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Revolutionary sex is a guide for an intimate relationship. The guidelines and steps in this book are critical in understanding your woman's anatomy to make her achieve the most pleasurable orgasm of her life. It won't matter anymore if she has endured the worst break up of her life in previous relationships. You just need to subscribe to this newsletter, and you will deal with problems like poor stamina, low confidence and boring routine sex that will lead to a health relationship. Revolutionary sex will enable you make the relationship spicy and give you tips to not only please your woman but also boost your confidence in bed. Revolutionary sex is will teach you about an exceptionally good sex. You will how to turn each other on using words and even talk about your G-spots, actualising your fantasies. There are great bonuses in case you cannot afford to miss out. This book is essential in every relationship. Do not hesitate to give it a try. More here...

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The author has done a thorough research even about the obscure and minor details related to the subject area. And also facts weren’t just dumped, but presented in an interesting manner.

As a whole, this e-book contains everything you need to know about this subject. I would recommend it as a guide for beginners as well as experts and everyone in between.

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Women want good sex and romance

Don Diebel Women don't want just sex - they want good sex and romance. Women's desires are much greater than most men realise. But, unlike men, who are mostly just after sex, women are looking for great sexual experiences. Women are very discriminating and choosy in picking sexual partners. They are only interested in having a sexual encounter with a partner that sexually arouses them and or promises, by his manner or image or personality, to be good in bed. Women want exciting, provocative, imaginative partners who will lead them through great sexual experiences. Though their sexual desire may be very high, they will pass up just any sexual encounter waiting to find the one that promises to be special. But women know that good sex is hard to find - once they have it, they will not let go easily )

Tip 26 The secret to Great Sex is all in your girls body style

The key to any awesome sexual relationship is having a sincere mutual affection for one another that extends beyond the bedroom. If you take care of her basic emotional needs, she will enthusiastically take care of your sexual needs without having to be bartered and cajoled into trying anything beyond the tried old missionary position. Enthusiasm is the deal breaker for men when it comes to sex -if you've got to drag her reluctantly into every little sexual act by performing 'doggie tricks' for her (crummy favors, changing your behaviors, dumping your friends, etc.) you are going to build up massive resentment before long, and we all know where that leads to no sex whatsoever And why shouldn't it . who the hell wants to give or take an orgasm from someone they're always pissed off at

Past sexual experiences

If there was ever an area about which to draw a blank, it has to do with past sexual experiences. Over, done with, irrelevant. Don't ask don't tell, even if tempted. You'll both regret any departure from this policy. See any pattern in the following list You should. All these topics relate to past sexual experiences to keep a lid on You're an adult, and human beings aren't perfect. Learn from your mistakes and move on. Like everybody else, you're a compendium of everything that's come before the people you've known (teachers, parents, sibs, the kindergarten bully, Sunday school teachers), the things you've done (your first kiss, dance lessons, strike-outs), and the things you've experienced (getting bad haircuts, developing crushes, receiving a favorite Valentine, getting a bloody nose, adoring favorite rock stars, losing report cards), and so on. Your sexual history is part of you, but the more you talk about it, the larger it's likely to loom....

The Steps To Getting Intimate

Emotional security and tenderness does not mean that you should be meek in bed with her. But it does mean you must begin with the emotional before the physical. All great sex with a woman starts with attention being paid to her emotions before it starts with attention to her body. Translation Foreplay, foreplay, and more foreplay. Teasing is an awesome form of foreplay. Don't rush into the sex part of sex with a new woman. (There is a time for just ripping your clothes off each other and jumping into sex, but that is for variety once you already know each other, or for those times when she is already bursting at the seams with passion.) Women aren't men, who are more direct and simple in what they want, be it a blowjob to a climax, or doggy style sex, or both. Rather, with women, you will drive them more wild with desire if, during foreplay, you not only take your time, but you also tease them massively, with a little of this, then stop, then give them a little of that. This is the...

Step 5 Extended Physical Intimacy

Now, go back to kissing her and start progressing further. Maybe stroke the inside of her thighs a couple times. Whatever you choose to touch, just don't stay there long. The best way to drive her crazy for you so that she will eventually cave in and want sex is to give her so much foreplay and erotic touch that she is almost in tears.

Guys search for sexual experiences in the same way that girls crave emotional ones

To relationships is sexual fulfillment. Therefore, we size women up in terms of attractiveness by imagining just how potentially awesome it would be to have sex with them. That's why fat ugly chicks don't get a second look from us we instantly recognize it would be unlikely that they could keep us sexually interested and erotically stimulated on a continual basis with bodies that don't turn us on visually. Same basic principle, different drug. The addicts are everywhere

When should you call a woman after having sex with her

I can't begin to tell you how important this tip is. After you have had sex with a woman you must call her the very next day (this is especially critical for a woman you have just met or very early in a relationship.) So, what's the big deal It's a very, very big deal to a woman giving her body to you.

Key One Her sexuality and YOURS shall be embraced

You have not been dating but making friends. You do not need twenty-five female friends. You are so non-sexual that you do not initiate contact. You do not TRY to talk to a woman that leads them aroused. Heaven forbid that a woman might think that you want to bang her Your passive and cautious talking with them, your posture, the way how you don't look at her since she might see the truth in your eyes- these are a few of the MANY WAYS you have been dodging not her sexuality BUT YOUR OWN.

Tip 1 Maximize your sex LIFE do not focus on single women

This usually comes from a poor overall sex life. This usually comes from the fact that the guy in question is more in to the IDEA of the chick than the actual sex with her, because obviously he isn't sleeping with her yet for this to be any problem at all. For the other guys who want to have sex with a lot of different women this same line of thinking can come in. In this case it comes in the form of the individual focusing too much on getting ONE specific chick in any given case of trying to seduce or attract women. Think in terms of your overall sex life and be mastery oriented rather than outcome oriented. What I mean by this is to simply think in terms of cultivating a good sex life for yourself. Rather than focusing on overcoming each individual chick you talk to and solving her .

How to Sex Her Right A Quick Guide to Advanced Sexual Performance

Ask 100 women and you'll hear this from at least 95 of them. Even the women that aren't very good in bed or haven't slept with a guy will answer the same way. It's become something of an assumption. Obviously this is a guy joke, but it just illustrates how orgasm-oriented most guys are when it comes to getting laid. In fact, some guys make love like they're just masturbating using a woman instead of their fist.

The Orgasmotron planting a posthypnotic suggestion

Here's an interesting piece for your enjoyment - planting a post-hypnotic suggeston to orgasm ) Well, sounds pretty unbelieveable, but then again, I've never tried it myself, so what do I know. Still, I would rather categorize this as interesting as opposed to useful for unless it is someone really-really special, I can't imagine taking the time to go through with the hassle of hypnotizing someone over the internet and even if I pull it off successfully, I can't help but wonder - now did I seduce her or what What specifically does she feel for me now Maybe all she wants from me from now on is for me to have her orgasm over the internet ) And unless I get off from that specifically, I am left with pretty much nothing at all ) Then again, it states below that two additional non-relevant post-hypnotic suggestions have been removed - might they have been the you feel incredibly attracted to me NOW commands ) Anyway, here's the experiment for you to believe or not ) Well, OK, here's an...

Online Dating Tips from the Author of Dynamic Sex Life

For those of you who do not know me I wrote the e-book Dynamic sex life as well as the now internet wide and famous Gunwitch method that has been translated in to several languages and is responsible for many many men improving their sex life tremendously in straight forward fashion.

Sexual Power

Meanwhile, Mom and Church, witnessing the verge of her womanhood, begin to instruct her to withhold sex, sermonizing that her body is a gift which she must save to give to someone special . But it's too late. She's already learned that it's not a gift, but stock in trade-boys are waiting in line to bring her presents and compete for her attention. She really doesn't understand what all the fuss is about, why they are so intent on getting into her pants . She has already assimilated the knowledge that her body is a tool, to be used for gain, not pleasure. Her mother continually warns her that nice girls don't , and the more she holds out, the bigger the pile of presents grows. She doesn't realize that nice girls don't is just a euphemism for dishonest prostitution that as she flirts and sticks out her breasts and wears sexually provocative clothing she is exchanging the promise of sex for gifts (money). And Mom is frantic to make sure that she remains a good girl (dishonest whore), so...


- Foreplay - Foreplay - Foreplay Remember what I said Women rarely climax solely from your rabid pelvic thrusting. She needs direct stimulation to achieve climax, and her psychological desire to have an orgasm must be present first. Foreplay is like lighting the fuse of her fireworks. It's a long fuse. Take your time. Foreplay is really nothing more than not hurrying. She wants it, and we know you want it, but the sooner you get to it, the sooner she'll be disappointed. For a woman, the satisfaction isn't in the climax or her orgasm it's in the buildup.


Going down on her isn't rated THE favorite sex act by women for nothing. Women love it. You need to be good at it. The place to start is by understanding her anatomy. You need to know where her clitoris is, as well as where her g-spot is located. The secret to giving her mind-blowing orgasms is to stimulate her consistently at both points, which means using your tongue externally, as your fingers work inside her to stimulate the g-spot. Use the

Sexual power signals

If this arrangement works it might work on one or both of two levels . It works on a superficial level if both parties perform the roles This would make it complementary If they're both happy with those roles then you're looking at sexual power heaven But then comes a problem Is one of those parties only performing their role because they want a quiet life Are they really miscast Or what if one or both change over time If the man's only being alpha because he feels it's expected of him or the woman's only acting compliant because it decreases conflict, then that partner is going to feel suppressed for most of his or her adult life or they're going to split and go elsewhere to find a more desirable fit Or they might stay in the relationship and have an affair that expresses their true dominance-versus-compliance nature

Never talk about sex

No need to ask her if you two will end up having sex tonight or what her favorite position is or if she ever had multiple orgasms. The reason you don't have to touch on the subject is because it is already assumed. If she has made it to your place, she is bound to have sex. Bringing it up before time will only turn her off. If you don't bring it up before hand, she will wonder herself if you are interested in making love to her . If she doesn't know, she doesn't have control of the situation anymore. What if she is talking about sex Can I talk too No. That is one irony of life. They can talk about it all they want and not look like pigs. We say tits and they turn into feminists.

Here is how women get disgusted by certain things

Dirty long nails are dangerous during foreplay, So given these super-powers, they are always on the look out for the clean guy. The one who won't be rubbing zits on them during foreplay. The one with the cut-nails that won't be scarring them up in you-know-where. The one with the fresh breath and brushed teeth where food parts can't be found.

The players mentality

One thing that I found out that can be very distracting is if you think about having sex with her while talking to her. It happens frequently to most guys. But it is not the right mentality to be in. This over-expectation of your conversation with her can make you feel nervous and tense. Further, you end up ignoring what she is saying while thinking of all the positions you two are going to be in. This way you can pace yourself and prevent from getting nervous from fantasizing on how great sex will be with her.

Sex music

But Anthony, I technically listen to anything during sex. Yes and no. Technically, yes, you can listen to tape with bus engine noises for all I care. But sex music is the type of music that enhances the sexual experience. Sex music is not porn music or some hardcore type techno. Sex music is something you and your girl can get down to and make love to. I love hip-hop, but it doesn't help one bit to set the mood for love sex. Sex music should set the pace yet not be too loud. It should serve as a catalyst to getting things in motion without anyone wanting to turn back. Sex music can not be listened to while driving. It relaxes the body yet stimulates the underpants. It may have lyrics but they don't have to be listened to. It should fuck it. Here are some of the band that produce the best sex music out there.

Who you want

Remember, the chances of you hooking up with any of these types of women are equal high society divas have just as much sex as club girls and trailer park chicks. At the same time, you may think, well, gee, in that case I'll just go screw around with high society divas, and maybe marry into money Not so fast you should choose your women at around the same level or below that you are in now. If you live in a trailer park and you strive to talk to a high society diva, and she asks you to get her a glass of Moet and you tell her you don't know what that is, your cover is blown. Even worse, she could state she wants to sleep at your pad tonight I don't want to be disheartening, but unless you are making it transparent that you are trailer park material and hoping that they have always fantasized about doing it on dirty sheets, your chances are pretty slim.

Bring them back

All these approaches can almost guarantee you to get laid on a one-night stand. The key thing to remember is that when trying to bring them back, you can't give her the impression that you just want to have sex with her (unless she has already told you she wants it). So you have to make the whole going back to my pad scenario seem like it happens every week on a friendly, nonsexual level. To create this impression, you might want to slip it into your dialogue earlier last week me and some female friends stayed up till the sun came out and watched it from my porch, it was so beautiful since I haven't seen a sunrise in years

Wanna party

You are plainly asking her if she wants to go back an drink some more, smoke up, check up on your dog whatever you can come up with. Together with the question you may let her know that your place right down the street, making it a convenient place to go. By asking her plainly, you also convey the notion that you are not asking if she wants to have sex you are asking her to just come and hangout. I recommend using this approach


Having sex all night long is like eating a huge bowl of salad It may taste good, it may be healthy and great. But your memory of that salad will get distorted after a few days. It won't just be a big salad. It will seem like an orchard full of greens. You may have liked it, but you can't eat an orchard every day.

Rules to abide by

I found it hard to describe how to have sex (since it's a subject that can fill the Kama-Sutra and 1000 other books, so I decided to include these rules some one emailed me on what not to do during it. Remember, it is about pleasing her, not just yourself. 1) NOT KISSING FIRST. Avoiding her lips and diving straight for the erogenous zones makes her feel like you're paying by the hour and trying to get your money's worth by cutting out nonessentials. A proper passionate kiss is the ultimate form of foreplay. 13) GIVING HER A WEDGIE DURING FOREPLAY. Stroking her gently through her panties can be very sexy. Pulling the material up between her thighs and 33) ARRANGING HER IN STUPID POSES. If she wants to do advanced yoga in bed, fine, but unless she's a Romanian gymnast, don't get too ambitious. Ask yourself if you want a sexual partner with snapped hamstrings. 40) THANKING HER. Never thank a woman for having sex with you. Your bedroom is not a soup kitchen. The only unnatural sexual act...

Dating Attraction Tips from the Author of The Dating Black Book

I've been teaching this stuff to people for years. I help men every day through my newsletter, ebooks, and audio programs at http and http I now offer a complete male self-confidence program at where you will learn the Secrets of the Alpha Man and how you can take control of your life - and your sex life.

Be the Alpha Dominant male

The Alpha male - I use this phrase a lot Here is quick run down of what it means to me. If you watch animal shows on PBS or Discovery Channel, many species have a dominant male who has sex with all the females in the group, while the other males get none while waiting for him to die or until they are tough enough to kick his ass and become the alpha male themselves. Many males never get to be an alpha male (never get laid). You have to be the MAN who has all the sexual power. And when a woman (no matter how hot) sees and feels the presence of a man whom she recognizes as the dominant one while SHE isn't, she does what every woman does - that is SURRENDERS to the more powerful being. And all that acting like she's hot and knows she's the stuff and all those other head up in the air tricks are just a test and a way to weed out all the men who are less powerful than her and don't know their role as a MAN.

Tip 3 How to Manage Pain

Guys just start out at a natural disadvantage in dating and sex. As young men we focus on being strong providers and enjoying ourselves, playing football and 'reading' Penthouse from time to time. Our sexual education is mostly comprised of a few bad porno movies, or our embarrassed father trying to explain the birds and the bees. (My dad's attempt was really bad. I walked away more confused than before he started talking.)

The higher the net point total the more alpha you are right now

Alpha Males do understand that women do crappy things when dating. But as long as the women in question keep putting out, that's their main concern. Alpha Males enjoy the chase and enjoy the wild sex and don't worry much about the last four quiz items in particular (honesty, fidelity, jealousy, and moodiness), because they can always trade in the old babe on a new babe when the old one gets tiresome.

Before We Go Any Further

While I respect everybody's beliefs, I feel it is my responsibility to offer advice that reflects contemporary reality. I do not advocate promiscuity, and I do believe that the most fulfilling sex takes place within the context of a loving relationship. However, most couples in our society have sex before marriage, and many have it even before there's any thought of commitment. How you handle the sequence of events in your own relationship is up to you, but in any case, the advice in this book can be applied whether or not you are married or in some other type of committed relationship. And one principle I feel strongly about is that of safe sex. (See Chapter 14.)

How to mask effectively

How hurtful would the truth be, or how damaging to your career or relationship How hurt would your mother be if you tell her what you really think of that sweater she knitted for you Or how detrimental would it be to your love life if you told your partner you'd had better sex with someone else This could be a powerful motivator to create a convincing mask

Why Attraction Is Illogical What Does Attract Women Replicators

Or to put it another way, your brain is designed to make sure you have as much sex as possible. Of course it helps you gather food, build shelter, avoid danger, etc., but everything it does to keep you alive is to allow you to live longer in order to have more chances to pass on your genes. There are two key implications to this idea 2. There are millions of years of evolution driving us to reproduce by having sex. Since attraction is what leads us to have sex, attraction is firmly tied to the biology resulting from that evolutionary history.

Lesson Three Chasing Cars And Women

What's that, you say Oh, sure -- we hear you. You know exactly what you want. Sex. Wild sex. Wild kinky sex. With the lights on. Multiple positions. Multiple orifices. Your goal is very clear. You want to get laid, damn it Or perhaps it's late at night, or you've both had lots to drink. You might end up conking out after sex. And then you'll awaken the next morning and there the two of you are, nuzzled up against one another.

Tip 28 How do you ask a woman on a date

About the Author Carlos Xuma is one of the most popular online advisors for men. His sites - The Seduction Method (http, Dating Dynamics (http, Alpha Man Seduction (http offer men a variety of resources to improve their dating and sex life.

Getting Started Understanding Relationships

Women are not like men in their thinking about sex and relationships. You need to accept this Truth. Too many men spend their entire lives trying to figure out women, or understand them. You don't need to understand, only accept them as they are and take it from there. Once you observe female behavior and stop trying to put it into your terms can you move beyond the behaviors that have held you back.

Its All Subconscious With

You see, a woman's interest in mating always begins deep within the limbic portion of her brain where her most basic instincts for procreation reside. All your efforts to seduce her must take into account an essential duality of her psychology so that you are simultaneously stimulating two divergent parts of her consciousness in order to lead her along towards that coveted moment of sexual surrender. 1) You petition her higher conscious mind with your words and the intriguing content of your speech. At the same time, 2) you must quickly begin to signal your desirability as a sexual partner to her unconscious limbic brain with your attitude and subliminal behavior patterns. You must get both aspects of this mojo working correctly, or any budding seduction will fizzle with stunning dispatch. And you will soon be the one being dispatched

Turning your fantasy self to reality

Don't misunderstand me Fantasies aren't exclusively or even primarily about sex. They're just about what you want without hearing your mom or your Sunday school teacher or your big brother saying no. Fantasies are just feelings given form, and they are safe if understood.

Tip 19 Remember that women enjoy sex as much if not more than men

However, the truth is that women love sex, and want sex probably even more than men. What women want though, before sex, is a guy who knows how to AMP up their sexual desire by engaging in FOREPLAY. Although some women don't need foreplay, it's usually a good idea to use foreplay with a woman you don't know well. The trick to foreplay is to avoid contact with the primary erogenous zones while stimulating everything else. In fact, you can even engage in a form foreplay by just coming in super close proximity to a woman without touching- imagine the sexual tension you would create by moving in within a half-inch of a woman's lips and just staying there for a long moment without touching, and then pulling away from her face. The more you ensure she has great sex, I guarantee you the more your phone will be ringing off the hook.

How Does Your Blood Smell

The curious thing is that there's doesn't seem to be any similar capability among males. We're programmed primarily to look for the visual signs of healthy child-bearing capability in the women we find attractive i.e., youthfulness, 0.7 hip-to-waist ratio, large breasts, etc. However, it's interesting to note that women, too, are programmed just like men to seek out the perfect partner for procreation, it's just that their sensory apparatus makes their detection methodology different. Since men use vision we can stand back and make all the assessments we need to make remotely from a distance. Women, though, need to get in close and actually get a whiff of a man. Imagine that This whole thing becomes especially complicated in modern life because clothing and deodorant soaps and colognes can interfere with her olfactory assessment, in effect masking our true genetic nature from her. This is why it might take several dates, and probably a casual encounter where she can get a sniff of...

Body language rules rule 3 be prepared to get out of your comfort zone

So here's the deal if you want to make excuses to yourself about why you should go on producing low-impact or poor-quality body language messages that could well be sinking your career and your love life, then you're an idiot and a sissy and you need to put this book down right now and go back to The Lady or The Idiot's Guide to Cross-stitch or something because we're about to part company at this juncture

If you wear a well puttogether outfit you will look sharp and portray more confidence

The way you dress actually will change how you behave. Think about it if you wore a clown costume all day, you would feel silly and goofy. So if you want to have more sex appeal, wear something that makes you feel sexy. Women will respond to the image you project. Figure out what image you portray now and then make the necessary changes in your wardrobe to attain your desired image. Whatever image you want to give women be sure to act the part. You should consider all behavior that attributes to your overall personal image - physical gestures, eye contact. Use your clothes to emphasize your desired image

Wanna play the dating game Um lets see

You've gone to a movie and are now having a bite to eat at a restaurant make sure she pays for her movie and for her meal you don't want to be wasting your money until she has expressed her interest in you in a most convincing fashion - has had sex with you ) . Instead of letting the date drag on to that awkward time when she finally says she has to go home, maintain control of the evening you should be running patterns here, getting kino, making her feel connected to you, getting her horny and wet etc, but this whole dating advice is obviously intended for those lacking the appropriate skills ) . While the conversation is still good, while the date is still going well, announce that it's getting late and it's time to go. Tell her that you enjoyed the evening what a lie, your goal wasn't to stuff your stomach and see a movie, your goal was to tongue her down, make her horny like she'd never been and give her the orgasm of her life ) and that you are...

Are you socially IN or socially OUT

This is changing as social and cultural shifts occur, but it is still a part of a woman's upbringing. It's also a part of her genetic disposition to be very cautious about who she has sex with, because sex has always meant the possibility of a lifelong obligation to raising a child if she got pregnant. We've only had reliable birth control for the last 150 years or so.

The Mystery of Mysteries

These boys are not exactly feminine, but they certainly aren't masculine. They are neither. They are the androgenous blob who, without a spine, is clay to fit to any woman's desires or whims. Nice guys love women as a drowner loves a life preserver. He clings on to her because he cannot swim the waters of Nature. Tossed and tossed he becomes through his love life.

The Guaranteed Danger of Marriage

But if you're like many men, the idea of marriage may hold some appeal to you anyway because you assume it means that you'll get regular sex (which, to a horny guy who doesn't get laid often, can sound pretty good). However, we've got bad news for you if that's the case Your wife has no obligation to have sex after marriage. And you can be charged with rape if you persist -- not quite what you had in mind, we'll wager.

Avoiding Certain Places Like the Plague

1 The office I know, you think, Well, it's nonthreatening and familiar. Yeah, and everybody will know about it, and one of you will very likely get fired. Work is about competence, and anything that interferes with that is poison. Most of us succumb to the M*A*S*H philosophy of life, based on the popular TV series, but think about it this way Want to lose your job and your love at the same time Dating someone from the office confuses your work life with your love life and makes you a likely target of office gossip.

The Structure of a Pickup

To understand the process of meeting and seducing a woman you must first know how to attract her and once she is hooked how to build wide and deep rapport with her. The goal here is to create connections on two emotional levels first on a primal instinctual sexual level and then on an emotional understanding commonalities level. If you learn to do this correctly and consistently, you will become a formidable seducer. In previous sections we talked about why attraction happens. In this section we will go further by explaining how it happens and the process of seduction as a whole. That's why first, we must create attraction. If you have sexual attraction, she will want to know you better and connect with you. She will often start asking for rapport by giving you leading questions or offering up personal information. Then you can move into rapport together without having to Our main objective is to appeal to her emotional nature completely by satisfying her on the basic sexual level and...

Understanding Social Conditioning

A hundred years ago, women who had sex or children before or outside marriage were labeled whores. Some girls still grow up with no sex before marriage drilled into their heads by their parents. A guy who lays a new woman every day is considered a player. But even today, after the sexual revolution, a girl who does the same thing is called a slut. From early childhood, girls are told by their mothers and fathers to be careful about dating and men. Even when she's on her own, social influences are wired so deeply into a girl's brain that she might not be able to have sex with a guy she wants, but hardly knows. A girl I know was brought up in a strict Christian manner. At the age of 19, she tried to have sex with a guy she loved. She ended up crying and being unable to continue just before the act. She had to marry someone she didn't love, then divorce him in two years to get rid of the whole no sex before marriage dogma planted deep in her brain by her mother over the years. It took...

Pain is the sensation of weakness leaving your body

Guys just start out at a natural disadvantage in dating and sex. As young men, we focus on being strong providers and enjoying ourselves, playing football and 'reading' Penthouse from time to time. Our sexual education is mostly comprised of a few bad porno movies, or our embarrassed father trying to explain the birds and the bees. (I remember my dad's attempt was pretty awful.)

Being The Man Pivotal Moments

It also means you don't get so excited when a girl wants you. After all, you're a great catch if you are THE MAN, so what's the big news that she wants you So what if she gives you her number, or goes out with you, or has sex with you It was her pleasure as much as it was yours.

If she is with a friend a group of friends

Gets interesting - she's gonna think her friend is probably already making out and having all the fun, maybe even having sex already ) While her friend is probably thinking the same thing ) So being separated and not knowing what the other one is doing, both of them are much more receptive to all sorts of advances )

The Secret Language of

The truth about this last point is that there's hidden communication involved in discussing sex with women. Nervousness or reluctance to discuss sex with a woman does not come across as gentlemanly or sensitive. The topic of sex connects to the idea of the girl you are talking to, and creates the possibility of your having sex with her. If you don't think she would want to have sex with you which means that you don't think you are worthy of her you will not want to create this idea in her mind. So you will avoid talking about sex, because we often try to avoid negatives, especially rejection. First of all, avoiding the topic of sex reveals that when you think of it, you automatically think of sex with her. Secondly, not talking about it reveals that when you do think of sex with her, you think she would find that undesirable. NOT TALKING ABOUT SEX BECAUSE YOU DON'T WANT HER TO KNOW YOU'RE THINKING ABOUT IT IS EXACTLY WHAT TELLS HER YOU ARE THINKING ABOUT IT AND THAT YOU'RE NOT WORTHY...

Evolution And Instincts

I'm sure you've watched the Discovery Channel once or twice. In the animal kingdom, there is an interesting concept. In a herd of elephants, for example, there are many females, but only one male, who sexes all of them. This is the alpha male. If another male wants to have sex with the alpha male's females, he has to challenge him, which results in a fight. Either the challenging male wins and takes the harem, or the alpha male remains in his position. Females are designed to give birth to one or a few offspring at a time. A male can spread his semen among the females in his herd and have many progeny. This process guarantees that the offspring inherit the most powerful genes and that there is a strong alpha male to protect them. What can we learn from this A girl meets two kinds of guys in her life the providers and the real Men. She will marry a provider and have sex with the real Man. The real Man creates

Eliciting values the answers

NYC, ASF Do all this asking questions, eliciting values BEFORE telling her about yourself. Then selectively edit or FABRICATE your existence to always fit the things that she told you HERSELF are positive things and AVOID what she told you HERSELF are negative things. Some chicks like aggressive men and some like passive men that they can cuddle with and EVENTUALLY have sex with. Find out FIRST which one she wants and THEN project that image to her. What happens is that she notices that you are displaying many traits that she looks for in a sex-partner and none of the negative traits that she uses to weed guys out. She keeps thinking about this and reinforces it in her own mind and decides that you are right for her to fuck. In this situation, how you REALLY FEEL is irrelevant. You are tailoring your personality to her tastes in order to BE THAT MAN that she wants to fuck and she will see it in you and your job will be much easier than if you explained your true nature to her and took...

The Psyche Of A Woman

Of all the guys I have to choose from, you interest me right now, But that doesn't mean that it's going to stay this way. Every few minutes my mood and feeling toward you is going to change. This feeling could range from I hate you to I love you to Tm bored to I want to have sex with you and anywhere in between, and it won't necessarily make any sense how it changes. As long as you can keep me wanting more, and keep me guessing, and keep my emotions and body interested, I'm yours. As soon as I feel like I've figured you out or I feel like you're becoming predictable or you become a clingy Wussy,,, or you lose your status in front of me, my inner magnetism toward you will switch off, all by itself. There will be nothing I'll be able to do about this, so DONT SCREW THIS UP.

Delayed Gratification Go SLOW

The traits that run contrary to the self-confident male qualities I've noted stand out in stark comparison. I won't cover them in detail, since we're here to focus on what to do, not on what not to do. Suffice to say that you should watch out for any actions that undermine a presentation of cool calm confidence. The examples of anti-male role models are out there in droves today. While I enjoy the television show Scrubs as a funny diversion, the men on that show are a pitiful example of masculinity, openly backing down from any kind of confrontation with a woman as if she owns their balls. They all act as though the scariest thing in their lives is to stand up to disrespectful and demeaning behavior from the women in their lives. Any entertainment that addresses women as superior by virtue of sexual power is a bad choice.

On The Nature Of Sexuality

Diesel, I used to think the same about women at one point. But I cannot walk away from a riddle. And what better riddle is there but woman It ended up blossoming into studying sexuality itself, and how it transcends the sex act itself. You will find it in art, business, politics, society in general.

Delivering patterns tonality

Presenting her with the text accomplishes you nothing, the words itself will not make her feel anything. You have to be the text you deliver, you have to feel it with her, be with her every step of the way. until the final eruption ) (Yes, women have been reported to have orgasms simply by listening to patterns being delivered the right way ). So memorising the patterns presented in this guide does nothing for you, unless you really live out and not simply recite every word to her. Ross Wrong, here are the vowels. AAAA, EEEE, IIII, OOOO, UUUU. Those are the vowels. So we're going to do an exercise. Put one hand on your chest so you can feel the residence of your voice, take a deep breath, put your head back and say with me. AAAA, EEEE, IIII, OOOO, UUUU. Welcome to the five hour orgasm. Ok. When you speak to a woman, you should be speaking such that your voice resinates. When you practice these patterns out loud, and you must practice every pattern OUT LOUD. Not in your head. Out loud,...

New Paradigm Of Women For

Pathetic loser 500,023 so far in my life, and he's just salivating at the thought of worshipping me, kissing my feet and ass, this guy probably hasn't had sex in his entire life, he must be garbage, after all, not all guys treat me like I am god, only desperate guys treat me like I am god ugh, he's so .so non-masculine, so unsexy, so the hell do I get rid of this guy as quickly and maybe, just maybe, politely as I can. After all, I don't give a damn about him, but I don't want to destroy his feelings, at least not at this given moment.

Also known as disarming the obstacles

One more thing - once you've disarmed the obstacle or obstacles and engaged the target, and this is critical, you need to separate her from her friend or friends. If she is with a friend, you better have a wingman to keep the obstacle busy and help in the effort of separating them. Very many girls don't like to be seen kissing or touching someone in front of others or friends. They have the issue of reputation to deal with etc. But once you're in a private place, she's free to do whatever she wants without having to think oh no, what's my friend going to think about this, is she gonna tell anyone or my boyfriend or mom etc. Let's say you separated two friends, you're with one girl and your wingman with another girl someplace else. You and the girl have no idea what you're your wingman and her girl are doing. But that doesn't mean you can't imagine This is where it gets interesting - she's gonna think her friend is probably already making out and having all the fun, maybe even having...

Mental Screen pattern

NS Now, on that same screen recall a time you felt the most incrdible sensation that you have EVER experienced (first orgasm is almost always the response). Picture it and open your eyes when you feel it the most intensely (this gets her to see your face RIGHT AFTER those feelings. Ross prefers to have someone wag their finger and you anchor it like that.) Open your mine to me and allow the sound of my voice to PENETRATE your thoughts. DB (opens eyes) NS What did you see DB BLAH BLAH BLAH

Peak Experience pattern

You Well, thank you (whatever-your-name-was). And you know, for a lot of people falling in love, or an orgasm are peak experiences, but for me, it's music. Like, the other night I was listening to Mozart, and I don't know if you are familiar with him or not ( Moe who - at least that's what Arnold Schwartzenegger responded with in Last Action Hero ), but some of his stuff is just a series of short little musical segments like little pecks on the cheek, and with some of his stuff those segments just GET LAID (whatever-your-name-was), from end to end, and keep getting repeated. But his really great stuff is composed of these long, slow, lingering movements they're like long, slow, lingering kisses long slow lingering caresses, and you just FEEL ALL OF THAT ALL OVER YOUR BODY when you LISTEN TO ME. NOW it's an incredible thing you know. Ross Jeffries This induces a pretty damn loosened up, altered state and you've already dropped in a few good sexual metaphors too. What's CRITICAL is you...

Delivering patterns general rules

Doesn't patterning sound unnatural (Ross Jeffries ) When you learn how to do Speed Seduction according to that, it ceases to be about mind-fucking and ramming memorised patterns into a (hopefully ) co-operative subject, and becomes a mutual exploration of how you think and how she thinks about certain topics, that naturally would lend themselves to pattern type talk even if you didn't know a thing about Speed Seduction Using the pattern language, therefore, in this context is utterly natural, incredibly powerful, and allows you to actually learn something about the woman on a very deep level while you are creating incredible connections, sexual feelings, etc. etc.

SEX Dont Jump the Gun or You Might Shoot Yourself in the Foot

But please don't let the action get much sexier than a lingering kiss (which, of course, can be very sexy indeed). I always advise against having sex too early in a relationship, especially on the first date. Besides the obvious danger of sexually transmitted diseases, consider this Beyond the inevitable emotional gamble of having sex early in a relationship, there is the very real danger of contracting a sexually transmitted disease. Even if a person seems nice, or not the ''type1* to carry such a disease, that certainly is not an accurate measure of his or her physical health. Too many nice people have had their lives forever changed or even ended because they had sex with someone whose disease simply wasn't evident, I ask you to be intelligent and responsible when making choices that can dramatically affect your own life and that of your partner, Having sex with someone whom you haven't really gotten to know is a sure-fire way to short-circuit even a potentially steamy...

Situation 4 Singles Bar nondance

As always, a woman never wants to feel like you are interested in her solely to have sex with her. You have to make her feel good enough about you - and her - to go along with your seduction. You can best pull this off by teasing her and busting her chops. You'll want to memorize these approaches, as well as create some of your own to use. The more you practice in this environment, the better you'll get.

Sex in the 90s and Beyond A Cautionary Note

It's a sad fact of life that when we think about sex these days, we have to consider the growing danger of sexually transmitted diseases, or STDs. A few decades ago, before STD became the acronym of choice, the biggest sex-related hazard besides getting PG was catching VD. Syphilis and gonorrhea were the most common of these venereal diseases, and were curable if caught in time. The freewheeling '70s brought another affliction (that is, besides disco and leisure suits) genital herpes. Herpes, unfortunately, is incurable, although symptoms can be brought under control, and the condition isn't fatal. Have you discussed AIDS and other STDs to your mutual satisfaction Given all of the hazards we've just discussed, I'm astonished that so many couples don't talk to each other about STDs. You might think this problem is restricted to younger people, who traditionally behave as if they don't take their own mortality seriously. But many older couples are reluctant to face this issue, as well....

When Lust Hits Go Slow

In a previous chapter, we mentioned that one good reason for taking your time is that it gives you both an opportunity to build the tension. Of course, there are many other reasons to wait. To begin with, when you let yourself get confused by passion or blinded by lust, there's a danger that you will either enter into a sexual relationship with the wrong person, or with the right person at the wrong time. Either one of these possibilities can have serious consequences for your happiness.

SoHow Can I Tell If This Is the Right Person

I have devised a few questions to give you a better idea of whether or not the person you want to seduce is someone you should be having sex with. Some of the questions will look familiar, because they appeared in the Rate Your Date section in Chapter 13. But now that you are moving ever closer to having sex with this person, you need to ask them of yourself again. Review all the questions below, and answer them honestly. By doing so, you will develop a clearer picture of what your prospective lover is like, and you'll also get a better idea of your own needs. Is this a person who you want to become more like When you have sex with someone, you are exchanging more than body fluids. You also exchange energy. No, I'm not going off on a metaphysical tangent here. The truth is, as you become more intimate with another person, you become more alike. You pick up aspects of each other's personalities, some of each other's pet phrases or cherished opinions, even some of each others' habits...

Speed Bumps on Lifes Highway

7 he time span between the end of date number two and the beginning of the rest of your love life is a sort of like lust love limbo. It's all about potential. You're in the what's-going-to-happen-next mode. It's not a relationship yet. It's not a full-fledged friendship, either. It's an exciting, sexy, mysterious, scary, thrilling sort of thing which is just what this stage is supposed to be. It's a time to take it slowly, take stock, keep it all in perspective, and accept your topsy-turvy emotions for what they really are a natural reaction to what potentially, plausibly, conceivably, hopefully, fingers-crossed, if everything works out, may one day (possibly) be.

Chapter Three Getting Physical

Before I start, I want to explain that you don't have to have genital to genital contact or sex with her now, but it is important to at least get physical with kissing and cuddling, petting, to establish yourself as a sexual being. God knows, we are living in a crazy society that glorifies brainless sex with strangers, and at the same time we all know the dangers of unsafe sex. Forget the b.s. you see on TV and movies where no one uses condoms or gets tested. THAT'S BULLSHIT. I recommend keeping your fluids and her fluids to yourselves before getting tested to see if this is a wise choice. So you can take your time getting to know this person (it will only make you more valuable and appear less sex-desperate anyway) and have sex with her later. And if you want, you can always get to know her, and you might decide you actually like her as a person, and want a relationship. I say you get to know each other and get tested for STD's. If you are in a committed relationship, and then you...

My maddening failure was that I always ended up being friends instead of lovers

Sheesh What a pain in the ass this seduction stuff is Once we get over our fear of attempting it, now we've got to actually demonstrate some skill and knowledge to close the sale and maneuver her into a sexual relationship I guess it's really no different than learning to fly an airplane or something - once we get over our fear of flying so that we can climb into the cockpit, now we've got to actually learn what the hell all those switches and controls do Becoming a pilot requires a certain degree courage to even attempt at first, and then the proper training and acquisition of actual skills to complete the job afterwards. Welcome to flight school 101.

The Bottom Line Choose with Care

Things may have been simpler in the old days, when the only officially sanctioned sex took place within marriage. Nowadays, going to bed with somebody no longer necessarily means a lifetime commitment. Even so, I believe sex is far too important to be entered into frivolously, and choosing a sexual partner is not to be taken lightly. If you want your seduction experience to be truly delicious and sweet, you must take time to consider the wisdom of your choice before you abandon yourself to passion. As artist and writer Kent Nerburn wrote, Choose carefully and tenderly. Touch has a memory of its own. It does indeed, and if you are mindful of your choices, that memory will be one of perpetual delight.

Will the real Barbie please stand up

At this early stage of dating (I'm talking about the first several weeks or months), I want you to forget about sex for now and free your horses. Be yourself. Let your date see the real you. Get out of your own way and reveal your unique beauty. Instead of making love, make another date to do something that will bring you closer emotionally, such as

Sex is Natural pattern

You Well, we're adult's now, aren't we We can talk about sex in an intelligent way, can't we Her Uhhh yeah You I agree. And I think that SEX is much more than that. It's human nature SEX ensures that our species will survive and that's why SEX IS PROGRAMMED DEEPLY INSIDE YOUR MINE. It's like there's this voice (pause, point to your own mouth or throat hahaha ambiguity) inside YOUR MINE, which is actually, your vocalized URGES and DESIRES and as you LISTEN TO THIS VOICE, it's telling you YOU WANNA HAVE SEX, YOU WANNA HAVE SEX YOU NEED TO HAVE SEX YOU NEED TO HAVE SEX. NOW, WITH ME, this is all so natural You may not ACT ON IT, or JUST DO IT, but the point is, it's a DESIRE a natural, AROUSING URGE ME, I TAKE THIS IN (point to dick) with an open mind.

Regarding conflicting advice

But I believe that when it comes to this the men enjoy taking the lead. Am I wrong Do you want us to pay Maybe you do with someone you just want to have sex with but not with someone you really dig No Even my DJ paid every time we went out. Of course, he mostly just came over to my place for sex LOI_____

The Role of Sex in a Relationship

After all, it's how little birds and buffaloes and Bobbies happen. Of course, for most animals and plants, there is a season in other words, their sex drives are controlled purely by biology. But although we humans still have the monthly reproductive cycle, we let our heads and our hearts and our genitals completely overtake it. Add to that the fact that sex has various social and economic connotations, based on the societies in which we live, that affect the meaning and variety and acceptance and rules of sex. Yeah, the equipment is all the same, but the meaning and variety and acceptance and rules are all governed by heads and hearts, not genitals. The point is that we all live in a society that has rules about sex what's important here is what sex means to you and your partner.

Identifying the right time

The right time to have sex is when you aren't asking anything more than sex from your partner. You know this person, like and trust him or her, and aren't using sex to get power, presents, or a date or as a sign of anything other than mutual interest. If you're looking for signs, read tea leaves or traffic lights. It's never the right time until 1 You've talked about it. By talking about sex, you find out what each of you thinks (that's why before you can talk, you have to know your own mind). If you can't talk about sex, it's too soon to have sex if you don't trust each other enough to talk, why would you take your clothes off in front of the other person It's best to have this conversation about sex when you're both dressed and sober. You've had more than three or four dates. No, this doesn't mean everybody has to have sex by the sixth date, but certainly, have it no sooner than the fourth date. How can you trust your judgment, let alone know your heart, before that You're not...

Step 6 Close the Sale

Now, this doesn't mean have sex and still be by yourself, the way a lot of men rush their way through sex with a woman. And what I mean by 'still being by yourself' is when a guy gets in bed with a woman, then he merely uses her to get himself off, and then he leaves her feeling used and practically violated. You owe it to the woman Learn good sexual techniques. Turn every opportunity you get in bed with a woman into a potential learning experience. Hell, she doesn't even have to know you're inexperienced, as long as you ask in the right way. And, honestly, women love getting a man who may be a little unsure but is eager and willing to learn. If you want to heat up her flames of desire, you want to be careful not to throw too much water on them. Go with it. You will find as you date and get more experience, and more successes, that you will get enough sex along the way to be pickier about when and who you sleep with. This is very empowering. Just...

Male Deference To Females

Meanwhile, the steers do without the sex and are fattened up for an early slaughter. Both are economic beings that work for the benefit of their owners, but the prize bulls have the better gig (having sex for a living versus becoming tomorrow's ground round on your dinner table). a The less deference you exhibit, the more and better sex you're likely to get.

Proceeding instead of closing

Though we spent a few hours together before this happened, the point that I'm trying to make is the fact that meeting a girl for the first time can turn into more than an exchange of phone numbers and a possible date down the road. In this case, having slept together, how hard do you think it would be to ask her out on a date In her mind it would only be natural that we continue our relationship by going out together, and yes, more sex. But at the same time, the fact that we both had the time to talk and get to know each other right away was the deciding factor. If we were under time constraints and constantly interrupted, the most we would have accomplished would have been the exchange of numbers and perhaps another date.

The Last Ditch Attempt

This is where you'll probably get to hear her final objections, and you can do your best to handle them and complete the seduction. Whatever happens, do not argue or try to counter-justify her objection. If she thinks you're going to fight or argue with her to convince her to have sex, you won't stand a chance of turning her around. Again, this is really a last-ditch attempt to complete the sale and it is by no means guaranteed. It's only for the situation where you feel that you might be able to expose and handle her last remaining objection. Some women's minds are made up, and you can't change them. You should just learn from the experience, and remember just how much fun you had all the way to this point. Just because you didn't have sex doesn't mean it was a failure. Make sure you keep this process fun for yourself.

If Life Seems Hard And Unhappy Read This

I was wrong to hope this website would make my love life easier. What a portrait of mankind Here I was, only looking for easier ways to get laid. Now I am reexamining my entire life I now think of things I never thought about and consider things I've never considered. The goal-posts keep moving further and further. This website has made life HARDER, not EASIER. But the question is not whether your love life is harder or easier but whether it is true.

What goes wrong if you skip the steps

There are a lot of guys reading this chapter thinking about why they have some girl in their lives who considers them her best friend. She tells them all of her problems, thanks them for being such a great friend, gives them a kiss on the cheek, and on the weekend has sex with some other guy who rewards her by mistreating her.

When you first kiss a woman on a date dont ask for it

Most women will want to wait until the goodbye part of the first date to give you the first kiss. We've been taught this is how it's done, but you'll still run into women who won't kiss on the first date and women who think you don't like them if you don't try to have sex with them in the first five minutes of the date.

Cruise Control Now She Takes Over

Once you've gotten past the First Kiss, the ball is solidly in her court -- and whether or not the two of you will be having sex shortly is strictly her call now. She understands that she will either be offering you the opportunity very soon, or she will be calling the whole thing off.

Your Ability to Deliver on Her Four Primary Emotional Needs

He said this, she did that, blah blah blah and so it goes. It never seems to end the bickering, the hurt feelings. What the hell is going on Is this the price we have to pay for the simple desire to have sex with someone that we actually like difficult to have sex with. Then you'll be faced with either having to dump her or play kiss-ass and make up all the time, neither which is very appealing. Of course, if she's often hysterical and you find yourself exhausted trying to keep her grounded in reality, then you might want to cut your losses and get out before she drags you down into mental hell along with her. You'll have to use your own best judgement here. How to Show Her that You can Deliver on this Need Big Time While you're Still in the Dating Stages I'll admit this is a tough one to demonstrate with true sincerity. She expects that you'll do silly romantic stuff when you're first dating because she knows that you think it's the gateway into her pants. How you'll keep it up (the...

Sex and critical topics

After she is loosened up in your company and you have a comfortable amount of rapport, trust and comfort with her, you can shift the conversation toward a more sexual orientation so she will be ready for the first kiss. The topic of sex is something you can never be direct about. You can't ask a girl Do you want to have sex with me even if you think she does. What you can do is to arouse her with words by talking about sexual experiences and themes to evoke such feelings in her then slowly advance physically till she is ready and wanting sex herself. 3. Questions about sex ideal for arousing her and making her think about the topic ask them only if she seems comfortable with it 21. Have you ever had sex on the first date 22. How often do you have sex when you are in a relationship 23. Where's the most bizarre place you ever had sex 24. Have you ever had sex in public 26. When did you have sex for the first time 29. What's the most extreme thing you've done while having sex 30. What...

The Center of Attention

Betty had some mother issues (not unusual for women as a whole, but this case was pretty obvious.) They obviously had never gotten along, and there was some long-running issues with the rest of her family. So I knew there were some pretty typical self-esteem issues at work with her. Betty also knew she was gorgeous, and flaunted her sexuality with every man she came in contact with. We would often talk about her search for a boyfriend on the Internet, and I saw first hand how every single guy she met screwed up with her from the start. Many of them would send her flowers on the first date, or even before the first date. Others appeared to bow to her every whim. It was entertaining to watch most of the time.

Reading the signs of a committed woman

A chick that is taken gives herself to her boyfriend so he can fuck her. Now the pressure is on the guy to perform. Unless the guy is still HOT for the chick, the sex is routine or most importantly ORGASMLESS for the woman. When she meets you, she feels that DESIRE to be with a man. She feels YOUR DESIRE to please her and take your pleasure from her. It is that ROMANTIC kind of interaction that she doesn't get from her boyfriend coming home, turning on the TV, watching sports, feeling her up for a second (lack of foreplay is a MAJOR turnoff) and fucking her until HE cums and falling asleep. As long as she feels like she can get away with it and still have her hum-drum relationship intact, she will fuck you. You would be surprised how many women are taken but nowhere near SATISFIED Ray Parker made the point that HBs are NEVER without a man. They keep the one they have until they hook up something new. Then they skip off, so if you are waiting for an HB to become SINGLE, you can forget...

Techniques The Man Does Not Need But Should At Least Know

They don't need to manipulation to want to have sex with THE MAN. These techniques are based on trying to make her feel certain emotions or states of mind. They involve anything from trying to get her to IMAGINE having sex with you, to getting her into a sexual state. Getting her into a sexual state will then make her more easily feel sexual feelings with you. Another psychological technique Not only tricking her to get her into a sexual state, but also surreptitiously making her think of having sex with you. You can be speaking to her at the coffee shop, and you can elicit the strategy she has internally for feeling turned on, and then apply that strategy

The Right One Defined

The second thing to remember is that, in your initial fog of horniness soon after you've first met, a lot of different types of women can give you a woody. Hell, you've been eyeing up the family dog lately, haven't you Admit it. There is a point where you'll fuck anything, and that's okay. Just remember, she might be able to turn you on big time at first, but will you become desensitized to her physical charms after a short while and have to struggle to get it up Only you can know this sort of thing for sure, but it's something that you should consider in the early stages in order to save yourself a lot of grief, heartbreak and tears later on. Is this girl going to be able to keep me turned on, or will I get bored and tied of having sex with her If you're cross-eyed with Whether you can make this determination right away before having sex with her even one time, or if you will need to nail her a few times to see if the fires die quickly is something that only you can decide how to...

Men fail to do anything at all

When the time comes, you never want to flat-out talk about it - just start the wheels in motion and let it naturally lead you from first to fourth base. We're going to talk more about sex tactics in the next section, but as far as one-night stands go - you never want to be too blunt about it.

Shell fvck you if you show her its ok to do so

SS pats its own shoulder by saying, With this knowledge you will influence and alter women's behavior. Yet, it is admitted that women WILL have sex very freely as long as that frame of mind (slut fear) is in place and so you must tear that down (which only we can because MEN create the boundaries of society).

Networking and pivots

NYC (ASF) BASICALLY it's use it or lose it. She has first right of refusal. We are either going out as a guy and a girl that are going to be all over each other and fuck at the end of the night, OR we are going out as ME trying to get more bitches and you doing whatever the fuck YOU want to do, OR we are not going out at all Imagine taking your own PERSONAL COCK BLOCKER with you somewhere FUCK THAT If she's not interested in having sex with me, it's INSTANT LJBF and I will describe to her her role in getting me other chicks. I also tell her DIRECTLY that I want to meet all her girlfriends. If she isn't down with that, she's THROUGH Pretty graphic but to the point, NYC ) See also The pivot theory for an elaboration on this. The magic of pivots further explained by Johnny Shack (http If you are going to the same place all of the time then it is a good idea to meet up with girls and hang in a group. Have you ever noticed how girls pay you obvious attention when you are...

The Difference Between Dating And Friendship

Friendship carries on due to similiar interests, having fun, and so on. Dating marriage occurs and ensues due to addiction. Some guys suspect that it is sex that the guys are addicted to. This misses the mark. We have been so conditioned to find females in our presence normal, that when they are not there, it becomes abnormal. As has been observed, older married couples don't have sex. So how does the couple keep working Addiction. This addiction is the addiction of female praise. Even old men will do what they can to please their wives, even when it brings great discomfort to themselves. Some men have become so conditioned that even if the wife does not praise, he takes that as displeasure and immediately starts doing things to obtain back the praise. There is a reason why in old couples, if the wife dies first, the man either remarries or dies.

If she has second thoughts

I just talked to my friend, Tina, and she told me it is so unbelievably unfair, that men can make love to any woman they choose, but if a woman wants to express exercise and enjoy her sexual liberty, she is frowned upon. And I completely agree with her, frowning is just an expression of utter hypocrisy. For example, have you ever met a guy and instantaneously felt an irresistible attraction and fascination, that soon thoughts and feelings start flashing in your mind that you'd like to act upon and make a reality right away It is just so unfortunate, how the society frowns when you just relax and let go and truly enjoys your feelings. now. with me. the way I see this is that (bla-bla ). There was this girl who used to be a model. She was absolutely gorgeous and had a great body. She was always concerned that her butt was too big. I had the hardest time seducing her and trying to make love because of it. She was hot and bothered, she wanted to have sex as much as I did but this silly...

Im not looking for a relationship right now

POOK-MAN SAYS I was nearby when a woman was giving this 'veiled' rejection to a co-worker. I jumped in, So if you're not looking for a relationship, then all you're looking for is SEX, is that it Her mouth dropped, but I continued. I don't BELIEVE you women That's the ONLY thing you have on your minds is SEX, SEX, and MORE SEX I am looking for a loving relationship, but NO, you women only want passionate raw animal sex Now with me, I find you need to TASTE the other pleasures in life. So you CAN get your mind off of sex, right Her eyes were GLOWING at me. Funny, she suddenly wanted a relationship with me. Hah

Troubleshooting Common Mistakes

I fucked her in her boyfriend's bed. He was calling her but she didn't answered. He is total excuzer. I saw about 20 pc games on his desk. His girlfriend gave me one of the best blow jobs in my life. It's big advantage that she has a boyfriend because I have where to fuck her ) She wanted to fuck from the beginning of our meeting. She said that she had thought about sex in 3 minutes of meeting me in the club Explanation & Solution Most girls will never even look at you, even if they find you attractive. The more horny she is, the more she will try to hide it and act cool (unless she's really, really drunk). Girls think about sex as much as we do. But the biggest thing they will do to make it happen is to dress sexy & look hot. The rest of the work they expect from us. You are the one who needs to approach and do your job. And if you do your job correctly, and smoothly, she will spread her legs for you.

Find Someone With Matching Values

So make sure you date several girls first, so that you can find a girl worth having a relationship with. No one is telling you that you have to have sex with the girls you date If you want a relationship, there will be two primary purposes of dating. First of all, you need to find out if you BOTH feel chemistry. (If you follow this book, chances are she will )

Sexual Chemistry The Missing Factor

Now, a woman's taste was set early in life. For many women, the man they're attracted to their whole life is the spitting image of their dad (whether or not the relationship between them was good.) The early male role models are the ones that really engrain themselves in a woman's subconscious. For some women, they develop a taste for the men they associated certain qualities with during puberty, or their early sexual experiences. The men that got their blood hot as girls, whether that was Captain Kirk or some boy-toy band, they associated their early sexual desire to these men and it stuck.

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