You start really doubting yourself, and your self-esteem takes a hit. LoserBoy starts talking to you more frequently, telling you how beating your head against the wall is good only so you can feel better when you stop. Then you feel more negative about the process. You stop being able to improve your technique because all you see is failures. You swear off dating for a while, often with a hidden animosity toward women. After all, the singles scene is vicious, isn't it