The Alpha Misconception

I can't help but laugh at all these DJs trying to project alpha status without anything more substantial than a superficial attitude. "I dress nice, I have bulging muscles, I am alpha, hear me roar!" Yeah, whatever you say dawg. If you are going to emulate the social structures of nature, then I say go the whole nine yards. Try going out into the wild with 20 of your boys and survive for a month and then talk to me about how alpha you are! OK maybe that is a little extreme, but for the sake of argument, let's look at a pack of wolves and see what determines alpha status. The alpha male is the biggest, baddest most skilled hunter of the pack. He commands respect for a very good reason. The other wolves do not follow his lead based only on his physical traits, but mainly because he is a bad-ass motherfucker with sharp instincts and a large set of wolf balls! You can bet your ass that the alpha doesn't need to remind himself he is the $hit or preen his fur to get wolf bitches!

So this raises a good question that you need to ask yourself. Aside from projecting a certain attitude or look, what makes you so damn special that you command respect and admiration? Here's a hint: Nobody, not other people, not yourself and certainly not wolves, will respect you for your words, appearances or attitudes. It is what you DO that counts! ACTIONS define who you are, how you see yourself and how others relate to you. So what actions will build confidence? Befriending everyone you meet and developing your social instincts is a great place to start. But what actions will make you SHINE with authentic confidence? The answer to that is the most infamous questions of all time...


What is the purpose behind this random, swirling madness? Man we love to drive ourselves crazy with this one but I believe it is simple. The world exists to teach us and we exist to learn, to grow, to change and to ENJOY the challenge of each lesson we are given. Take this idea alone to heart and you will see a big difference in how you handle your life! The problem we face is that a million paths are stretched out before us. There is just too much to learn so we are forced to choose, and many of us are not prepared to face this choice. I remember in college, one of the most common social questions aside from "Got any reefer?" was, "So, what's your major?" It boggled my mind how many people were spending thousands of dollars on their education and ended up taking Business Management because they had no funking clue what they really wanted to do with their lives! I would often pry out of curiosity. "But surely you must have some talent or passion in life." Blank expression as they formulate a response. "I'm not sure I have a talent" HUH?!!! Maybe I am just lucky, but I ever since I was a child I knew I wanted to be a musician. I always had an ear for music and was fortunate enough to have parents that supported my interests. To this day I thank them because they put me on a path we are all born to walk, although sadly few of us do...

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